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Synchronize! Pro X is a professional-strength system backup and file synchronization utility for Mac OS X.

Synchronize! Pro X has many uses. As an example, you can use Synchronize! Pro X to backup your OS X startup disk to another hard disk, so that the backup disk is bootable. Update your backup with "Fast scan" enabled, and it will be done 10x faster!

You can sync your home folder with a file server, or your PowerBook, or a FireWire disk, so that the files on both are up-to-date.

Synchronize! Pro X is specifically engineered for OS X, taking advantage of the modern properties of the operating system, more...

What's New

Version 6.6:
  • This version is compatible with OS X 10.9. This version is also compatible with Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, and Tiger (OS X 10.8 through 10.4).
  • Improved the way that AutoSync is installed and launched.
  • Starting scripts is now deferred while editing settings in the Options menu.


OS X 10.4 or later

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Synchronize! Pro X User Discussion

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officefkom3635 Member IconReview+1

I used Synchronize Pro for years, paid the money and it was ok. At the time, the dev asked for a renewal fee to give support because of a problem I had with the software (yes : no fee = no further support), I decided to find an alternative and to change. The solution was Cronosync. CS delivers the same functionality as SPro (or even more), has far better server grade functions via CS Agents. In the end, it was a huge step forward. And the pricing was far better: 5 License Pack for 160 $, 2 Agents for 20$ and I was done. Including free Upgrades forever! Thats the real deal. SPro was excellent in the 90s, but you will get the same 90s interface at the 90s pricing. The is an obsolete strategy, and it doesn't deserve to be supported. This software should move to the Appstore at 2.95 $, and it might be a success again. Chronosync is not in the Appstore, which is a customer benefit in terms of better pricing. Far better pricing.

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Version 6.6
Tacalit Member IconReview+26

While it's a 5 stars software, it worth one star for the updating policy. The 6.6, as well the past, it is just an UPDATE, not an UPGRADE. There's no new features, only bug fixes and compatibility issues.

I'm a registered user from some years ago I'm boring to have a "must update" each 2 years to a get minor update.
It is right that it still work but the reliability is not assured.

I skip this update, this time, even if I love Synchronize Pro!, I'll get this straight.

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Version 6.6

I forgot to say that my last purchase was in august 2012 so even what they promising is actually a lie.
By the updating/upgrading policies you're are totally under their decisions. i.e., they can delay or move up a version just to get more licensing renewal excluding or including customers.
From this point of view, this software is actually a theft.


If your last purchase was in August 2012 you can use the current version 6.6 ‘for free’. Because you have alreadfy paid for it. This is part of the deal, that you can use any new version released within 2 years from the date you bought the initial or renewal license. There must be an error on your side or if there’s problem, please contact their support.
My last purchase (renewal license) was in March 2012, no problems using v6.6. here.


Thanks, I've solved by restart as couples of time my mac and re entering the serial number.. Weird process anyway....

KLBD Member IconReview+2

Wow. I've used the software about three times a year and when I tried to use it today I got a notice that my license expired and I can't use it any more. I've been a long time user, but I'd totally mis-read it when last upgraded and didn't realize the software itself would stop working after two years. When you pair that with only 2 installations this is a bad return on investment, and not a precedent I want to support. Off to look for a different option.

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Version 6.5.1

The software does not stop working after 2 years! I can only imagine, that you have installed a version released 2 years after your initial purchase, but then you could buy a renewal license for half the price see http://qdea.com/synchronize_pro_x_license.html
“You may use the version of the Software available at the time of your license purchase for as long as you wish. You may also use other versions of the Software as may be released within two years of your license purchase. To use versions of the software released more than two years after your license purchase, an additional purchase (a "license renewal") will be necessary. ”

Digital Fury Member IconReview+61
Digital Fury

Somewhat expensive for this kind of tool and its "dry" user interface hasn't evolved that much over the years, but still the gold standard in term of reliability/performance. I have been using it for years now to synchronise huge external Tb arrays connected to my system, and it always has worked flawlessly for me.

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Version 6.5.1
Aargl Member IconComment+352

Just a note about the price: "$99.95"
Why not $100?
I'm so bored about all those companies (nearly all :-( using that old ridiculous trick!
It's just as if they say: "c'mon you dumb fools! Come and buy our product, we think you're just a bunch of morons, stupid enough to thing that $99.95 is a lot cheaper than $100, so you'll run and buy it!"
Are we really so stupid? :-(

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Version 6.5.1
Midorosan Member IconReview+1

Just a comment bi-annual means twice a year I think you want biennial.
Ignore rating

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Version 6.5.1

Correct! Thanks

Bigboysdad Member IconReview+492

At the price charged, plus bi-annual renewal costs, I have always, over the years, compared Sync Pro's features to alternative software to see if it’s worth it and over the last 7 years, I found it to be indispensible as it could do a whole load of things other backup software couldn’t. As its now time for another comparison (another bi-annual cost is looming), I thought I'd post how, for me, Sync Pro currently compares:

