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InDesign CC is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud for as little as $19.99/month (or $9.99/month if you're a previous InDesign customer). InDesign CS6 is still available for purchase (without a monthly plan) if you prefer.

Adobe InDesign CC is part of Creative Cloud. That means you have access to all the latest updates and future releases the moment they're available. Sharpen your skills and master new tools with a rich and more...

What's New

Version 2014:
  • Seamless update: Shortcuts and preferences are retained when you update to the latest version of InDesign, ensuring that you can easily and quickly get to work with the latest version.
  • In application - What's New dialog: On the first installation of InDesign CC 2014, a What's new dialog greets you with content that provides information about the new features in this release. more...


  • OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • Multicore Intel processor
  • 2.6 GB of available hard-disk space for installation
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 software required to export SWF files

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from BobDavey3378

I need more than one app like Photoshop but not the rest of the crap which is the only other option.
In the US the monthly cost is $49.99, in the UK £46.88 & in France €61.49.
At the current exchange rate using the US price as a more...

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Version 9.0
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Cowicide Member IconReview+1131

Use to be a big fan of InDesign over QuarkXpress, myself. But this CC licensing is a ridiculous insult to consumers' intelligence. It's the licensing, stupid.

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Version 2014
Cowicide Member IconComment+1131

Listen to what the experts say:

"Adobe’s abysmal Creative Cloud license policy has really shown the company's true colors when it comes to exploiting monopoly." - Dave Girard

Dave has worked with major publishers for decades and has been a huge supporter of InDesign, but he knows a monopolistic cash grab when he sees one.

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Version 2014
Mikebenda Member IconReview+313

From the update notes:
"Shortcuts and preferences are retained when you update to the latest version of InDesign, ensuring that you can easily and quickly get to work with the latest version."

In other words, updating doesn't screw up your workflow. Now that's a fantastic new feature worth the monthly subscription price.

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Version 2014

Only problem so far is that this feature fails for most people...

Cjred Member IconReview+25

InDesign still "IS" the best DTP tool available. Even though a lot of people complaining on the Adobe CC subscriptions I think this is all worth the money. I just hope they simplify the program and not over bloat it with worthless tools.

Overall it works best with PS, AI, BR and Acrobat seamlessly. Love the dark menus.

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Version 9.2.2
IgorFreiberger Member IconReview+18

InDesign is by far the best DTP available. It still misses some long-text tools, as endnotes, and needs improvements on features like cross-references, variables and vertical alignment. Since version CS5 Adobe included several tools to eBook production, but the way they chose is somewhat bloated and confuse. There are several panels and some learning curve on this. Finally, the huge amount of panels (aka as palettes) must be reduced, with better management of design room. Anyway, the app is still great, with wonderful typographic controls, wide range of printing and color adjusts and nice drawing tools. InDesign works great with Photoshop and Illustrator and is very stable.

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Version 9.1
Kobalt Member IconComment+463

Hmm, at the time of writing the 'What's New' notes for v9.1 don't show anything but the generic sales spiel for CC (ie stuff that was 'new' when CC was first released) and the 'complete release notes' link is no better.

So what's new in v9.1?

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Version 9.1

Adobe site says 9.1 brings one new feature and several corrections.

New feature: Sync settings using Adobe Creative Cloud. It enables users to sync their settings using Creative Cloud. If you use two computers, for example, one at home and another at work, the Sync Settings feature makes it easy for you to keep those settings synchronized. Also, if you have replaced your old computer with a new one, you can get the application set up quickly with all your settings in place.

InDesign only

When a new document is opened with the Preview option on, the primary text frame column number fails to synchronize with the layout column number. (#3554328)
The parent document setup dialog is dismissed when the warning message for page size smaller than columns and margins is invoked. Also, this leads to crash on using the document setup dialog again. (#3554324)
InDesign crashes on changing the Intent and then clicking OK while the Preview option is off. (#3554322)
If you launch the new document dialog box through a document preset having facing pages turned off and the number of columns is greater than 1, and turning the Preview option on or off and then clicking OK crashes InDesign. (#3565795)
InDesign crashes on turning off the Facing Pages option and modifying the number of columns after turning off the Preview option in the new document dialog box. (#3554323)
InDesign crashes on turning off the Preview option and then changing the intent with custom number of columns and modified margins. (#3568108)
InDesign and InCopy

