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I've been using NeoOffice since it's early days (and my early days on MacOSX) :). OpenOffice 2.x was often very slow and didn't seem to integerate into MacOSX very well. I really liked NeoOffice, the much better interface, sometime/usually faster, the more Mac-like-feel and integration. 3 years ago, after NeoOffice wanted to get payed for the newest version, i gave LibreOffice (and OpenOffice) a new chance to impress me and i was amazed about the developement on this Office Suite. First version 3 looked much better and worked like a dream, not a nightmare like before... No costs, a much better interface than before (compared to old OpenOffice 2), much better perfomance and stability. For LibreOffice, i can say, they've done their job, to bring an Open Source Office back to Mac. What brings me to leave NeoOffice where it is today? The version of OpenOffice, that the developer of NeoOffice used to make their "Mac-costomisation" was old (version 2). Even in their latest version there are bugs, that came out of OpenOffice 2. They never updated to the latest version (3 and 4) of OpenOffice/LibreOffice, therefore missed features and security updates, import/export-filters and seem to be more interested in selling the old NeoOffice, that they made years ago. They costomized OpenOffice and now don't find the way back to actual developement in these projects. Take a look at the development history of NeoOffice and you will see, that there isn't much. OpenOffice/LibreOffice had 2 major versions and hundreds of updates in the same time. Should i really pay for that? No, i do not. I can't (after my comparison with LibreOffice and 3 years working with LO and NeoOffice in parallel) recommend NeoOffice anymore, even if i was a big fan of it years ago... Cheers, Dirk

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Version 3.4.1 Patch 1

Hello and thanks for your replies... @Uncle Asad: You're right, NeoOffice since 3.1.1 is a "spin-off" of OpenOffice 3.1.1. Sorry and thanks for the correction. But is that the question? It is also miles away from the development of OpenOffice and (the more active) LibreOffice today. Even if the NeoOffice team back ported some things like import filters, stability and security fixes: Why should i use and old version of a Open Source software, that is now - like Imho and JimW said - partly incompatible with the Office Suites that it came from? And pay for that? I took the hard way and converted my documents to LibreOffice and now can use them on the Mac, on Windows and Linux without problems. Its nearly impossible to work together on different platforms with NeoOffice and OO/LO mixed. Sure, years ago NeoOffice was better than OO/LO. But today? There are many Mac/Windows/Linux-specific developments in LibreOffice, not to forget the much better import of MS Office document, new import filters for images and text (Abiword/MS Publisher), the reduction of Java code in the project, the use of OpenCL in Calc, much better PDF and RTF import/export filters, a whole bunch of new features and extensions since OpenOffice 3.1.1/NeoOffice. After all, my result is the same: I can't recommend NeoOffice anymore. Your make yourself depend on a (even if it's Open Source) commercially sold NeoOffice without having a real advantages compared to OO/LO. So, why then use it? For a developer like me, there is only one single reason why i have to pay for NeoOffice: You can't easily compile it yourself... it's nearly impossible to get it working on a modern computer with modern compilers... From the Planamesa homepage: "Building NeoOffice 3.4.1 on Mac OS X 10.7 or higher is not feasible and the build will eventually fail. Numerous pieces of NeoOffice's underlying OpenOffice source code would need to be rewritten in order for NeoOffice to compile on Mac OS X 10.7 or higher so we compile NeoOffice on the oldest Mac OS X version that NeoOffice can run on and use dynamic loading for APIs and features on newer Mac OS X versions." It uses Xcode 3.2, which is about 4-5 old, like NeoOffice. Instead, from the LibreOffice homepage: "This page describe how to set up a build environment for LibreOffice on OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Mac is the easiest platform to start compiling LibreOffice, as you don't need to get tons of stuff. " It uses Xcode 4.6 to 5.1, the latest development tools Apple has to offer. Do i have to say more? @JimW: You can download the patches via Torrent, but not the main application. I don't even know, if it is legal to get the patches by Torrent, but i'm sure, you're not allowed to get NeoOffice that way... And you're right, "there is no longer a real need for a Mac only similar product that has the root of the same codebase".