1) Bootable Backup - One of the reasons I bought Sync Pro X years ago was because of its ability to take advantage of FSEvents technology in OS X which initially resulted in me being able to do a bootable backup on my MBP in seconds. However, FSEvents has proved to be a bit flakey, resulting in Sync Pro being unable to properly commence, let alone finish a bootable backup. The workaround is to turn off FSEvents, which reduces Sync Pro to the same speed as the considerably cheaper and even free alternatives out there. In fact, those same alternatives actually produce a better quality clone, if Backup Bouncer is your guide. The developer has also suggested that I should fix permissions on my drive/ completely re-install my system, just to make Sync Pro work properly. Despite the fact that I haven’t needed to do this with other backup software, I went along with these suggestions, but the issues still persist.

2) Syncing - No problems here but again, the syncing abilities are easily replicated by cheaper alternative software.

3) Archiving - There’ still nothing that can better Sync Pro’s archiving options. By this, I mean the ability to distinguish exactly what files and folders get archived, where the archives are saved (ie, a different disk to your backup destination drive), and the ability to group archive folders into DVD sized chunks. Well, DVDs are on the way out, so there’s not much need for me to burn archives to DVD and to be honest, I can’t think of a reason for me to save archives to a different disk (your experience may vary). Personally, I am happy to archive files and folders in a folder structure to the same destination backup disk and this can also be done with cheaper alternative software.

4) Ability to open and close disks - Again, this can be one with cheaper alternative software.

5) Ability to open and close other programs - Still (I think) a unique feature of Sync Pro if it’s what you need.

6) Bugs and support - In my experience, Sync Pro has always had bugs of some sort, which is ok, considering how complex it is and the developer will always strive to provide a fix. My current issue is that it won’t complete a backup on just my home folder then, after a special copy of Sync Pro had been provided by the developer to try and fix the issue, files and folders which it was supposed to backup were completely missed. I'm sure, the developer would have eventually found a fix or workaround for all of these issues and he does reply within a day, provides suggestions to problems and provides specific copies of the software to try work around your problem. But for the price paid, I'd hoped that these kind of issues didn't arise in the first place, they don't seem to with the alternative software available. The developer's suggested solutions (fixing permissions/ reinstalling the system which as I say, aren't necessary with alternative software) haven’t always worked.

Sync Pro does provide extra very good features such as folder watching and being able to log in without being the root user but for the price paid, what I really wanted/needed was for this to work first time a lot more than what it did without having to find fixes. So for my needs, I settled on separate cloning software and syncing/ archiving software to complete those specific tasks. I find that works out far more reliably and cheaper than Sync Pro.

No set agenda here, and the software has worked more often than not - just my experience.

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Version 6.3.1

Thanks for this detailed review! :-)
Just one question: do you mean you have to pay 100$ every two year?


No, it’s $50 every two years. Still expensive though. Considering the initial $100 cost and $50 bi-annual costs to keep it up to date, I’m approching $500 total cost for this software since I’ve had it. It’s great software but for that price and given the cheaper alernatives, I needed it to be better than it was!



Gasp! Having tried many alternatives, I'm convinced Synchronize! Pro X is the best, but certainly overpriced, indeed. :-)

Mikesavory Member IconReview+10

I have made dozens of bootable backups and migrated my OS from one machine to another using Super Duper and Carbon Copy Cloner over the years, I have never had an issue with either program. I have rated this program at 50%, because I have never used it, and don't believe I ever will.

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Version 6.3.1

I found this review by Mikesavory singularly unhelpful since he's rating a product that by his own admission he's never used. For that I rate him a big fat stupidhead,


I'm looking forward to the millions of postings that you will make on other products that you have also NOT used. Keep up the good work.

BTW: I have been using the Synchonize! Pro application for around 6 years now and does not find that any other product does provide the broad scope of diffrent functions and a clear overview of what happens during the process. I like to understand what the program does, and make corrections if needed.

Vito Member IconReview+127

I’ve been a Mac user since 1986, so I have some perspective on Mac applications. There are few that I rate as highly as SyncProX. It was the first full-featured OS X backup app that could reliably make bootable backups. I’ve been using it since 2002 (v1.2.2). When SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner came along, I tried them. I even own a SuperDuper license. So, I know what those apps can do.

First let me say that any comparison between backup & synchronization applications is useful only if you’re fully informed about their capabilities—and you seldom get that in user reviews (even this one). All backup & sync requirements are not equal, and neither are all backup & sync applications. If your needs are simple, you can get by with a simple app. But if you need a backup & synchronization application that can do it all, then you should take a closer look at SyncProX than most user reviews can provide.

Anyhow, here’s what SyncProX does for me. I need to run both manual and scheduled backups of data on networked computers. SyncProX can handle either, but part of its power is in its ability to automate the process. The backups include complete bootable backups as well as dedicated backups of database files.

