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Updates on June 8, 2011

Artwork Locator

Copy album art into iTunes.

Download Artwork Locator.Download

Updates on April 6, 2011

Peel 2.0

MP3 audioblog reader and player.

Download Peel.Download

Updates on March 22, 2011

Tweeter 2.4.4

Menu bar application for tweeting music playing in iTunes.

Download Tweeter.More Info

Updates on February 3, 2011

Music Rescue 4.5

iPod music and contact manager.

Download Music Rescue.Download

Updates on January 29, 2011

iGotta MP3 Collection 2.5.2

FileMaker database imports iTunes song list.

Download iGotta MP3 Collection.Download

Updates on January 22, 2011

Fountain Music 2.3

iTunes visual plug-in.

Download Fountain Music.Download


Updates on November 2, 2010

AutoRate 1.6

Sets rating for all tracks in your iTunes library.

Download AutoRate.Download

Updates on August 29, 2010

Command line Mp3 recorder 2.5

Record and save sound as Mp3.

Download Command line Mp3 recorder.Download

Updates on August 13, 2010

MultiTunes 1.6

iTunes plug-in to manage multiple iTunes libraries.

Download MultiTunes.Download

Updates on August 12, 2010

iTunes Alarm 2.1.4

Fully featured alarm clock for iTunes.

Install iTunes Alarm with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on August 10, 2010

KavaTunes 4.0.2

Create interactive websites that look and work just like iTunes.

Download KavaTunes.Download

Curator 1.4

Artwork manager for iTunes.

Download Curator.Download

Updates on July 7, 2010

TwiTagz 1.0

Add searchable tags to iTunes files.

Download TwiTagz.Download

Updates on July 3, 2010

Simple Tagger 1.3

Tag and rename MP3 files based on Amazon database.

Download Simple Tagger.Download

Updates on May 29, 2010

HiFijack 1.5

Search and download free music and add it to iTunes.

Download HiFijack.Download

Updates on May 14, 2010

Pollux 1.2.16

Automatically organizes your music library.

Download Pollux.Download

Updates on March 4, 2010

Simplify Media

Access your iTunes library anywhere, browse & play friends\' music.

Download Simplify Media.More Info

Updates on March 1, 2010

xStream MP3 Server 1.0

ShoutCAST MP3 server.

Download xStream MP3 Server.Download

Updates on February 14, 2010

Advantageous mp3 0.93

Compare prices on Amazon when browsing iTunes Music store.

Download Advantageous mp3.More Info

Updates on February 1, 2010

Deck 0.9.2

Allows album based music playing with

Download Deck.Download

Updates on January 11, 2010

iPod Access 4.4.1

Copy MP3 files from iPod to hard drive.

Download iPod Access.Download

Updates on January 2, 2010

Shtaggle 1.2.6

Tag your music by retrieving tags from the community.

Download Shtaggle.Download

Updates on January 1, 2010

Indy b6

Music discovery app.

Download Indy.Download

Amazon Free Shipping Widget 1.2

Search all of for Prime/Free Shipping Eligible items only.

Download Amazon Free Shipping Widget.Download

Updates on October 30, 2009

iPod Converter 3.0

Convert video and audio files to iPod formats.

Download iPod Converter.Download

Updates on October 8, 2009

Swoip b0.3

Accesses stopwatch on iPod, saves text to disk (was PodRunner).

Download Swoip.Download

Updates on October 5, 2009

iTunes Dupes Barrier 1.2.4

Search for duplicate songs in iTunes/iPod.

Download iTunes Dupes Barrier.Download

Updates on September 10, 2009

Art to Desktop 2.1

Changes your desktop picture based on iTunes album artwork.

Download Art to Desktop.Download

Updates on September 4, 2009

tailDash 1.6.1

Dashboard front end for the UNIX command tail.

Download tailDash.Download

Super Analyzer 3.6

Shows interesting things about your music library, listening habits.

Download Super Analyzer.Download

Updates on August 30, 2009

iTube Widget 1.22

Plays the music video to the song you are listening to in iTunes.

Download iTube Widget.Download

TriTag 0.8

Generate MP3 filenames.

Install TriTag with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on August 24, 2009

TunesBar 3.0.1

Menubar item shows track info for current song in iTunes.

Download TunesBar.More Info

Updates on August 20, 2009

Skeiron 1.1.9

iTunes controller, displays track info and artwork and more.

Download Skeiron.Download

Updates on August 17, 2009

iMote 2.3.2

Control iTunes via hotkeys and menubar.

Download iMote.Download

Updates on August 8, 2009


Access, stream and download from iTunes libraries in remote networks.

Download HookUp.Download

Updates on June 21, 2009

Moody 1.0.6

Plays a mood playlist in iTunes.

Download Moody.Download

Updates on June 2, 2009

Mojo 3.4.1

Share music with other Mojo users over the Internet or local network.

Download Mojo.More Info

Updates on May 13, 2009

Bike Your Drive 1.0

Save the environment by riding your bike.

Download Bike Your Drive.More Info

Thrupp 2.2

Copy albums from iTunes library to MP3 player or phone.

Download Thrupp.Download

Updates on May 11, 2009

Syncopation 2.2

Synchronize iTunes collection across multiple Macs.

Download Syncopation.Download

Updates on April 23, 2009

Mashduo 1.0

Compare iTunes music libraries.

