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I'm a long time user of Synk Pro 6 and have put Synk Pro 7 through it's paces both as a beta tester and once a stable version was released. I admit it took me a while to get used to the new paradigm adopted by Synk 7. As noted by others, Synk 7 removes some degree of control over when files are synchronized. However, there is an upside: my files are ALWAYS synchronized. I don't have to remember to run the program--it just happens! As internet bandwidth continues to grow, I think this will be the trend most programs take. Indeed, there are already a number of services that use this model. It's just that these programs--Dropbox, SugarSync, ZumoDrive--tend to synchronize a smaller amount of files and they do it with a server. Synk 7 scales this model up and cuts out the server middle-man. So, to those who are grappling with the new way Synk 7 runs, I'd recommend taking it for a spin with a few, non-critical files. Play with it for a few days and get used to the way it works. I think many will be pleasantly surprised. I'd also add that the service I've received in my many years as a Synk user is outstanding. The developers are sharp, helpful, and willing to have a frank discussion with me about a question or feature request. This is exactly why I like supporting indie software.

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