Mac: InDesign crashes when you click any widget in any CSXS extension panel when another panel is in inline editing mode. (#3554318)
Special characters such as ‘?’ or ‘=’ used in hyperlinks are converted to invalid characters and this results in broken links in the exported PDF. (#3554342)
In a two columns text frame, if you select text with the mouse in a footnote placed in the left column text, the text disappears. (#3554333)
Font search results are not correct when the ‘Show Favorite Fonts Only’ option is selected. (#3554337)
If the ‘Show Favorite Fonts Only’ option is selected in the Font menu, InDesign crashes on closing a document with document fonts. (#3554334)
InDesign crashes on selecting the text tool if there are specific fonts present in the system. (#3567444)
InDesign crashes on selecting a row or column with drop shadow applied on it. (#3577944)
Fonts having illegal Postscript characters in their names are crashing the application. (#3585880)
There is a no easy way to identify whether the launched version of InDesign CC on Windows is 64-bit or 32-bit. (#3554339)
A wrong cursor is displayed when using text drag-and-drop and creating a new frame. (#3574244)
A Flash player object is not loading in ScriptUI. (#3590770)
Windows: a user is unable to type text in a macro text field in the Text Macros Panel. (#3580114)

Achim Gehrig Member IconReview+3
Achim Gehrig

Even though a lot of people just brag about the new Adobe rental scheme, InDesign itself is great.

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Version 9.0
Edac2 Member IconReview+26

I've noticed some subtle UI improvements with InDesign CC, like scrollbar arrows (a la Illustrator). But every time I quit, I get an error message that InDesign has 'quit unexpecedly'. Same problem with separate installs on two computers (latest gen iMacs). I tried deleting the program (using the Adobe program deleter) and reinstalling it, and I get the same crash window.

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Version 9.0

I've gotten that error on quitting for years now... It doesn't seem to cause any problems though.

BobDavey3378 Member IconReview+15

I need more than one app like Photoshop but not the rest of the crap which is the only other option.
In the US the monthly cost is $49.99, in the UK £46.88 & in France €61.49.
At the current exchange rate using the US price as a base UK should be £31.90 & France €37.28 give or take.
The concept is fine but the pricing & structure will force a lot of small business to either not upgrade or as I suspect find a way around it unless they stop ripping us off, especially in Europe.

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Version 9.0

Adobe has a limited time offer of $9.99 for Photoshop CC and Lightroom.

I think the subscription service should have been an option along with being able to buy individual programs. It's not a bad deal if you want access to everything, but I'd still rather buy them outright.

Cowicide Member IconComment+1131

Quark went downhill in customer service over the years back in the day, but now that Adobe is trying this horrible RENTAL model for its software, it's time to switch back to QuarkXPress.

Goodbye, Adobe. You suck.

Like most other longtime Adobe customers, I am sickened by Adobe's greed with their Creative Cloud subscription model.

The petition is over 30,000 signatures so far...


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Version 9.0

Quark still sucks. It is basically Quark 3 with some UI improvements and extra features shoehorned on. It's still overpriced. It still has awful service. And it still only works sometimes, especially with fonts. Oh, and it's still just Quark. Though Creative Cloud sounds expensive, Adobe service is still pretty good and the programs are constantly updated. If you only need InDesign it might not be worth subscribing, but the Creative Cloud subscription includes ALL of Adobe's programs, TypeKit (and soon to come TypeKit on the desktop), file sharing and Behance. Installation is a breeze, with no sixty character product codes to enter.


>Though Creative Cloud sounds expensive

Creative Cloud doesn't just "sound" expensive. It IS expensive.

You can purchase Adobe CS6 Design Standard (includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, etc.) from Staples right now with a perpetual license for $450.00 with free shipping on your business credit card and make monthly payments on the card.

With that option you can pay less during lean months and pay more as the business grows to pay off the balance before the interest raises the price significantly.

Meanwhile... with Creative Cloud, for those same apps you pay 50 dollars a month no matter what or you lose access to the apps. And, well before a year is up you've already paid more (and that's including avg. credit card interest on the Staple's purchase).

Also, if the business fails, the Staple's Design Standard is an asset and can be sold. With Creative Cloud, you have... nothing. You have to factor that in for a VC, by the way.

A business that likes to waste money and take unnecessary risks? No VC money for you.

Also, what is your business going to do when Adobe decides to double the rent and you have to pay up the ransom or lose access to all your hostage apps and (by proxy) your proprietary format files?

And, how long will your business survive when there's an inevitable bug, glitch or hack with the subscription server and all your apps go bye-bye when they phone home and it errantly shows your subscription is invalid? All this right in the middle of a critical project your business depends on for survival?

You don't have to worry about any of that with a perpetual license and if your business is short on cash, you can use a credit card for the purchase.

Creative Cloud only benefits Adobe. Don't be fooled.


@Edac2, I like Quark. Maybe because I started on that and Pagemaker, which I didn't care for.

InDesign still has some Pagemakerisms I don't care for, like the way you place an image.

I use both of them, but often I start new projects in Quark. I find it faster to use. Do we really need new features? I'm not using these programs to do web sites or apps. For page layout they both do what you want them to do. :)

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Version 8.0.1
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Version 7.5.1
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Version 7.0.3
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Version 7.0.3
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Current Version (2014.x)


Downloads 148,333
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Date 18 Jun 2014
Platform Intel 64 / OS X
Price $19.99