Download Mashduo.Download

Updates on April 8, 2009

TuneWallet 1.0

Calculate iTunes song prices.

Download TuneWallet.Download

Updates on March 30, 2009

iPod2Mac 2.0

Copy MP3s from iPod to Mac.

Download iPod2Mac.More Info

Updates on March 2, 2009

iRADIOmast 3.1

Plugin for iTunes finds 1,000s more radio stations.

Download iRADIOmast.Download

Updates on January 15, 2009

MP3 Surround Player 3.0

Plays MP3 Surround files.

Download MP3 Surround Player.Download

Updates on January 3, 2009

Name that iTune! 2.2.4

A randomized iTunes track-guessing game.

Download Name that iTune!.Download

Updates on December 28, 2008

Tunes Browser 0.2.6

Copy your iTunes music to Finder location or to Bluetooth device.

Download Tunes Browser.More Info

Fill Memory-stick 1.0

Helps you collect your favorite music.

Download Fill Memory-stick.More Info

Updates on December 23, 2008

Winter Wonders 1.1

iTunes visualizer adds magic and merriment to your holidays.

Download Winter Wonders.Download

Updates on December 5, 2008

iExtractMP3 0.4.2

Extracts MP3 from Flash video files.

Download iExtractMP3.Download

Updates on December 1, 2008

heads up 'tunes 0.4

Heads up-style display of current and queued tracks in iTunes.

Download heads up 'tunes.Download

Updates on November 13, 2008

PocketMac RingtoneStudio for BlackBerry 1.0

Create and export custom ringtones to your Blackberry.

Download PocketMac RingtoneStudio for BlackBerry.Download

Updates on October 9, 2008

iNet Stream Archiver X 1.7.3

Record Shoutcast and Icecast Internet radio.

Download iNet Stream Archiver X.More Info

Updates on September 19, 2008

Dr Glitter Music Visualizer 1.47

The ultimate fractal visualizer for iTunes.

Download Dr Glitter Music Visualizer.More Info

Updates on September 14, 2008

iTunes-BPM 0.2

Widget to set BPM of iTunes tracks.

Download iTunes-BPM.Download

Updates on September 6, 2008

iTunesLister 1.3

Lists every song in your iTunes library.

Download iTunesLister.Download

Updates on September 3, 2008

TuneExplorer 1.0b100

Make playlists of music you're in the mood for.

Download TuneExplorer.Download

Updates on July 24, 2008

Dreamsicle 1.3

Music phone management for Sony Walkman phones.

Download Dreamsicle.Download

Updates on June 24, 2008

Funes 1.0

Rate iTunes songs using your menu bar.

Download Funes.Download

Updates on June 21, 2008

Nexus 2.1

Compose, manage iTunes playlists, share and discover new music.

Download Nexus.Download

Updates on June 17, 2008

ooTunes Media Server 1.0

Access all your music and videos anywhere.

Download ooTunes Media Server.Download

ITunesAll 1.0

Picks your fave tunes and gives info about your library.

Download ITunesAll.More Info

Updates on June 7, 2008

iFill 1.15

Streams mp3 files from radio stations directly to iPod.

Download iFill.Download

Updates on May 30, 2008

podUp 1.1.2

Copies all your music files from your iPod to a folder.

Download podUp.Download

Updates on May 23, 2008

krix 20

A visual music browser.

Download krix.Download

Updates on April 8, 2008 Widget 1.0

Stay on top of the latest cigar news and specials.

Download Widget.Download

TuneLog 1.0

Logs songs played by iTunes.

Download TuneLog.Download

Updates on April 7, 2008

Kover Phlose 3.0

Quartz Composer iTunes music visualizer.

Download Kover Phlose.Download

Updates on April 3, 2008

RhapsodyX 1.01n

Scrub Rhapsody feeds and submit them to

Download RhapsodyX.Download

Updates on March 24, 2008

Apple iPod Shuffle Reset Utility 1.0.3

Restores first and second generation iPod shuffle.

Download Apple iPod Shuffle Reset Utility.Download

Updates on March 4, 2008

MyConcert 1.1

Widget to search for live events in Italy, buy tickets.

Download MyConcert.More Info

XStreamRipper 1.1.4

Save streaming audio to MP3 format.

Download XStreamRipper.Download

Updates on February 28, 2008

MP3 Surround Encoder 1.1.5

Converts 5.1 channel .wav files to MP3 Surround files.

Download MP3 Surround Encoder.Download

Updates on February 24, 2008

CD Stack 1.1.2

CD ripper for when you have many discs to rip.

Download CD Stack.Download

Updates on February 6, 2008

Cheap MP3 Player 0.00001

Low CPU usage MP3 music player supports playlists.

Download Cheap MP3 Player.Download

Updates on January 30, 2008

Musorg 0.3

Id3 tag editing and files and/or directory renaming.

Download Musorg.Download

Updates on January 21, 2008

TuneDNA 1.4

Share your musical preferences and discover others.

Download TuneDNA.More Info

Updates on December 29, 2007

Track5BX 1.0

Widget to track your 5BX exercise plan.

Download Track5BX.Download

Updates on December 28, 2007

Z-Tunes 0.2

Universal Binary clone of X-Tunes.

Download Z-Tunes.Download

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