For automated backups, I need powerful control over permissions and difference criteria for file size, date, modification time, creator, type, ID resources, as well as the ability to specify file skipping rules (in case of errors), what data are logged, how to handle file attributes, what should and should not be copied…and that’s just a partial listing of the kinds of options SyncProX provides. It takes some time to learn what all the features do, but it’s well worth the effort if you need them.

My automated database backups need to run scripts to shut down data and license servers, write the backups to sparse.image disks mounted remotely from the networked computers on which they reside, then unmount the disks, and then restart the servers. Everything has to be done with root privileges because the database directories have “No access” permissions for everything except the database application. SyncProX does it all, fully automated, without any need for me to log in as the root user.

The ability to specify what data are logged is critical for troubleshooting any problems…for example when an anti-virus app detects and quarantines some malware during the backup write operation, and creates several hundred temp files in the process, all of which appear as errors in the backup log. Ditto for bizarre problems that occasionally show up due to the way OS X reports changed files in FS Events when Fast Scan is enabled. In that case, turning off Fast Scan, repairing permissions, and running a full backup clears the problem. The log file provides all the info I need to track down the culprit and solve the problem, or get help from Qdea support.

Oh, yeah…want support? Got it. The developer usually responds within 24 hours, and often within a few hours. Qdea has even provided me with special builds of SyncProX to work around problems that appear when something changes in OS X…and something is always changing in OS X.

Qdea’s licensing policy is eminently fair…although for some reason it’s often deeply misunderstood. Well, here’s the bottom line: Any version of SyncProX that you download works forever…or for as long as the version of OS X you’re running is compatible. I have copies of SyncProX v 4.x and v5.x running on two old Tiger machines. They’re fully licensed, forever.

If I don’t need to upgrade when the two-year license expires, I just don’t renew the license until I need it. All previously installed versions continue to work on their respective licenses. If I upgrade my system and need a SyncProX upgrade, I buy the renewal (for $49.95…NOT $99.95), but I don’t have to buy it until I need an upgrade. And during the two-year license period, I can download any upgrade that Qdea releases, any of which are covered by that license—permanently. Sounds fair to me.

Considering the great support and the fact that SyncProX is constantly under development to keep up with changes in OS X, that’s a pretty low cost of ownership for an application that does so much and works so well.

SyncProX probably isn’t for everyone. If you don’t need all the features it provides, then use a backup application that does what you need. But if you need the Swiss army knife of backup apps—the stainless steel, chrome-plated, nuclear laser turbo-diesel high-strength industrial backup app—SyncProX will get the job done. It’s worth every penny.

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Version 6.3
Xenophon Member IconReview+26

Regarding Synchronize Pro's rival offerings (e.g. SuperDuper and the free --- oops, dirty word --- Carbon Copy Cloner): they are not really equivalent. To my mind, Synchronize Pro is more like a shell for RSync, and can be directed to backup and/or synchronize specific folders, disks, etc. For system backups, I've used SuperDuper, as it was designed for that purpose, I believe.

Regarding the upgrade policy: renewal fees of $100 every 2 years have to be factored in the storage equation (disks, RAID boxes, NASes, etc). To my mind, they represent a very small percentage of total cost, and I'm willing to accept that in order to maintain a stable workflow. In this respect, BTW, Synchronize Pro certainly delivers.

The one thing mentioned that bothers me, but I'm not sure if it's true, is the fact that a 2nd computer with the same license is crippled. This, I think, is a major flaw, that represents very bad practice. Can't help but feel that the authors don't trust me.

BTW, I haven't upgraded yet, so the stars reflect my rating for the previous version.

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Version 6.3

It's not "$100 every 2 years" renewal fee, it's $49,95 (which has not been jacked up in the 7 years I licensed this product now) and it's only "every 2 years", if you want to use a new version, that was released two years after you bought your initial or renewal license.
My own renewal history is a good example: I bought my last renewal in October 2008 and I am still running SPX v6.1.3, which was released it September 2010. Now it's September 2011 and I don't see myself installing Lion in the near future. Could well be that I'll be running SnowLeopard with SPX v6.1.3 for another year (or longer). That would make 4 or more troublefree years without having to buy a renewal. The only reason I will buy a renewal sooner is to support Qdea in return for the support this app and the developer gave to me over the years - see my review from May.

On the license for the 2nd computer: SPX on your 2nd Mac wil not be able to run automatic backups and doing a backup manual is always possible, when SPX on your first machine isn't doing a backup at the same time. While this mode is not in any way limiting synchronization in both directions, I also would like to be able to run automatic, simultaneous backups on my 2nd Mac, which is not included in the license terms. When you have scheduled multiple backups running on your 1st Mac you only have specific time windows to run manual backups on the 2nd Mac. However I feel that this mode is fair enough as you can use SPX for free within limits on the 2nd Mac and for me the many pros of this software outweigh this limit by far.

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Version 6.3.1
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Current Version (6.x)


Downloads 85,350
Version Downloads 1,274
Type Utilities / Backup
License Demo
Date 14 Oct 2013
Platform OS X / PPC 32 / Intel 32
Price $99.95
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