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SilverFast (Epson) is LaserSoft's software for Epson scanners. LaserSoft Imaging has gained 25 years experience in the development of imaging software that has now been incorporated in the redevelopment of SilverFast scanner software. In combination with a variety of innovative ideas and the usage of current software technology, SilverFast 8 has evolved into what we can proudly present as the best scanner software.

The WorkflowPilot, a unique feature, is a core element of the new software. As a kind of assistant, it guides you in the correct order through all the processing steps required for your individual workflow. more...

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Version 8.0.1r37: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.


  • OS X 10.5 or later
  • Supported scanner

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SilverFast (Epson) User Discussion

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Geoffjt Member IconReview+1

Expensive, good but very unstable.

Great results from both reflective and transparent originals on my Epson V500 (and previous scanners I've owned in the past 10 years).

But that's when it works. Read on...

1) Very unstable in Mac OSX 10.8.x. On a new iMac with 12Gb RAM it is sluggish with the beach-ball-of-death popping up at regular intervals. It will crash 30% of the time you launch it.

2) The interface is beyond-belief-dreadful. Confusing, obtuse and anti-intuitive. It's only that I've used SilverFast for over 10 years that I'm able get the best results.
I've recommended SilverFast to fellow designers who have used the demo - but will not purchase because the application appears to be designed by amateurs.

SilverFast 8 on the Mac is more like a port of Windows version - fine when it works but very unstable. (Not to mention the dreadful 1980's interface icons.)
Silverfast are plainly talented and dedicated guys but they need to stop altering the OSX interface in their application. For example, the cursor arrow enlarges Windoze-like and takes on a blue halo - wtf is that about, apart from being a waste of time and processor resources? These UI level hacks must have an effect on performance and stability.
Which may be why it crashes frequently.
I wish they would employ an Apple-savvy developer - Silverfast is expensive software and I'm not alone in looking around for more stable scanning solutions - even at the same price.

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Version 8.0.1r22

Like your conclusion, same experience with poor GUI, crashes etc. Feel a bit "cheated" as I had expected such an expensive sf to be more stable but...live and learn

Allanmacam Member IconReview+26

So far not bad. Mo major problems.

To Cameraguy5 you could delete the prefs via the service dialoge (welcome screen, left bottom).

You could also repair your disk permissions.

Solved the same problem I was having.

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Version 8.0.1r5

So I've upgrade to the new version 8.0.1r6 and I still have the same problem. I did everything you suggested, still no go. I did find out though, that if I turn off SRD, it processes with no problem...but if it's on, the "processing" just goes on forever and never produces the file. Alas, I'm back to my old version which still works perfectly.

Cameraguy5 Member IconReview+12

Updated to this version and it never finishes processing to produce the image file. Support is very slow and unhelpful. I've given up trying to resolve the problem and have reverted back to the previous version which works fine. I'm on a Mac Pro running Lion.
I'm still trying to find out what has been changed, added or fixed in this version. If anyone knows, please post.

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Version 8.0.1r5
Snaporaz Member IconComment+28

bought the ai studio version. several bugs and no updates: doesn't remember saved presets exactly, like scan dimensions and bit depth. if you start scanning, then switch to some other program, then click on the silverfast window to go back, it suddenly stops scanning. otherwise the best app for producing pro scans. but for this price the bugs should be eliminated more quickly..

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Version 8.0.0r1
siamlotus Member IconComment+165

Version 8 is out, which is compatible with OS X 10.7

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Version 6.6.2r4a

Good software......terrible customer support. You're basically on your own if you need help. I was right in the middle of an ongoing issue with the new version 8, and they just dropped me and quit responding to my request for help after just two email exchanges. So if you think you are going to need support/help, it is best to avoid this company and look somewhere else.

Gskibum Member IconReview+310

I'm a long time and continual user of SilverFast starting back in the OS 9 days, or even before. I don't really remember this detail accurately so let's just call it a real long time. Scanner brands I've used with SilverFast that come to mind are Linotype, Nikon, Canon, Epson and Leaf.

This is a powerful app with a fairly deep learning curve. Over the years I've instructed several users on the operation of SilverFast so I do have a strong sense of this.

However, I have to grade their tech support as simply awful. Once in the past I had to resolve an installation problem that was caused by the mis-manufacturing of the installer disk. The copyright system was improperly implemented. Correcting this problem entailed a long and tedious task of convincing tech support there wasn't anything wrong with my system and that the problem did indeed rest on them. Finally they acknowledged the problem and a fix was deployed by them.

Now I'm experiencing a problem with SilverFast working with an Epson V750 on *Snow Leopard*. Here I am, once again, confronted with the long and arduous task of convincing them they have a problem with their software. They have the attitude that the product is infallible and that the cause of a problem no matter what is the creation of the end user.

