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Very good product with a problem would appreciate being fixed: I use RSS to download the current articles / papers / technical journals table of contents / patents / whatever technical information... This is always relevant info... No expiration data... So it is a problem that the software only let me keep this info for 10 weeks! Should have an option to stay forever!

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Version 2.4.0

A must for knowledge workers - academics and/or industry... Some very nice advances in version 3... Using for years, since 2007, version 1... Showing for colleagues, used to be a strong reason to change for mac (but now they also make a windows version...) Ipad/iphone version is very nice / complementary... To be able to always carry your library of 18000 papers and locate/read any of them any time you need on that nice retina display... Simply great

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Version 3.0.0