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I made the mistake of installing my registered copy of Clusters before I discovered what a shady company LateNiteSoft is. I submitted a simple question using their tech support web form on June 17, 2011. On June 23, I sent a follow-up e-mail (through the online service they use for tech support tracking) requesting an answer. It is now June 26, 2011. I have received no answer of any kind. The tech support request still shows in their online "tracking" where it will apparently remain unanswered. LateNiteSoft registered their domain using DomainsByProxy to hide their mailing address, phone number, and e-mail addresses. There are no e-mail addresses published for them on their web site, no phone numbers, and no physical address. Even their press releases only list the town (Torrelodones) in Spain where they are located, but no address, phone number, or e-mail address. No legitimate company goes to this level of effort to hide from their customers.

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It's now July 3rd and still no response from LateNiteSoft. The "case" still shows as open with no activity beyond my having asked the initial question. This lack of support for a package that does data compression on live files? Inexcusable!


The most useful information on the NeoOffice web site since going commercial: "To uninstall, just drag the NeoOffice application from the Finder into the Mac OS X trash can." While I'm not going to analyze the legalities of "required donations," I find it deplorable when people take work that others intended to donate to a community, modify that work, and then sell it. They demand you pay them $10 to download NeoOffice and then $100 to report a bug in an online forum! Hey, buddy, if your bug has cost me time, then you owe me, not vice-versa! If I wanted to pay for software and then pay for support, I could just buy Microsoft Office.

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@D9: You wrote: So you don't think "modify that work" is worth the least $10? As I wrote before: "I find it deplorable when people take work that others intended to donate to a community, modify that work, and then sell it." At the least, common decency would dictate that one seek the permission of the original authors prior to commercializing their work.


The BSD license has long been understood to be one that allows and even proprietary, for-profit, use. The expectations of someone contributing to the MachBSD kernel would be far different than those of someone contributing to the GPL-licensed project, which was self-described as "The Free and Open Productivity Suite." That said, the kernel is hardly the OS.