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Mail Designer is the perfect app to create customized mail templates and HTML newsletters. With it, you can easily and intuitively create stunning mail designs. Charming invitations, insightful newsletters and irresistible offers - you can choose from a variety of pre-defined templates and fine-tune the designs based on their target groups and ideas. Editable text elements combined with dynamic text and image drop zones offer limitless creative freedom. A slew of intuitive tools and features have been designed to make your mailings pop. Each layout you make is saved as a template and can be sent and used again and again as more...

What's New

Version 2.0.1:
  • The content panel opens faster
  • Fixed a number of crashes and bugs
  • New free design idea 'Meeting' -- ideal for business mails and other correspondence.


OS X 10.7 or later

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from Lemerlot

I just gave Mail Designer a try yesterday… – but deleted it after only one hour playing around with it. Its templates are too cheap looking compared to its high price in my opinion. And when I wanted to add some (IMHO mediocre) business more...

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Version 1.3
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Neil_m Member IconComment+179

Just $9.99 until July 17.

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Version 2.0
Juan Gabriel Member IconReview+0
Juan Gabriel

nice app

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Version 1.3.2
Gitteboy Member IconReview+148

I needed to make a quick custom mail template. Searching for a tool to do this it was remarkable there are not many such tools.
The only that could do what I needed was Mail Designer. Although it is a real pita to use it did the job.
If the developer could improve the GUI, both regarding speed, stability and usability, it could well be worth the asking price. Now it is a plain awful experience and only to be used when no other option is available.

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Version 1.3.2
JanBažant9643 Member IconComment+0

I try activate this app — after creating account and inserting my licence it fail. The licence server is not responding. What i can do?

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Version 1.3
ylluminate Member IconReview+283

BE WARNED: If you buy this in the Holiday Bundle, you get this this piece of trash package without any upgrade path to the PRO version!!!! STEER CLEAR from this garbage.

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Version 1.3

The Pro app is a separate/different app (despite the similar name).

tkahl Member IconReview+1

This app requires full registration with email and address for activation.

Nope, not with me. Once again a company that doesn't understand that they shouldn't treat their paying customers like this.

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Version 1.3
Lemerlot Member IconReview+121

I just gave Mail Designer a try yesterday… – but deleted it after only one hour playing around with it. Its templates are too cheap looking compared to its high price in my opinion. And when I wanted to add some (IMHO mediocre) business templates Equinux even wanted to charge more money.

But its not only about templates and pricing: I would have been happy to pay that high price (maybe even more) for a really sophisticated and reliable mail designing solution (since I haven't found any other promising app solution for the Mac on the market so far) but Mail Designer doesn't even provide what I see as a "must have" design options e.g. rounded corners in boxes.

Provided graphics look cheap, too. Apple showed us with iWork how nice templates and graphics could look if one would invest in professional designers with attention to detail.

After having deleted Mail Designer and its stationary packages yesterday today I was informed, that Mail Designer even made entries in my Mac's PubSub framework and wanted to contact Equinux's servers in the background –

This happened while the Mail Designer software was already DELETED (!). I don't like this kind of (for the users) unnecessary modifications of their systems and hidden "calling home".

I just searched for a solution to design mails with a professional crisp look – but unfortunately finally haven't found it so far.

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Version 1.3

@Lemerlot: "I just searched for a solution to design mails with a professional crisp look – but unfortunately finally haven't found it so far." —

If you find one, please let us know. I have the same need.

MacUpdate Member 57814118f262a355faf256d2d69eb6b0

Try TypeStyler. With very little trouble you can design great looking emails - plus many other art projects. www.typestyler.com/

busybeingborn Member IconReview+15

Utter crap. As long as you don't alter the templates, e-mails arrive OK at least on the Mac OS and iOS platforms. But as soon as you change anything, the get garbled to chaos.

And EVERY Mail Designer mail that arrives on a Windows machine (Outlook) looks the same. HORRIBLE.

