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Thanks for this wonderful app! It really works. Great and easy-to-use software!

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Version 1.5.7

Installs files deep into obscure directories. Long after deleting the app itself, these continue to run processes in background which suck CPU energy and battery life. For a couple months or more, the fans on my MBP kept running at odd times when I wasn't asking much of the CPU. Finally, doing a check on running processes, I isolated a few oddballs that weren't apparently kosher. I searched the web for "uninstall MacKeeper' and found that I wasn't the only one with this problem. Found, at last, a site with specific instructions on which files to look for, uninstalled them, and all was well with my laptop again. What is really needed is a program to clean MacKeeper off your Mac. It is pernicious garbage purveyed by an unscrupulous band of money-grubbing louts. On the positive side, It must be said that Zeobit's CEO has excellent taste in exotic luxury cars.

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Version 2.1