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Three stars for trying, but when I import bookmarks it retrieves them but doesn’t distribute them, so they are not in the manager and the bookmarks bar remains unpopulated. Essentially, I’d have to go to every site I bookmarked in chrome or safari and then re-assign it in Roccat.

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Version 3.9

if you are trying to convince people that you are a professional operation, you might want to clean up the typos on your opening page. I tried to leave a note about this on your site, but there is no contact link and your forum link kept rejecting my entries.

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WARNING: We signed up for the family pro Plus account, and the software was so buggy and the support so spotty (despite promised of immediate phone and online support) that after giving them every benefit of the doubt, I had them cancel the account. I then asked for a refund of our $99 annual fee (we had the service for a week and it never worked). They refused and pointed me to what must have been the last page of the long legal agreement. They're right, it's there but nowhere else on the site do they tell you that if you sign and don't like the service you're stuck. My fault? I guess so but they do their best to hide the information. You decision about whether you want to do business with them. We certainly never will again.

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Version 5.1.1

I like a lot of things about Postbox. It's a terrific mail program in many ways and well worth a try. I love the easily clicked on favorite contacts list. I like the way attached images can be displayed and the information about the sender that is easily accessed. A couple of things I don't like, however, and one is a dealbreaker for me. The first is try to email someone at the company directly to either make a suggestion or ask a technical question. Clearly, they make it difficult if not impossible to hear directly from even paid users. I have no patience for software developers who put a wall between them and their users. The second is a killer feature you can add to that is just so useful that I don't want to give it up, and you have to if you use postbox. That is the third party mail notifier Herald, whose developer won't support Postbox. Herald not only notifies you of new mail but it also lets you respond, file and delete your email without having to leave the program you are working in. It's unbelievably handy. I wrote the developer and just about begged him to add Postbox support but he said he had no intention of doing so. People have asked Postbox to include a notifier with similar functionality instead of the weak-by-comparison Growl, but I have yet to see a response. Too bad. While can use plenty of improvement, it's ability to work with Herald means I'll stick with it. Too bad.

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Version 3.0.2