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HueShifter came to my attention just as I was dealing with color 'pollution' in the darker areas of some very high ISO late sunset sea photos. Magenta splotches were as much of a problem as digital noise (my project was to evaluate de-noise solutions of 4 other apps) so I decided to demo HueShifter and was pleasantly surprised to be converted from a skeptic to a user. The well-written in-app Help quickly taught the power of HueShifter so I'll be using it more than I would have guessed. And, btw, I'm not associated with the developer in any way...I rarely give 5 stars to anything, or write reviews. I do have a few suggestions for improvement that aren't worth describing here (I'll give direct feedback) and don't compromise the value of this app, as is today.

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Version 1.2.0

Some connections are 'hijacked' by NetShade. Testing with the demo, I connected to Amazon using with an affiliate link (Macintouch.com) and found my connection was re-routed thru http://www.onlinecollegeuniversity.com/?s=amazon, so the affiliate link is stripped and presumably whoever is behind onlinecollegeuniversity.com (whois data hidden, no help on the placeholder website) gets affiliate credit for purchases. If there were clear notification in NetShades docs then I may not mind such activity to partial pay for these services. Who is onlinecollegeuniversity.com and what is Raynor's relationship? What other user URL's are replaced/re-routed by NetShade? This should be clearly documented.

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Version 5.2