Besides, the app is absolutely un-intuitive and un-Mac-like.

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Version 1.2.1

I agree, even half a star is way too much.

As long as you preview the HTML exports in Safari or Mail.app, the templates (even edited ones) seem ok.

But don't dare sending them to an Outlook user. The HTML source code it produces is just convoluted crap.

Instead of stripping and cleaning the HTML the app spits out keep handcoding your HTML email templates instead and save yourself time and frustration.

Cloudy Member IconReview+5

I hoped to get mail designer for the right price and after a long wait it finally happened. I got mail designer for around 30 Euros on thanks to the Black Friday Sale from EQUINUX. For 30 bucks it's a good value even for occasional use.

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Version 1.2
Cerniuk Member IconComment+184

Have to agree. $70 for an app like this is steep. Might be a great app but lets face it, not going to use it more than 2 or 3 times a year. Which makes more sense, buy this app to make a custom form or go hunt one up in a collection of mail stationary.

At $20 yep. At $35, maybe. At $70, I just can't justify.

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Version 1.1.1

Wow, just checked this out. They up-charge for the Apple Store version and they clearly show it is a cut down version. Remember when PC companies used to charge Mac users more for the same app as the PC version? Offended yet?

Equiinix Store - $69.95
Apple Store - $74.99


In theory the MacApp Store brings more sales and the 30 percent back to Apple is easily worth the sales revenue. For example Pixelmator sold $1M in the first 20 days if its sales on the MacApp store.

So which is a better deal, a Photoshop clone app that is faster, edits all graphics formats, has a prettier interface than PhotoShop and does 80% of what Photoshop does for $59 or an app that can build HTML email stationary.

But wait, since Pixelmator's sales went through the roof after being on the MacApp Store, they dropped the price to $29. Pixelmater was a steal at $59 from the Pixelmator web site. Now they only use the Mac App Store and the price is $29.99. Quite the opposite to gouging on price and crippling the software on the App Store...

Some perspective:
Pixelmator - $29.99 (replaces Photoshop at $800)
Pages - $19.99 (superb word processor, replaces MS Word)
Keynote - $19.99 (Powerpoint crusher, replaces easily)
Numbers - $19.99 (replaces MS Excel for 90% of us)
Mac OS X Lion - $29.95
and then there is the $75 Mail Designer

Something tells me that at $9.99 they would make more money on the Mac App Store ;-) if their software was any good...


Whatever. You are looney if you think Pixelmator replaces Photoshop and iWork replaces Office. Maybe it will for consumers, but this is NOT a consumer app. It is targeted towards businesses that want to brand their correspondence. Unless you can code these pieces of software, don't assume that the effort put into an application does not deserve compensation. This is a specialized application, meaning its smaller market will not necessarily support a lower price tag in order to break even or heaven-forbid make a little profit.

If you do the breakdown on what this software does, it will pay for itself in a few emails. If you look at the long term value of software like this, it makes the professional owner money. It also keeps it easy, extensible and supported.

I love how everyone seems to think they know how to run everyone else's business, and unless it is their opinion, everyone else is dead-wrong.

No, I have no vested intrest in Equinux, except tired of seeing businesses get pummeled for trying to make a fair wage. If the price is too much for you, fine. Go somewhere else. Let's see you build nice looking custom emails as fast as this, as reliable as this and as supported as this. This is a business app that has been long overdue. Kudos to the people that made it a reality.


JasonE, if this is not a consumer app then why does it output such terrible html code that makes emails on anything but Mac and iOS look terrible? $70 for this is too much, especially when you can get something like Sandvox for only a little more.

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Version 1.3.2
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Version 1.3.1
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Version 1.3
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Version 1.3
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Terry Veiga
Version 1.2.1
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Current Version (2.x)


Downloads 30,801
Version Downloads 46
Type Internet / Email
License Commercial
Date 23 Jul 2014
Platform OS X / Intel 32
Price $29.99