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G-Force creates bursts and blooms of psychedelic color. Use it as a screensaver, a music player accompaniment, or a standalone display.

Take in mind-bending visuals while listening to iTunes. Create a bright, morphing backdrop for your next party. Or replace your played-out slideshow screensaver with something bold and beautiful. Get G-Force, and enjoy the show.
  • Endlessly unique. G-Force creates millions of combinations of booming colors, fluid textures, and dreamy shapes. You've never seen a visualizer like this.
  • Easy installation. Simply download G-Force and click more...

What's New

Version 5.3:
  • Enhanced track text animation cuing, takedown, and aesthetics.
  • All config types now loaded through the package (VisPackage) subsystem.
  • Config author attribution now appears under the config's name in the UI.
  • Enhanced track text support when streaming in iTunes and Windows Media Player.
  • Scripting now uses Python, making authoring scripts much easier more...


OS X 10.5 or later

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from lursay

OUTRAGEOUS CONSTANT BILLING Never more, you are asking 24$ for a license renewal ... it is years I have been paying but this time is one to much; so no more again; really you must be out of your mind. 24$, this must be some stupid farce; how can you more...

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Version 5.0.1
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Jazzyguy Member IconReview+3699

I have changed my mind about this app. I renewed my license just Friday and I can't use it on my iMac Snow Leopard Macs. I was told by the developer I could use it on my Macs as long as I am the single user. I paid with PayPal so I will get my money back. I have sent them 7 messages and they do not reply. There is something wrong with their administration

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Version 5.3

When Andy O'Mara ran it.It was a great app. He always responded to user's emails. Something went wrong with the administration of this app. I have been a licensee for at least 14 years.

Leoofborg Member IconReview+377

I don't understand *why* folks are trashing one of the only two Screensavers/Visualizers that I'd even consider paying for (the other is ScreenSleeves by Peacock Media, buy *that* if GF runs your fans too much).

Yeah, year over year I've paid. Why?

1/ Responsive Dev. Most dev teams are REALLY small, or if 'large' then they're offshore. You do NOT want that crap on your Mac.

2/ Small Dev Teams *have* to charge more. They're NOT Apple with a shitton of money in reserve. They're normal folks like you & me.

3/ G-Force is a REALLY speclalized visualizer AND App suite. As I said in the comments below, if you don't need it, or even don't need it *this year" then don't pay for it. I've dropped other subscription apps due to lack of need. G-Force (unlike those other apps) won't just 'expire' or 'stop working' if you stop paying.

4/ And FINALLY: It's been my experience that SS 'discounts' renewing subscriptions. Sure you've been paying $20 or so a year. Was that for GOLD or PLATINUM? Remember, Plat is $30 to newbs.

There's no guarantee that SS will discount again. I'm just saying.. if you don't enjoy G-Force as much as you did, you can either move on or support the Dev. There *are* shyster devs out there trying to shake $$ out of you.. more towards the "Clean ur Mac" or AV side of things -- this Dev(s) is NOWHERE NEAR THAT. They do good work.

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Version 5.1.4
Kappe Member IconReview+43

oh come on trash this

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Version 5.1.3

You're perfectly free to do so. Everybody whining that 'this is too expensive' is basically saying that the Dev has no right to eat.

G-Force is NOT for everyone. Those who say that the default iTunes Visualizer is 'the same' are 70% right.

The other 30%, those who'd make our own visualizer objects, want precise settings, want to input audio from something OTHER than iTunes, etc... are willing to pay for it.

In fact, if you drill into the settings there's networking to other screents and some commercial stuff there (that I'd never use).

But someone does.

Last thing: Unlike SOME vendors, G-Force will still work. You could probably stop paying and (depending on the stability of the build) it'd keep working for another year. The Dev *is* responsive and does good work. They are NOT going to just 'up and cut you off' as some are wont to do.

Jazzyguy Member IconReview+3699

Here is my Review and comments on this GREAT visualizer. First of all let me preface my review by stating that I am NOT an employee or relative of the Developer. This application is very expensive to maintain and to update.The staff are eager to reply to each and every inquiry by the users.I have used this app since its inception and it has improved over the years to such a degree that it is hard to recognize it from its first appearance.There is no way I will not back up this App with my money because of the rancor of the crowd that protests the charges. The Developers need money to produce the best Visualizer available anywhere on the web. their staff is large and the service is great,that is why I support it over the years.

