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Now that they have a trial version I'm able to test it out (trial is only 7 days though). I've been using it over the last several days and overall I'm impressed. My gold standard for graphing is still DataGraph but this program is close. It is not as full featured and customizable as DataGraph but it can still do probably 90% of what DataGraph can do. The benefit is that it is easier to use (for the most part). Like DataGraph you add another element each time you want to add a new series to a graph. I find this approach to graphing much easier than the approach Excel uses. In addition, you can make tables besides just graphs. The instructions and help could use some fleshing out and more examples would help too.

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Version 1.0.3

SEE Finance is a wonderful program. I've been using it full time now for the past two months. Before that I used MoneyDance for 5 years and Quicken for many years before that. MoneyDance is also a great program but it had a few quirks with online importing and such that caused me to look around. SEE Finance is probably not as powerful as MoneyDance yet but it is getting there (MoneyDance can do lot matching when selling stocks for instance). Things like tagging (classes in Quicken) are coming. I certainly like the road map for SEE Finance and their customer service is very responsive. I really like SEE Finance's approach of using filters to match categories to transactions and the built in browser simplifies the process of downloading transactions from banks that do not support Direct Connect. The just added ability in 0.9.13 to select a range of transactions and then get a total just on these is pretty useful as well.

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Nice way to add tags to an email. I like it better than MailTags. The best feature is that you can tag multiple emails at once.

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Version 1.2.3