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Updates on April 29, 2011

SoftChalk 6.05.06

Create interactive webpages for eLearning courses.

Download SoftChalk.Download

Updates on April 20, 2011

EureKalc 3.0.01

In-line calculator for physics.

Download EureKalc.More Info

Updates on April 10, 2011

Elements 2.3.1

Periodic table of elements.

Download Elements.Download

Updates on April 9, 2011

ReMarksPDF 1.00

PDF editor for educators allowing annotation and audio comments.

Download ReMarksPDF.Download

Updates on April 3, 2011

ScopeDriver 4.0

Connect your Mac to your astronomical telescope.

Download ScopeDriver.More Info

Updates on March 31, 2011

FRS Classroom Game Show 1.1

Teacher tool for lesson review.

Download FRS Classroom Game Show.Download


Updates on March 26, 2011

Cosmic Crawler 3.1.1

Tour the galaxy with this planetarium software.

Download Cosmic Crawler.More Info

Updates on March 16, 2011

Distillation Designer 1.1.1

Simple binary distillation modeling tool.

Download Distillation Designer.More Info

Updates on March 15, 2011

TIPP10 2.1.0

Free touch-typing tutor.

Download TIPP10.Download

Updates on March 14, 2011

Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree 3.1

Learn the alphabet with Mrs. Owl.

Download Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree.Download

Updates on February 21, 2011

Molegro Virtual Docker 4.3

Integrated platform for drug discovery using molecular docking.

Download Molegro Virtual Docker.Download

iBabel 3.0

Chemical 3D overlay illustrator.

Download iBabel.More Info

Updates on February 11, 2011

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum 25

25th-anniversary edition of classic typing tutor.

Download Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum.More Info

Updates on February 6, 2011

Wings 5.0.6

Software for birdwatchers.

Download Wings.More Info

Updates on February 4, 2011

Logic 9 L1 1.1

Prepare for the Logic 9 Level 1 Exam.

Download Logic 9 L1.Download

Cross Weight 1.6

Calculates weight distribution, weight bias, and cross weight.

Download Cross Weight.More Info

Updates on January 5, 2011

Periodic Table 3.2.0

Learn the Periodic Table.

Download Periodic Table.Download

Updates on January 3, 2011

Structorizer 3.20

Create Nassi-Schneiderman Diagrams.

Download Structorizer.Download

Updates on December 16, 2010

OsiriX for iPhone 1.1.4

3D medical image processing software with DICOM/PACS support.

Download OsiriX for iPhone.More Info

Updates on December 9, 2010

BALLView 1.4.0

Molecular modelling and more.

Download BALLView.More Info

Updates on December 3, 2010

Newton-II 2.0

Program for solving mechanical equations for movements.

Download Newton-II.Download

Updates on November 30, 2010

Countries and Capitals 1.2.0

Easily memorize country information.

Download Countries and Capitals.Download

Updates on November 26, 2010

Star Walk 5.0.1

Realistic guide for stargazing with annotated star map.

Download Star Walk.More Info

Star Walk for iPad 5.0.1

Realistic guide for stargazing.

Download Star Walk for iPad.More Info

50 States and Capitals 1.1.0

Memorize the fifty states and their capitals.

Download 50 States and Capitals.More Info

Updates on November 17, 2010

iKids Play — Caterpillar\'s Dream 1.4

Several activities for kids.

Download iKids Play — Caterpillar\'s Dream.More Info

Updates on November 10, 2010

Tie-A-Tie Lite 2.0

Step-by-step guide for tying a Windsor knot.

Download Tie-A-Tie Lite.More Info

Updates on November 7, 2010

Speak the Text 1.2

Simple Automator application for converting text to speech.

Download Speak the Text.Download

Updates on November 5, 2010

aTypeTrainer4Mac 2.2

Advanced multilingual typing tutor.

Download aTypeTrainer4Mac.Download

Updates on November 2, 2010

FC Free! 1.00

Create flashcards or download them from

Download FC Free!.Download

Updates on October 27, 2010

Tuto\'s Nite Light 1.2

Sleep promoter for children.

Download Tuto\'s Nite Light.More Info

Updates on October 23, 2010

TypeTrainer4Mac 2.9.3

Multilingual typing tutor.

Download TypeTrainer4Mac.Download

Updates on October 1, 2010

JayReader 1.1

Text reader with basic features.

Download JayReader.Download

Updates on September 26, 2010

StatPlus LE 5.8

Perform data-analysis in an Excel environment.

Download StatPlus LE.Download

Updates on September 7, 2010

Mental Case Flashcards 3.2

Fun way to remember and learn things.

Download Mental Case Flashcards.More Info

Updates on September 3, 2010

Adobe Photoshop CS5 ACE Exam Aid 3.7

Prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam.

Download Adobe Photoshop CS5 ACE Exam Aid.More Info

Updates on August 24, 2010

starQuiz NetClient X 3.6.12

Give starQuizzes over a network.

Download starQuiz NetClient X.Download

Updates on August 21, 2010

GeogXPert 1.1

Test your knowledge of countries, capitals and states.

Download GeogXPert.Download

Updates on August 10, 2010

Exam Challenge 3.0

Exam writing and training tool.

Download Exam Challenge.Download

Updates on August 1, 2010

Knightlite TestMaker 1.0

Create printable multiple choice tests.

Download Knightlite TestMaker.Download

Updates on July 29, 2010

Cram 1.7.6

Flashcards and multiple choice study tool.