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Version 5.1.2
MisterE Member IconComment+530

WOW, I remember when G-Force was a 5 star featured app. How the mighty have fallen.

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Version 5.0.1
lursay Member IconReview+12

OUTRAGEOUS CONSTANT BILLING Never more, you are asking 24$ for a license renewal ... it is years I have been paying but this time is one to much; so no more again; really you must be out of your mind. 24$, this must be some stupid farce; how can you expect we are going to buy it...........

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Version 5.0.1

don't you love the way fools on macupdate click the frown symbol on comments you post that are perfectly valid arguments??? they are simply hating on us for posting what they don't want to hear. oh well,the minus symbol or plus symbols mean nothing in reality,so ignore them. keep on rocking on bud! i loved your comment and clicked the happy face for you :)

Xenophile Member IconComment+694

This is not a rhetorical question, I appreciate the time the developer put into this app and from my testing over the years (much of it done many, many versions ago), the visuals are truly beautiful.

What is the difference between G-Force visuals and the built-in iTunes visuals? At first glance, they appear quite similar. For a $20 annual subscription fee, I expect a bit more differentiation from Apple's visualizer.

Here's another perspective: I last bought G-Force in 2002 for use on a 500 MHz single core Power Mac G4. Yesterday I tested the latest version of G-Force on my 3.33 GHz Hexacore Xeon Mac Pro. That's $200 worth of updates between the two releases, and over an order of magnitude in the difference of hardware capability.

I could not discern any meaningful differences between the two releases.

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Version 4.4

as must be evident, i'm an unabashed fan. if you can't tell the difference, this probably isn't for you.

Outer Member IconComment+118

So far G-Force continues to perform flawlessly and impeccably under Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.1, at least for me.

Still the best.

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Version 4.3.2
B. Jefferson Le Blanc Member IconReview+649
B. Jefferson Le Blanc

I have to update my remarks on G-Force. After some correspondence with the Sound Spectrum support staff I found out that G-Force is now compatible with OS X 10.x, Lion. If you upgrade to Lion you'll find that your older versions of G-Force (before 10.3.1) don't work in iTunes, which, in Lion, is a 64 bit app. Even iTunes running in 32 bit mode won't work with G-Force.

That said, I think G-Force is an excellent visualizer for iTunes and an attractive screen saver. But it's far from an essential piece of software. Especially given the expensive upgrade cycle, it is a luxury item only.

I don't agree with the low ratings for G-Force. I think they are skewed by angst over the annual subscription cost, though I agree that cost is a drag on its appeal. G-Force has a lot of interesting features - most of which I don't even use. It's easy to use as a visualizer and a screen saver. And it's a stable program in my experience. The only mark down I can give it is for value. Other than that it's a solid product.

That said, I'm not sure the folks at Sound Spectrum pay any attention to this forum. Nor is their online blog particularly useful for posting complaints. If you want them to get the message about how PO'd you are about their pricing policy, the best way to let them know is to use the contact form on their web site. I've found they do respond to items posted their.

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Version 4.3.2

yeah, well, the mac is pretty much - and i'd emphasize pretty - a luxury item to start with, right?

B. Jefferson Le Blanc

@ Outer: Hardly. Millions of people use Macs for day to day and professional work - just ask Adobe and Microsoft. Your view of Apple products is more than a decade out of date. Your opinion is in serious need of an upgrade.

alas! Member IconComment+571

While I still think that G-Force is incredibly good at what it does, I do feel that the $15 upgrade tax year after year IS most egregious.
I stopped upgrading a couple of years ago……my last version(platinum) works quite well and I'll stay with it.
I've got its DMG safely stored away. The download for one's paid for version should be available at Sound Spectrum's website and is keyed to its registration code.
It's really not necessary to stay with the most up to date versions; "what's new"
with each version is not usually noticeable or apparent. Any changes are usually "under the hood" and not visible.
Anyway, the annual $15 tax is outrageous. JUST SAY NO!

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Version 4.3.2
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Version 5.0.1
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Version 4.3.2
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Version 4.2.0
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