On this 2008 Mac Pro system I had been, and continue to, happily use SilverFast on Leopard 10.5.8 with both a Nikon LS-8000 and the Epson V750.

I have several Macintosh computers and among them many more operating system installs. I have tried SilverFast with the Epson V750 via FireWire on about 6 different configurations of Mac & Snow Leopard and it simply does not work.

On my scanning station Mac, when I upgraded to Snow Leopard, I did so by installing it on a new hard drive. Not once have I been able to get SilverFast to work with this Snow Leopard install and the Epson V750 via FireWire, although it does continue to work with the Nikon LS-8000.

When booted into Snow Leopard Epson's scanner software and Image Capture will operate with the scanner without any problems. But SilverFast will not see the V750 via FireWire.

I have installed yet another new hard drive and installed a new Snow Leopard, and installed only Silverfast. Nothing else. It did not work. So I wiped the drive and installed Silverfast, but this time after installing the Epson drivers. No joy. Silverfast will not see the Epson V750 scanner via FireWire. If I install the Nikon plug-in for Silverfast it will operate normally.

I submitted via their web site support forums a detailed accounting of the nature of the problem and troubleshooting steps I have tried. Only to discover that their support forums are moderated to the point that any topic that will reveal to the public any problem or bug with the software will not be posted. Yes. You are reading this correctly. Only posts that do not reveal to the public problems and bugs with the software are posted. They will not permit a post that may in any way cast a poor light on the product.

I received the following e-mail response to my attempt at my posting on their support forums:

"Dear customer

thank you for your interest in LaserSoft Imaging's SilverFast software solutions.

Our forum is not intended for individual tech support, this would make the forum hard to read for users searching for certain information.
Also personal/restricted information like your serial-number may be necessary which should not be posted in a open forum.
Therefor a ticket has been opened to answer your support request most swiftly."

What a complete joke.

This is an obvious lie. It is so bad of a lie that the truth is exactly the opposite. You see, every single day I search one forum or another for solutions to technical problems. Every single one of them does allow a post like the one I attempted to post with Silverfast. Those posts being present on user forums are a gold mine. A complete wealth of information awaiting a keyword search by anyone seeking a solution to a technical problem with a product.

Let's just say for the sake of argument that LaserSoft isn't concealing information on their user forums that don't cast the product in a bad light. Then this simply means that LaserSoft has such low regard for their customers that they believe we are too inept to do a keyword search of the forums.

Frankly, it could be both. They don't want information that may cast a bad light on the product to be made public, and they have low regard for the competence of their customers.

If everyone were to prohibit posts such as this, any efficiency for customers in finding solutions to technical problems would simply cease to exist!

I had not kept a copy of my detailed accounting because I had submitted it via the web form. So now that is lost. Yippee.

I did recreate a shorter accounting of the problem and sent it off, referencing the newly created support ticket. Yet the language in this reply was obviously a canned response that has likely been sent to thousands of other customers. And it was obvious that the person I had been working with had not read either of my accountings of the problem.

So SilverFast the product is a rather decent and powerful product, so long as a customer does not discover a bug within it. When such a bug discovery happens, get ready to run up against a wall of denial, arrogance and disdain by LaserSoft.

They disgust me to no end.

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Version 6.6.2r3

I wonder how many potential forum contributors are pushed away because they won't permit the free exchange of information about technical issues with their products.

Instead of being a useful asset for everyone's benefit, the forums have been relegated to a storefront checklist-item for the sales department to show to potential customers "lookie here we have a support forum"!

When really the potential of the support forums are ruined.

ColorBurst RIP is the opposite. They initially provide technical support only via the forums that are participated in by active company personnel. If during the forum post it appears to be a problem with the product, then the case is escalated from there.

But LaserSoft is too paranoid about having too many people post information on topics like "My Epson V750 Cannot Be Found"! The public can't be allowed to see that. It might look bad if we do.


So get this!

After all the blaming me for having things wrong with my system, LaserSoft just released an update that addresses this very problem.

So months after I first contacted them regarding this issue, and had to deal with their idiotic canned responses, my scanner now works on Snow Leopard!


Been a while since I updated. Haven't used this scanner much mostly out of dread. So I'm late in an important update.

On the Silverfast web site is little information regarding this. You know. They delete things that cast a negative light on the product.

Go LaserSoft.

There are still scraps of information that were overlooked by their overzealous moderators.

One thread discussing this indicates that USB should be used instead, and that USB is every bit as fast as FireWire.

So I did a test.

Talk about a bogus claim. I didn't retain the information but the lack of performance with USB compared to FireWire was as significant as one would expect.

