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Hmm, the download link on Microsoft's site always redirects me to Silverlight V1 from 2008 … Current version is V5 I think. If you are experiencing similar issues, you could try this mirror in germany: http://www.chip.de/downloads/c1_downloads_hs_getfile_v1_37234602.html?t=1364481689&v=3600&s=97ea93073c41a5ee5d2a8e73eb96a30f

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Version 5.1.20125.0

I really like this piece of software. Mainly using it at work for testing and at home for gaming. Now with the ability to even run Mountain Lion in a VM on my MacPro (that's not "capable" of natively running it) I could stop starting it as a mackintosh and return to Lion as my main OS. If I need ML for an app I can just start up the ML VM. Big plus. Drawback: OSX graphics performance simply sucks, it feels as there is no OpenGL acceleration available in the OSX VM even with the Parallels Tools installed. Plus: Fast Windows virtualization Decent graphics performance for DirectX Recent versions provide a good Linux support (for earlier versions I preferred VMWare Fusion) Mac integration makes it fun to work with multiple OSes at a time (shared clipboard, vm volumes as drives on a mac) MacOS in a VM Support (it even supports Mountain Lion's Messages.app, which won't work when booting my MacPro into ML using chameleon) Minus: OSX's graphics performance in a VM is bad. Sometimes the mouse speed goes nuts when a Windows game enters fullscreen - either approaching light speed or slowing down to 1 pixel per meter

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Version 8.0.18354

It's only giving me a black screen upon launch. No way to add text, images or audio, none of the buttons is working except publish which then will result in an endlessly running export. Any Ideas?

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Version 1.6.1