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Backup is provided free-of-charge to customers of Apple's MobileMe service. Backup allows users to backup (or create scheduled backups) of their data, either to the user's iDisk or external media.

What's New

Version 3.2:
  • Improves the reliability of backup restore and uses space more efficiently on your iDisk or local storage (e.g. external hard drive or DVD).


  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
  • MobileMe account

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Apple MobileMe Backup User Discussion

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Crispin-Balfour Member IconReview+2

Now Apple have taken away iDisc and MobileMe BackUp seems a complete waste of time ... Does not seem possible to use with iCloud.
Apple have become control freaks ...

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Version 3.2
Donmontalvo Member IconReview+1285

Fundamentally flawed. Users are prompted to create a plan to back up their home directory to MobileMe. Well...great...except that each plan is limited to 90 megs. Kind of silly, ey?

OK, so having done MobileMe support for a few months (until something better came along after I relocated to TX), I can tell you that many, many people have been burned by this Backup application, when used in conjunction with MobileMe.

Call MobileMe support (or chat them through the Apple Support forum) and ask a tech if it's possible to do a complete restore using Backup archives stored in MobileMe. Go ahead...

Free. Yes. Good. No. Get Carbon Copy Cloner or  SuperDuper...

Don Montalvo, TX

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Version 3.2

Sorry 'bout your problems. I've never encountered problems like these. I have eight back-up plans that run every week (some used to run every day, but that was overkill) and a few of these are over 1.5G in size. The initial backup may take a while, but after that, they're a breeze.

I also use Super Duper and Carbon Copy Cloner for cloning, but for general backup to Mobile Me and to a 140G flash drive, Backup works very well.

Don't know about Apple Support on this, since I've not run into the issues you have.


ANON BUD, I'm not having problems with Backup, since I don't use it. Are you saying you've been getting MobileMe backup plans larger than 90M using Backup 3.1.2? Just to be clear, the 90M chunk limit for MobileMe backups is documented.
Which implicitly states: "Note: You should not create or employ Backup Plans containing more than 90 MB of data with iDisk."

Anon-Bud Member IconReview+599

I've actually been using Backup for several years and it has done a fairly good job as far as my needs go. I've got Time Machine going all the time and I also make a clone of my hard drive twice a week and of my admin folder twice a week using paid for apps.

I use Backup primarily to run some of the built in scripts that comes with it. Don't know if these are needed, but it does give me peace of mind knowing they are there.

One thing I really do not like about Backup: it always opens the Finder when it loads. I use Pathfinder all the time, and so have Finder shut down. Backup overrides that (as does the mounting of disks). Maybe this is not a Backup thing, but a Mac thing in that every time a disk mounts, Finder has to do it.

Anyway. It's a pretty good app for my purposes. And it's free. Can't beat that!

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Version 3.2
Odysseus Member IconReview+121

This program is such a complete and utter joke -- does anyone use MobileMe for backup? Most importantly, the program is barely being updated -- when was the 3.1 update released? Two years ago?

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Version 3.2

Just FYI, version 3.1.2 was released October 26, 2007. Ouch.


Yes…as far as applications go, I would agree that this program has become less and less relevant everyday considering the available default storage space on MobileMe. Apple could do better and provide more competitive storage capacity for its MobileMe subscribers.

However, as an FYI:
- The application is published automatically to the iDisk for MobileMe subscribers.
- Many people, in many countries, around the world use MobileMe (aka .Mac or dotMac) for backup of critical information and sharing that data across computers and platforms.
- Many important things are backed up for these subscribers and includes things like bookmarks, calendars, contacts, mail, system preferences , notes, etc.
- BackUp 3 extends the built-in backup features I highlight in the previous point by allowing more control of other discrete data. It also allows for the backup of rich content and other data above and beyond what the built-in MobileMe preferencePane allows for. Finally it allows for scheduled backups, selection of storage medium like optical disks, and other customization.

As far as FREE backup software goes this is a fairly good product for what it can do. I would suggest that people try it first to see if it provides the intuitive level of functionality that they need for their given backup needs and then post their hints and tips for others.

nerradv Member IconComment+0

I just don't understand why this app can't back up everything. Why not include Applications? Yeah, I know it will do the ones in my home folder...

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Version 3.1.1

You can backup whatever you want. It's almost trivial. That you haven't figured out how to do it has nothing to do with the usefulness of this program.

Kenneth Lister

You can easily create your own custom backup plan which can include whatever you wish to backup, including the contents of your entire hard disk, if you like. You don't have to just go with the defaults. They are simply there to make it easy to get started.

Kenneth Lister Member IconReview+28
Kenneth Lister

I like Backup because it is tidy and allows as much or as little customization as I like. It is easy to use and it works. I have restored from it successfully several times. I particularly like that it gives the option of choosing from several versions of any given file, based on the date. That way, in case I backup something that is not quite right, I still have an earlier version that I like to choose from instead. So I can't overwrite a good file with a bad one, just because it's newer.

I like it.

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Version 3.1.1
lancer Member IconComment+0

It should also be mentioned that Backup 3.1 is now a Universal Binary. The previous version (3.0.1) was not.

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Version 3.1
Beenjammin Member IconComment+0

Apple Backup 3.1 seems innocuous enough. Works on my loaded TiBook and Dual 2GHz G5 Power Mac (what else?) with Tiger.4-just like 3.0...imagine that!

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Version 3.1
John F. Member IconReview+16
John F.

Can be as simple or powerful as you want it to be. Easy selection of which folders/files to copy and not to copy. Pretty good app, although can be a bit slow at times. GUI is clean and seems good to me. I use it for quick weekly backups to a FireWire drive of my most important files. As long as it does its job when restoring, I'm happy.

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Version 3.0.1
mtbeckner Member IconReview+0

I would give this version zero stars if possible. Color me nutty, but I think of backing up like insurance: It's all about the "God forbid..." scenario.

That said, I recently backed up my essentials prior to a hard drive crash. I followed everything to the letter and checked the package contents to make sure all's was hunky-dorey, and so it was.

Following the insanely frustrating disposal & replacement of a hard drive -- performed all by Apple -- I then went back to my discs to restore my info to my "new" laptop.

And guess what? Yup, although the app recognized the data on the disc as native to that app, and although the app launched, nothing happened. Nothing! The only thing that did seem to happen correctly was that the DVD I restored to appeared as a valid restore source. Could I then actually restore that data? Nope. Did it give a reason? Nope. Were the help notes...well, helpful? Not a chance.

Unfortunately for these review purposes, Apple gets an F. What good is an application if it doesn't -- can't or won't -- perform the basic of core-related functions?

RECOVERY TIP: The only way I was able to recover my data from DVD was to do something that the average user wouldn't ever know about: I viewed the package contents, then mounted the .sparseimage, then manually dragged what I needed onto my new hard drive.

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Version 3.0.1

I suspected that might happen with backup once I went looking for information of what to do after a hard drive failure and couldn't find it. I went with SuperDuper and wow it is SuperDuper. I just survived a hard drive failure and moved everything from my Powerbook to a new Imac intel machine. After an hour of tranfering everything over my new computer looks exactly like my old one. I have had to enter a password here and there, for Apple Apps like iwork but otherwise no problems at all. I highly recomend SuperDuper for it's ease of use, much better than backup annoying me all the time, and for it's low price.

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Donald Barron
Version 3.2
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