Download Cram.More Info

Updates on July 28, 2010

Cram 1.3.7

Study for tests.

Download Cram.More Info

Updates on July 26, 2010


Modular software framework for phylogenetic analysis, visualization.

Download EPoS.Download

Updates on July 9, 2010

Easy Flash Cards 1.1

An educational study tool using flash cards.

Download Easy Flash Cards.More Info

Updates on July 8, 2010

Report Card Pro

Allows teachers to create, edit and print report cards.

Download Report Card Pro.Download

Updates on July 6, 2010

Linear Diameter Calculator 1.1.1d0

Convert angular diameter to actual (linear) diameter for deep-space objects.

Download Linear Diameter Calculator.Download

Updates on July 4, 2010

Key Advantage Typing 1.4

Teaches keyboard typing.

Download Key Advantage Typing.Download

Updates on June 30, 2010

Word Deck 0.9

Create cue cards for iPhone and iPad.

Download Word Deck.Download

Metron 2.1

Aids in the practice of runs, excerpts and complete compositions.

Download Metron.Download

Updates on June 6, 2010

pollcam 0.0.4

Simulates keystrokes via a compatible webcam (beta).

Download pollcam.Download

Updates on June 5, 2010

WiimoteWhiteboard 1.0.3

Use Wii Remote to turn any surface to a whiteboard.

Download WiimoteWhiteboard.Download

Updates on May 11, 2010

Quizzical 1.0.3

Helping People Learn. Faster, Easier, Smarter.

Download Quizzical.Download

Updates on April 22, 2010

Morse Mania X 4.0.1

Learn Morse Code on your Mac.

Download Morse Mania X.Download

Updates on February 21, 2010

Influence All News Widget 1.4.11

Dashboard news widget for Influence All fans.

Download Influence All News Widget.Download

Warren Buffett Quotes 1.0.0

The encapsulated wit and wisdom of Warren Buffett.

Download Warren Buffett Quotes.More Info

Updates on February 16, 2010

FreeSpace 1.1

Generates random bingo cards.

Download FreeSpace.Download

Updates on February 10, 2010

MatchMaker 1.0.1

Find the optimum match for your antenna and radio.

Download MatchMaker.Download

Updates on January 19, 2010

Citrin 2.0

Draw scientific charts, histograms and more.

Download Citrin.Download

Updates on December 16, 2009

Bridge Hand Composer 1.0.0

Great tool for Bridge teachers and students.

Download Bridge Hand Composer.Download

Updates on November 23, 2009

ProfCast 2.6.5

Record and publish live presentations.

Download ProfCast.Download

Updates on November 16, 2009

Apple-Group Widget 4.0

RSS Widget for

Download Apple-Group Widget.Download

Spelling Depot 2010r1

Create, practice and master spelling lists, for teachers and students.

Download Spelling Depot.Download

Updates on November 10, 2009

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 ACE Exam Aid 3.4

Prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam.

Download Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 ACE Exam Aid.Download

Updates on October 22, 2009

MedINRIA 1.9.0

Processes wide range of magnetic resonance data.

Download MedINRIA.Download

Updates on October 18, 2009

World Countries 2.1

Fact Book with capitals, flags, more.

Download World Countries.More Info

Updates on October 14, 2009

Mathemania 3.1.2

Easily make math facts practice sheets.

Download Mathemania.Download

Updates on October 13, 2009

LikeFood 1.0.1

Educational game of sorting food into fruit, vegetable, and bread categories.

Download LikeFood.Download

Updates on October 12, 2009

Sensory Play 1.0

Sensory cards for teaching children.

Download Sensory Play.More Info

Updates on October 6, 2009

GeoEdu 1.41

Atlas and game of worldwide geography.

Download GeoEdu.Download

Updates on September 30, 2009

Civics Flash Cards 2.1

Flash card program for the new U.S. Naturalization test.

Download Civics Flash Cards.More Info

Updates on September 20, 2009

Naturalization Test 1.2

Helps you prepare for the USCIS Naturalization Test.

Download Naturalization Test.Download

Updates on September 5, 2009

Adobe InDesign CS4 ACE Exam Aid 4.0

Streamlines the task of studying for Adobe Certified Expert certification.

Download Adobe InDesign CS4 ACE Exam Aid.More Info

Adobe Photoshop CS4 ACE Exam Aid 6.0.2

Study guide for Adobe Certified Expert certification.

Download Adobe Photoshop CS4 ACE Exam Aid.More Info

Updates on August 11, 2009

Living Dashboard #1 1.0

Add some living motion to your otherwise static Dashboard.

Download Living Dashboard #1.Download

Lesson Planner Advanced 5.5

Store lesson plans and documents in one place.

Download Lesson Planner Advanced.Download

Updates on August 6, 2009

iPhone Linkpad 1.0

Widget puts contact info on your iPhone with a click.

Download iPhone Linkpad.Download

Brain Toot 1.004

Sixteen activities to keep your brain active.

Download Brain Toot.More Info

Updates on July 5, 2009

Crossword Wizard 5.0.4

Create puzzles with color graphics, and more.

Download Crossword Wizard.Download

Updates on May 11, 2009

Student Picker 1.0.1

Randomly assign students to desks.

Download Student Picker.Download

Updates on March 29, 2009

StudyBuddy 1.0b6

Create libraries of flashcards to help you memorize things.

Download StudyBuddy.Download

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