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Quicken Essentials is your personal finance management solution.
  • View your accounts all in one place. Our completely reimagined interface makes it easier than ever to see where you can save more and spend less.
  • Save time and money. Quicken automatically categorizes transactions so you can see where your money's going and pay down debt.
  • Avoid pesky overdraft and late fees. See your current balance, including upcoming bills and paychecks so you always know where you stand.
Other features and benefits:

What's New

Bug fixes:

  • Now launching in 32-bit mode on Mac OS X 10.6 to prevent a crash when the latest HP printer drivers are installed.
  • Removed "2010" from the names of 2 predefined tags.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a document.
  • Fixed an issue where the Save button was sometimes incorrectly disabled when editing a category or tag.
  • Fixed an more...


OS X 10.6.6 or later

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Quicken Essentials User Discussion

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Xco Member IconComment+205

Has Intuit stopped improving Essentials?

It does need improvement (and better export capabilities).

Unlike some persons, I know full well that online services are inherently insecure when reliant on software-based security measures alone.

Thus, I will not use Intuit's online alternative.

What does Intuit plan to do about those of us who will not use online financial accounting software (for good reason)?

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Version 1.7.4
Donmontalvo Member IconReview+1288

Does not support two-factor authentication. So totally useless at this point.

Goodbye Quicken Essentials.

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Version 1.7.4
jaya5837 Member IconReview+0

There is plenty of whinging here. It is clear that Quicken Essentials 1.7.4 Mac is a big step backward. In my 30+ years of software experience, subsequent versions of a software ADD features.

Once again, it is tax time; I keep *very* simple books for several incorporated entities. In the releases for the previous 20 years leading up to the latest Quicken Mac release, one could easily create P&L and Balance Sheets AND export them to an editable format.

These simple features are no longer in Quicken Essentials 1.7.4. I have loved Quicken up to this release but now, every tax season I waste hours putting figures into Excel for several companies that previous Quicken versions did in seconds.

Intuit - This is stupid and a huge waste of time for your once loyal users. If you do this again in the next release, I shall move everything to an online service, even if the NSA can see my private data (although I am sure they are very nice people). You did such a good job with previous releases that it is so disappointing to experience such a big step backward.

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Version 1.7.4
Maczillllla Member IconComment+15

I can't believe what a terrible job job Intuit has done writing software for the Mac. Quicken had lots of problems, Quickbooks was terrible and Quicken Essentials is another disaster. Plus they've had terrible service and charge too much. I've dumped them and will never go back.

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Version 1.7.4
Kraftsims Member IconReview+10

Quicken is quicken for the most part. If you've used any version, you can adapt to this version. If feels a bit too stripped down for me, though I've had trouble identifying any exact feature I want. Somehow, it doesn't have that feel that gets me to enjoy using the charts, graphs, yearly averages, and that side of the program as much as I have in windows versions in the past.

I did have trouble with one feature, how to change many items at once, say a category. I wanted to find all of my gas charges, label them all auto:gas in one shot. I couldn't find the option, the manual didn't have it.

The documentation is rather poor, to be honest. I have this habit of digging through manuals and reading forums for answers. I never could get my answer through the manual or forums. Both were confusing or poorly laid out.

I eventually contacted customer support. Friendly nice people with hard to understand accents answered the phone. Very friendly. I have had the fortune in my job to work with many people from varying cultures and countries.

I felt sorry for this lady trying to help me. She couldn't understand my question: "How do I change multiple categories of the same vendor at once," or something to that effect. I felt sorry for her as she kept having to repeat the same programmed answer over and over.

The answer wasn't even close to the question.

I kept repeating my question in varying ways, hoping she would finally get it. She never did, after about 6 attempts and I could hear fear entering her voice. Having worked with foreigners, I realize many (but certainly not all) live in countries with expectations that you never fail and you have a positive customer interaction quickly and always - or you might lose your job or have some kind of retribution against you.

I hesitated, but finally decided to ask for a supervisor. I wasn't unhappy, but just wanted an answer. The supervisor came on the phone and it took her almost one hour to solve my question. She didn't know the answer either. All were kind.

I suspect Intuit is outsourcing such help, a practice becoming more and more common. I really don't mind in most respects, but I do want answers, especially when the question is fairly easy.

I would recommend this program if you want a simple home program to balance the budget.

I don't care for the monthly charge. Well, actually, don't mind paying a monthly charge to get the auto link to my banks and credit cards, but feel it is a bit steep for a recurring charge.

The reconcile feature is a bit confusing for me. I did finally figure out how to reconcile the bank accounts and credit cards, but it was and is a bit odd to me for some reason. I can't get my finger on it, but it isn't intuitive to me. Might be me, who knows.

