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Memory Cleaner lets you work more productively by freeing wasted memory!

Click a single button, and your computer will speed up! Clean memory means faster applications and more efficient work.Memory Cleaner frees wasted memory in your computer and so prevents your applications from slowing down.

You'll be surprised at how much faster your computer is after running Memory Cleaner.

Every time you open a file on your hard drive, your computer uses up some memory. This is usually a good thing, but it can become full of stuff you don't even need anymore... sometimes by more than half! Memory Cleaner gets rid of all more...

What's New

Version 2.2:
  • New menu bar icon.
  • Shows free memory in menu bar (optional).


Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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Memory Cleaner User Discussion

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Bowlerboy_jmb Member IconComment+212

I don't think it is fair to write a review, so I will just toss out a comment for the technically astute to ponder on. I acquired this application in a bundle tonight; I installed it; I licensed it; and it re-started.

It gives me an image featuring a black memory module on a small greenish circuit board, upon which it says that I have 650 MB of free memory. I can click on on an "X" which I suppose would terminate the program, or I can click on the section of the circuit board which says "Clean My Memory."

OK, I'm game. Let's clean my memory. Now I get another window which says:
Important! Please read the following.
Press the (OK) button to clean the memory. For optimal results, don't use any other applications during the cleaning process.
[check-box} Do not show this message again

That's it. That's all of it.

Does it strike anyone that something is missing here? I mean, I am not a programmer, but don't you think I should get a Cancel button, too?

What if I changed my mind? What if I don't want to clean my memory anymore? What if I don't want to quit all the other applications I am in the midst of using? What if I don't want to interrupt my work flow just to gain some more memory? Wouldn't the act of closing those applications automatically free up memory? If so, then what's the damn point of this application?

Now, I don't like an application which gives me a warning message and gives me no other option but to say OK and go ahead to perform the procedure about which it warned not to do without risking unforeseen results? Am I alone in thinking like this?

Here we yet another example of a small utility written by a developer who fails to educate us adequately and ahead of time how his application works and what its potential negative impact can be.

To give such an application even one star would be a gift that is beyond my generosity. Since the developer gives me so little, I have little choice but to respond in kind. I will now Force Quit this app and trash it, along with the other half-baked applications that come in such software bundles to give us the illusion that we are getting a bargain.

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Version 2.2

Well, ain't this a kicker? I cannot even Force Quit this sucker. It does not show up the Force Quit list. I actually must "clean" my memory.

Be assured that, as fast as oil seeps across water, this app is heading into the Trash. What nerve!

Soneé Member IconReview+152

I would have rate this 5 stars but you don't expect to to pay 5.99 for something i can do in terminal

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Version 2.2

So, let's see ...you are rating an app that you did NOT use, because you claim that you can write the code in Terminal. That's a real useful review.

So kind of you to trash someone else's work without even using it, don't you think?

You've already proved that you're rude. So, why don't you write the code here for people who do not have your vaunted skills, so that we can see how smart you are, too. Maybe those people don't know how to save themselves the grand sum of $5.99? Maybe they'd like the convenience of not having to learn Terminal and the commands to do what you say can do. Maybe they don't even like you telling them how to spend their money. Maybe they only want to know if the product offered here works or not, instead of you telling them not to buy it because you don't need it.

Why do people like you get the nerve?

larrybush Member IconReview+0

it shows as if it frees the memory but cud not feel the same.

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Version 2.2
Xplicit Member IconReview+807

Apps like this make your computer slower at best.

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Version 2.0
PorkPieHat Member IconReview+0

PLEASE research this and all other so-called memory-liberating apps before you give a penny to this lying, parasitic developer. NONE of them will do anything even close to freeing your Mac’s memory (a.k.a. RAM, or Random Access Memory). Instead, they only empty the disc cache — which actually SLOWS DOWN YOUR COMPUTER because caches are there to speed it up! But because flushing the cache makes it simply LOOK like more memory is available, scumbags and other evildoers like this scavenger try to use that to get at your money.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Read all the comments here and on the MacUpdate pages of all the other bullsh1t memory-freeing apps listed above in the 'Similar Software’ section, and search Google for more info — there’s a ton of academic and other expert testimony saying that they’re all BS, but there is NOTHING that supports the claims of these wipers of other people’s bottoms.

Oh, and the Fushigi Gravity Ball is a scam too.

Now, I suspect, this (cr)app’s ulcerous developer will join the discussion to assassinate my character for telling you the truth about him….

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Version 2.0
Tommy_Gun Member IconReview+53

Doesnt waste free memory at all. But it is a waste of your money.
Pure crap

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Version 1.3
Blloyd Member IconComment+216

Note everyone that the Purge command does NOT free memory. You could read the man page which specifies what it does:

purge(8) BSD System Manager's Manual purge(8)

purge -- force disk cache to be purged (flushed and emptied)


Purge can be used to approximate initial boot conditions with a cold disk
buffer cache for performance analysis. It does not affect anonymous mem-
ory that has been allocated through malloc, vm_allocate, etc.

sync(8), malloc(3)

It may LOOK in Activity Monitor like it's freeing memory, but it's just purging the disk cache, which for many things will make them SLOWER.

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Version 1.3
Nontroppo Member IconReview+515

This is pure snakeoil. These junk memory optimisers were all the rage on Windows several years ago, and were categorically confirmed as snakeoil by Sysinternals guru Mark Russinovich. The same critique applies to this junk on OS X.

Read the article here: http://www.windowsitpro.com/article/internals-and-architecture/the-memory-optimization-hoax

The author of iFreeMem (another of these "optimisers") once had benchmarks on his site purporting to show the benefits of this snakeoil, and when challenged, had to withdraw them as there is no objective benefit (and indeed forcing purging of inactive RAM is more harmful to VM management).

If you still want your snakeoil, http://members.cox.net/vmtx/purgememory.htm is free...

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Version 1.3
Lvdoc Member IconComment+535

Would this do the same thing?


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Version 1.2

Yes, that program uses the purge command( I wrote the wrapper ). Cost for my wrapper of purge is: FREE


$6 are pretty expensive for just running the "purge" command you simply could type in the terminal yourself... a simple apple script would do the trick for you.


I use Purgememory all the time now - Wicked little app and recovers masses of RAM after quitting Parallels and/or Chrome. It's free, so I can't see the extra value of paying for something to do the same job, unless of course Memory Cleaner does more than that?

Eric-Woehler Member IconComment+417

Would need some more details as to what exactly is being done here. What does the app do? Exactly??
I have iMemoryCleaner which is just $2 - while this is $6. Need to see some more details before I think about buying an app. No details here or on developer's web page, so I hope to see some details posted somewhere....

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Version 1.0

You could use atMonitor (Donationware) or the Purge command to purge memory. I believe you need to have Apple Computer Hardware Understanding Development Tools (CHUD Tools) installed for purge to work.


Apologies - iMemoryCleaner is $1 not $2 as I wrote yesterday.
I have also discovered 'purge' and it seems to do a better job than any app I have tried...

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