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Simple, elegant note pad.   Shareware ($17.50)
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Jotz is a note pad that isn't a spreadsheet or datebook. It follows the model of the Classic Note Pad, while extending the Pad's capabilities appropriately for OS X. You can use Jotz just like the Classic Note Pad, or you can explore its additional features. You choose.
What's New
Version 13.60u:
  • This version of Jotz fixes a bug that could cause a crash during Copy/Paste under undefined circumstances. Thanks to Tom Garcia for reporting this and for helping me to get the issue resolved despite my inability to reproduce it locally.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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Jotz User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Andrew D. reviewed on 17 Dec 2010
Awful, klunky, unintuitive interface. I mean, THE worst I think I've seen. Bloatware. I can see it suiting someone willing to immerse themself in one app, but I just can't be bothered. It has many, many extremely customized features, but you must jump through hoops to find and use them. The menus are crowded, the formatting a mess. I've also had trouble with license codes. I absolutely hate working with it. It is now not cooperating with Dropbox (an AMAZING app) and that is the last straw.

Why do I use it? Well, I paid for it ($$), I like the autosave and support for hyperlinks, I have not found a good alternative. Apple Mail/Notes is OK....
[Version 1.3.60u]


Anonymous reviewed on 29 Jul 2005
Long Live the King! Jotz is the monarch of note pads. It is so far ahead of anything else calling itself a note pad that it should really have its own category. The feature set, the ease of use, the wonderful flexability of pad and note design, the constant brilliant development and addition of new features, and much more have made it my one and only information hub. Hats off, gentlemen, a genius program!
[Version 1.3.22]


Anonymous reviewed on 28 Jul 2005
I love it. It may not be for everyone but if other notepads do not work for you then this maybe the one. I really like (1) the iconized pad that is easy to get to. The categorization of notes, encryption and a wonderful todo interface all add up to a great application for me.
[Version 1.3.22]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 May 2005
The interface is awful and does not always work right, though they have cleaned up things like the maddening behavior of URL links. It is nonintuitive bloatware that somehow makes simple use ignoring without the bells and whistles difficult. Sure, I could learn everything, but that misses the point of this quintessential simple app. I now have the "counterfeit" license code warning under this version -- reported by another reviewer and while I'm sure I'll figure it out, this is more time wasted. The only really good thing I can say about Jotz is that it is better than the lackluster competition I've seen. This is faint praise indeed.
[Version 1.3.16]


Anonymous reviewed on 30 Apr 2005
I am using a G4 with Mac OS 10.3.6. I get the spurious counterfeit serial number notice when I try to register this version of Jotz
[Version 1.3.14]


Anonymous reviewed on 05 Nov 2004
I trialed 4 other products in this category and decided to finalize my purchase with Jotz. It's fast, reliable and powerful enough to satisfy my hunger for flexibility. I found the other alternatives too simple, simple enough that I might as well just use textedit. This is not true of NoteTaker but this product simply costs too much. Jotz offers the best of all products at a decent price. The interface could use more user friendly icons but that is my only qualm.
[Version 1.3.10]


Anonymous reviewed on 11 Oct 2004
The menu bar does not work at all, ZERO menu items, click but nothing, from File all the way to Help
[Version 1.3.06]


Anonymous reviewed on 19 Sep 2004
Jotz is simply the best way to organize your life. It's easy to use from the start. If you go further and spend five minutes checking out the excellent online mini-manual, you will appreciate just how good this software is: it is wonderfully customizable, rich in useful and easy to use features, it is lightening fast. It is addictive. I have dumped all the others as nothing can even come close to Jotz in features, flexibility, ease of use. Also nothing looks as good: you can even infinitely customize the look of your Jotz notepads, make every one different too if you like. I now organize everything I need to do: from simple to do lists, to detailed outlining and planning; everything I need or want to know or remember: it's even great for storing quotes or notes for projects (or if you're a student or academic, for papers/articles/books).
Jotz is a nice environment in which to think and plan: everything's orderly, everything's at your fingertips for quick and easy reference.
Great program! It's a pleasure to use, and I use it constantly.
[Version 1.3.04]

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Anonymous commented on 05 Nov 2004
I whole heartedly agree. Jotz deserves great recognition.

- A Jotz user.

Anonymous reviewed on 06 Aug 2004
It may be a fine application, but visually confusing. "Elegant", no!
[Version 1.3.01]


Anonymous reviewed on 31 Jul 2004
The developer is too modest when he states that this is an extension of Classic NotePad. Jotz goes way, way beyond CNP. It saves its "notes" as independently-accessible RTFD files in package format, which means they're always there for export or re-use.

Indexing-and-search is phenomenal, with a browser-like search function that takes in an unlimited number of Jotz notefiles. (You can also instantly generate a list of principal words in the notefile.) RTF formatting allows color, highlighting, and the like, yet the user interface couldn't be simpler.

Notes can be meta-indexed with class labels. Sorting can be done under several different categories. Drag-and-drop makes import incredibly simple.

Having bought a license for it, I quickly made Jotz my principal organizing tool, and I haven't changed my mind yet -- even after trying Alepin, iOrganize, MacJournal, etc. All of them are worthy products, but lacking the perfect balance of features that is Jotz.

All this describes the old form of Jotz. The rewritten form (1.3) has few visible differences from the old version, but works (as advertised) much more efficiently and smoothly. The developer knows how to avoid messing with perfection.
[Version 1.3]

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Version Downloads:2,431
Type:Business : Word Processing
Date:11 Feb 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $17.50
Overall (Version 1.x):
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Jotz is a note pad that isn't a spreadsheet or datebook. It follows the model of the Classic Note Pad, while extending the Pad's capabilities appropriately for OS X. You can use Jotz just like the Classic Note Pad, or you can explore its additional features. You choose.