What is Habits?

Habits is a life changing app which provides an awesome framework for people to create new habits and resolutions and to usher a lot of positive changes to the user.

What is the principle behind Habits?

Habits is based on the scientifically proven principle that it takes a continous chain or repetition of an activity to create a new habit, make a habit out of a resolution or replace an existing habit with a new one. The goal of Habits is to enable you get a chain going and never break it. Every day that you follow your chosen habit, you grow the chain. You just need to grow the chain to a target number of days to create the habit for life.

Who is it for?

Habits is for anyone who wants to create a new habit or wants to keep a new year resolution all through the year or replace an existing habit with a new one. (which translates to everyone in the world.)

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