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Version 1.7.1
Neartheredrocks Member IconComment+183

Just updated to QEM 1.7.1. Unfortunately, none of these old bugs have been fixed:

1. When entering a new transaction it is still necessary to wait before going (with the tab key) from month to day. If this is done too fast the cursor jumps back to months and the whole entry might be messed up.

2. It is still not possible to do a "Reject QuickFill" (from an old entry with the same payee) with the keyboard. It has to be done with the mouse and then the whole entry has to be started from the beginning.

3. There is still no warning before deleting a transaction - one accidental click and the transaction has silently disappeared.

4. It is still not possible to choose self defined sub-categories easily with the keyboard.

When are these bugs finally getting fixed?

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Version 1.7.1

For #3: there is undo (command-Z). Not a biggie.


For Odysseus: #3 is indeed a biggie. If you didn't know that you accidentally deleted a transaction, there would be no clue that you should Undo (Command-Z). IF QE were to provide a warning, you would be alerted and would cancel an accidental deletion.


If you were looking at the screen, you would see a "poof" effect.


And if you weren't looking? Say, if your attention was on another display or if you were shooing a cat away from the keyboard? Not warning you before deleting data - or even changing existing data - is pretty poorly thought out. You could always have a "Don't ask again" option if you like to live dangerously. lol

Par for the course for Quicken Mac for decades, though. I moved to iBank when 10.7 shipped and haven't looked back.

Lars70 Member IconReview+3

Nice program, easy to set-up and use ... and now the downside. Only one user can access a file ... if your Mac is set-up with multiple user accounts, only the user from one account can access the file.

So, if I can access and use the file, my wife cannot access it from her Mac account, even though it's on the same Mac, the file resides in the Share folder and even if the file and program have the correct permissions. Apparently it is a well known problem, and there is no fix for this.

So, I would recommend this version of Quicken as long as there is an understanding of this program's access limitations.

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Version 1.6.1f6707

You could always password the file and put it in a Dropbox folder, then share with your wife.

FlyinRyan7 Member IconReview+21

I'd like to submit a more objective view of this software which I feel is lacking in most of the reviews here. First, I've been using this version of Quicken essentials since it came out in 2010. Previously, I used Microsoft Money which was excellent. When Essentials initially was released, I would have rated it a 2. There were fairly limited features considering it cost 79$ (at that time). However, Quicken claimed they were bringing new features but they wanted to know what features were desired and asked it's user base to submit them via a website (a pretty ballsy move that pissed a lot of people off). Ultimately, Quicken did bring quite a few new features (more reports, more tools for stocks/MF/financial instruments) and lowered the price to 50$. They even refunded my 29$!

I like quite a few things about this software. I use this software to handle 3 bank accounts (1 international), 2 loans, 1 Roth IRA, 1 Traditional IRA and a stock account and it does all of this pretty flawlessly. When adding new accounts, I've never had any problems finding my banks/firms. I like the graphics and little icons, and the reports it can generate are extremely useful, particularly at tax time. The UI is intuitive and easy to use, and the search tool is very powerful. Additionally, I use dropbox to view my quicken data on both of my Macs.

My complaints about this software is that there are some things I would like to customize, but cannot. (actually, this is a complaint I have about most Mac software). For example, in the Overview screen, it shows my top 5 expenses for the month, however I have 3 fixed expense categories (rent, loans, and mutual funds) that will always be the top 3. I'd rather it display the top 7 or maybe the top 5, but allow me to exclude some categories from being displayed. It would be great if you could customize the Overview screen to display information that would actually be helpful based on your spending/saving goals. My final complaint is that the budget tools are weak and could be significantly improved. For example, I don't spend the same amount in clothes each month...some months I spend a lot, some I spend nothing. I'd rather just set an amount to spend per 6 months or a year or have a rolling amount.

In order to really appreciate this software, you will need to do what very few of the other reviewers in this forum have done and let go of your expectations based on previous versions. It's wonderful that you've been using Quicken software for the last 87 years, however this software is not the previous versions you've used. Does that make it irritating that you're having problems importing your data? Yes. Does that warrant your ridiculous rating of 1 star (particularly when the Quicken specifications state VERY clearly what file types are able to be imported) - no. Really, the 1 star ratings are substantiated on nothing else other than bitterness and illiteracy.

Ultimately, there are a ton of other mac financial apps out there for you to try, but I believe you should give QE a shot.

