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dear developer i let onyx 265 clean my sys caches and restart and my retina macbook never could restart again, just gray screen and once in a while the clocklike spinning thing, i tried safe start, pram, always the same, until i got to the option key start and after repairing the disc with no success i reinstalled mountain lion and now my computer works again fine thank you for considering this salut Sebastian

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Version 2.6.5b1

have idefrag since its beginning and i find it beautiful and it works well except for the update this time so i am getting it apart. i have a question to all of you: i checked this several times out: if you run a full defag and afterwards run DW graph the directories have NO items out of order. does this mean idefrag does the same job DW does? or what is the explanation? thanks if someone knows salut Sebastian

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Version 2.1.1

thanks Gregm! salut Sebastian