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There is nothing else on the market to compete with 1Password it does everything it needs to do over multiple devices – a very special product indeed

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Version 4.1.3

Haven't upgraded yet but looking forward to it – some of the negative feedback on these lists seems biased to say the least, this is the best mac program out there for project management and anyone who says its not multi user is bordering on the IQ of a muppet. It works fine on mac's and iPads and iphones I have 4 macs 1 iPad and 2 iPhones all work fine either locally or remotely (i.e. AUS to USA or USA to AUS) if anyone has a problem with the software or version numbering? for gods sake grow a set… Contact their support team they are awesome and will even remote log in and watch or help with your individual problems. If you can't set up a server then you are not going to be able to sort out simple things like multi user environments, and I guess thats why people call themselves consultants all love no responsibility. Learn and practice and ask for help when you need it before treating others hard work as non functional. Keep up the good work Marketcircle it works a treat for small to medium businesses.

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Version 4.0.2