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Version 1.6.1f6707
Sleav Member IconReview+49

I am so happy today. ECSTATIC, in fact. The reason? I can finally - FINALLY - tell Intuit the same thing they've been saying to me (and all Mac users) for years: DROP DEAD.

Intuit's disregard, disdain and disrespect for Mac users is legendary, and all I've wished for and hoped for all these years was a working substitute - even one that didn't do all the things Quicken does (badly) would have been fine.

Quicken Essentials itself, once you get rolling, isn't horrendous, but they've actually REMOVED features, not added them. Hey folks - all it needs to be able to do is add and subtract!

Finally, this year, here on December 30th, I've installed iBank on the Macs and iBank on the iPhone. They sync perfectly, they reconcile perfectly, it's easy to organize (and look at), etc.

Don't believe me? Go buy Quicken Essentials on a trial basis. Now, try to "Import" your Quicken 2007 data file. Hmm... can't do it because the file first needs to be "converted." OK. Launch the converter, go and select the file (a QDFM, typically). Except for one thing: .qdfm files are GREYED OUT and thus CANNOT BE OPENED. OK, so next - go crazy trying to figure out Quicken file extensions - maybe it's the .qdfm, what if you try .qdx? (nope) or .qd-whatevrer (nope). Turns out - the solution is DRAG THE FILE onto the file converter. That's right - the File > Convert function doesn't work - welcome to the wild and wacky world of Quicken for Mac.

And so, finally with great relief I say: Quicken for Mac - kiss my what? go where?

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Version 1.6.1f6707
75Gordo75 Member IconReview+1

Open Letter to Scott Cook -

First, let me say that I have been using Quicken for Mac since 1996 and have upgraded each time a new version became available (other than to Quicken Essentials that doesn't track investments, which I need). I think Quicken 2007 is great. It has done exactly what I needed it to do...except run on Mac OS X Lion.

Incidentally, I have also been an investor in Intuit since December 1997 when I bought 300 shares. I've added to that over the years and along with Intuit's growth that investment is now my largest holding. From my view, much of Intuit's success and my willingness to stay invested for going on 14 years has been a strong management that cares about its customers.

So now I am disappointed to find that Quicken 2007 for Mac doesn't work with the new Mac OS X Lion. I was at first angry with Apple for dropping Rosetta but then realized the real problem is Intuit not upgrading for Apple's OS X when it had 10 years to do so.

Apple included Rosetta in OS X so programs written for the old architecture could run until they were rewritten. Lion finally dropped Rosetta. Quicken for Mac has been upgraded at least 5 times during the last 10 years yet (except for Quicken Essentials) it has not been rewritten for OS X. I would be happy to use Quicken Essentials or Mint.com if either tracked investment buys and sells. Neither does.

So I'm now stuck with these alternatives:
Forgo upgrading to Lion and give up all the great new features in order to continue to use Quicken 2007 (I won't)
Get a second computer running an older OS X so I could still use Quicken 2007 (inconvenient to use and costly)
Wait for Quicken 2007 to get upgraded to run on Lion, (it would have to be very soon)
Wait for Intuit to come out with a Mint.com solution that includes tracking investments (but I'd have to figure out an alternative for the meantime)
Buy Quicken for Windows, Windows 7 and Parallels so I could run Quicken for Windows on my Mac or do it with the dual-boot mode (both too costly)
Upgrade to Lion and find another accounting solution already in the cloud or one written for OS X which means I'd have to drop Quicken (unfortunately, this seems to be the most practical).
Quicken could put together a competitively priced package to include Windows 7 and Parallels with Quicken for Windows until a permanent solution for Mac is available.
Maybe there are other solutions I haven't considered and if so, I'd certainly like to know about them.

Since I am a loyal supporter of both Quicken and Apple, only Intuit upgrading 2007 or coming up with a cloud solution fits what I would really like to see happen…but I'm only willing to forgo upgrading to OS X Lion for a limited time.

Is there any hope on the horizon for customers such as myself? I'm very much hoping to be a continuing, happy and satisfied Quicken (or Mint.com) user.

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Version 1.6.1f6707
Verne Arase

I'm sure you already know, but just in case you don't Intuit now offers Quicken 2007 for the Mac (Intel).

No new features, but it does run under Lion - which I was finally able to upgrade to now that this version exists.

Here's hoping that Intuit gets off their collective butts and adds bill pay to QE.

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Marek Zwolinski
Version 1.7.1
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Version 1.7.1
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Version 1.7.1
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Version 1.6.1f6707
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Version 1.6.0f6607
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Version 1.5.4f6423
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Version 1.5.4f6423
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Version 1.5.2f6367
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Version 1.5.1f5975
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