So here's what the scoop is with this problem:

I can get SilverFast to work with my Epson scanner reliably, up and until I use it with my Nikon scanner. Then Silverfast breaks with FireWire and the Epson scanner. But it will work with the very slow USB. This is not an option for the volume of work I have.

Before Snow Leopard, with Leopard and Tiger, SilverFast worked just fine with both my Nikon and Epson scanners via FireWire at the same time. I couldn't have both scanners powered on simultaneously, but I didn't care.

But with Snow Leopard this does not work and they seem to have no intention on correcting this problem. I'm stuck with the dreadfully slow USB.

What a shame that a decent product like this is produced by a company with such indifference to their customers.

siamlotus Member IconReview+165

I got this software bundled with the Epson V750 scanner. The first thing that I did was to update it, so have not experienced any of the problems that other users on this forum have. As far as the software goes, it is excellent. I tried another scanner software that I found on MacUpdate, but there was no competition. The U.I. is maybe "dated" but when scanning negatives and slides I am more interested in the results of my scans than the interface of the software. The software is very complete with functions to get the best end result. The Quicktime videos are an extra for the first time user too. All in all I am extremely impressed with Silverfast. For info, version 6.6.1r6 is out.

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Version 6.6.1r5
Calivnrevis Member IconComment+1

I have not been able to get this software to run after I updated to snow leopard. I have contacted their support several times and have done everything they say to do, and still no luck. They keep asking me to send a "SF_Logfile" when there is no such file on my computer! They ignored the fact that I told them the software won't launch and thus I have no "SF_Logfile". I have paid a lot of money for their "AI Studio upgrade and It won't start and support won't answer emails after a certain point, they just send automated emails that don't do any good. Oh and their telephone support is only available 1 and half hours a day!

Support by Phone only between 3:00 p.m - 5:30 p.m. ET (Monday-Friday)
what is that all about???

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Version 6.6.1r4a

I have also had similar problems with my Epson Perfection 3200 PHOTO and the silverfast software. When trying to scan with either in the import module in Photoshop or the standalone program I'm told that my scanner can not be found. I tried to work with their tech support via email and sent them the log file. After a certain point they said 'good luck with that' and weren't able to help me further... I even paid for an upgrade to their software thinking that any bug I may have been experiencing might be worked out.


When a previous update broke FireWire connectivity with my scanner, their answer was to use USB.

That's not really the answer I was looking for. I don't expect to have to perform a work-around for software that previously worked.

Fire_dragon Member IconComment+10

I (and many of my colleagues ) have been using SilveFast for multiple Epson scanners over the years.

We are photojournalists for high quality publications and many of our agency members still use film or have a large archive of film.

For people with a high standard in scanning SilverFast has been the standard. No other software is able to utilize and enhance the power of scanners as effectively as SilverFast.

I did not experience any of the bugs or support problems that other users in this thread described. The Lasersoft team has responded in a timely fashion to all of our sometimes very complex support requests.

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Version 6.6.1r4a
Timothygrayphoto Member IconReview+0

I am a bit confused by the overwhelmingly negative comments regarding this product. My extensive experience with the Silverfast product line over the past several years has been nothing short of amazing.

A bit about my background and workflow...

As a professional photographer, fine art printer, and educator, I work primarily with medium format film (6x7) scanned with an Epson Perfection V750-M Pro flatbed scanner with custom cut ANR glass, using Silverfast Ai Studio 6.6.1.r3 to produce a 64-bit HDRi "raw" scan which is then adjusted/refined using Silverfast HDR Studio 6.6.1r3. The final images are then output, in-house, to an Epson Stylus Pro 7800 wide format archival pigment printer. I regularly produce and exhibit 24"x30" prints using this method, and my work in in private galleries and corporate collections.

Needless to say, my standards are VERY high, and I simply would not be able to produce comparable results that met the needs of my gallery representatives and clients with anything other than Silverfast.

The quality of the scan, the flexibility of the new 64-bit HDRi format, and the level of control offered by this product are unmatched, and I have used many scanner and software combinations over the years, including Vuescan and Flexcolor (for Imacon), and the results just don't hold a candle to what I get from Silverfast.

Two standout features for me are 64-bit HDRi and iSRD.

Being able to scan the full dynamic range of the film, plus the infrared channel for later processing in HDR Studio is, hands down, the single most important innovation in scanning software in the past 10 years.

I was never happy with Digital ICE; it is painfully slow, doesn't allow me to adjust the settings, and the overall result is less than stellar. That's not the case with iSRD, which is fast, really fast, and effectively targets the defects without affecting image quality.

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Version 6.6.1r4a

Thanks for this informative post. I've been wondering how this compares to Vuescan.

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