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WhoPaste can create contacts in Address Book, Daylite, Entourage, or Google Contacts by extracting the name, email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, websites, even instant message handles. WhoPaste supports plain text, rich text, and spreadsheet data clipboard information.

WhoPaste also provides a single hot key for creating a new blank contact. Ever scrambled to jot down a phone number or email address - now just use the hot key to store the data where it should be stored!

On Mac OS X 10.6 just highlight text and use the context menu! On Mac OS X 10.5 use a hot key or the contextual menu plugin.

WhoPaste puts more...

What's New

Version 4.6.3:


  • Daylite: Linked Opportunity for Organizations (optional)


  • continuous progress on extraction and recognition
  • Requirements

    Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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    WhoPaste User Discussion

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    IanM1246 Member IconReview+0

    Does what it says, parses contact details from the clipboard and puts them in Address Book. Needs a little formatting help from time to time but still extremely useful, especially now I know how to move it between computers (labyrinthine copy protection not very user friendly). (SEE BELOW)

    No recent support from Kagi or the developer, unfortunately. Shame

    TO DEREGISTER -REREGISTER: You need your original email from WhoPaste: ......

    You have successfully registered your 1-user license of WhoPaste on your Macmini6,2.

    License: WP3-**********
    Administrator Key: DA48-22*********

    You can move this 1-user license onto a different Macintosh by following these instructions:
    Open the WhoPaste preferences on the your Macmini6,2 and click on the 'License' toolbar item.
    Uncheck the one license which is shown in the list and then click the 'Update' button.
    This will deactivate the license and revert the Macmini6,2 to an evaluation version of WhoPaste.

    After deactivating you can install your 1-user license on any Macintosh you wish.
    To install your license open the WhoPaste preferences, click on the 'Buy' toolbar item, click on the button labelled 'Enter a License Number' and enter the License value shown above.

    Now you might be wondering:
    "What if I no longer have access to the Macmini6,2? Maybe it got stolen or the hard drive failed..."
    No worries, we gotcha covered.
    However, you will need BOTH the License and the Administrator Key shown above -- so keep this email!
    Using any copy of WhoPaste, including evaluation versions, just open the WhoPaste preferences.
    If it is an evaluation version then Click on the 'Buy' toolbar item
    If it is a licensed copy of WhoPaste then click on the 'License' toolbar item
    Then click on the button labelled 'Manage a License'.
    Just enter the License and the Administrator Key shown above.
    Then deactivate the license by unchecking the one license shown and clicking the 'Update' button.

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    Version 4.6.3
    ngc4900 Member IconReview+3

    The software barely works properly. The designer hardly answers questions. He is more interested in software protection and I don't see a Lion version coming. NO IF ANYONE KNOWS OF AN ALTERNATIVE TO WHOPASTE PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I will drop Whopaste faster than drano down my toilet.

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    Version 4.6.3
    Mikejt Member IconReview-1

    I guess I don't see the problems with licensing/moving that others mention below. The original registration email I got included all the information needed to move the license, *even* when the original system was unavailable. Yeah, it was slightly annoying, but only slightly (you have to use the license number and the admin key included in the email to *unregister* first, then register the normal way).

    Anyway, it's a pretty good app, but with some quirkiness where the address book entry is created, but WP gives an obscure error. Could be better, but there isn't anything else like it (that I know about, anyway).

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    Version 4.6.3
    Drfrank Member IconComment+68

    The internal hard drive on my Mac crashed. After purchasing a new Mac, and restoring my apps with Apple's Migration Assistant, WhoPaste not only required reentry of my registation information, it then reported, "The registration did NOT succeed because there are 1 users already registered." That one user is, of course, ME.

    Dozens of Mac apps are working again, exactly as expected, WhoPaste is the only exception. I've attempted to reach Mac-Chi, the developer of WhoPaste, by contact form and email. Thus far, I've had no response.

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    Version 4.6.3

    The developer never responded. Both the activation scheme and app support receive a failing grade. I 've deleted WhoPaste and will no longer recommend this app. FYI, MacScan uses a similar activation scheme, but they responded positively to my email within hours and incremented my allowed activations.


    I was able to get an email out of Mac-Chi, but if all my paid applications pulled this kind of shenanigans, I'd be out of business.

    I'd spend all my time corresponding with developers instead of working. Particularly for this kind of two-bit utility.

    A developer who spends more time on copy protection than on improving his or her app is not the kind of developer with whom I want to be involved.


    I was able to get an email out of Mac-Chi, but if all my paid applications pulled this kind of shenanigans, I'd be out of business.

    I'd spend all my time corresponding with developers instead of working. Particularly for this kind of two-bit utility.

    A developer who spends more time on copy protection than on improving his or her app is not the kind of developer with whom I want to be involved.


    I also am dealing with a similar issue: My Mac is in for repairs and I'm using a clone of my hard drive. Every other app is working as expected and though some have asked me to re-license while using the app on my cloned HD, none have locked me out like WhoPaste. I've also tried writing the developer to no avail. This is the second time I've tried. Another $15 down the drain...


    Well that looks like three influential lost paying customers due to yet another completely overblown licensing scheme. You are a crook, Steve Cronin.


    It seems as though Mr. Cronin has given up on WhoPaste -- his last blog entry was on Sunday, March 7th, 2010.

    That's not only a bummer for those customers like us now left without access to software we've paid for, but for potential new customers as well. While it had issues that never did get addressed by the developer, WhoPaste was off to a good start.

    Sometimes supporting small developers pays off -- in fact most of the time I've found it does. In this case, however, not so much...


    More time spent locking paying customers out of the application than in coding and marketing. Pathetic show.

    Steve Cronin lists yoga and peace as some of his hobbies on his twitter page. Not very compatible with lockout software which stiffs paying customers.


    Lesson learned a year ago: I deleted WhoPaste and I won't be buying software from Steve Cronin aka Mac-Chi in the future.

    Problem: A ridiculous licensing scheme and reprehensible support.

    Uncoy Member IconReview+195

    Avoid WhoPaste like the plague. For some reason the developer is much more concerned with piracy than writing a working application.

    First, you as the user of WhoPaste are obliged to delicense this two-bit utility when you move to a new computer. Personally, I carry a startup disk between three or four Macs in different locations. Ergo, the software is not usable. Not unless I want to become a full admin for Mac-Chi.

    Any utility software which requires delicensing when you move to a new computer is putting the developer's comfort above that of his paying customers. A business which is run for the benefit of the developer and not the customers is not a business with which I want anything to do. Can you imagine if all two hundred software programs and utilities on your computer required this much maintenance. Linux and FOSS here I come. Fortunately many shareware developers are a lot less short sighted than this guy, including Apple itself.

    Not only that but the author is a rip-off artist as he will neither finally fix my licensing issue nor refund my money.

    As for the software itself, it is next to useless on anything except North American addresses in standard format. The configuration menus scroll over five pages. If you have unlimited time to fiddle around getting WhoPaste to work on your data, it might be useful. But if it works on one set of your data, it won't work on another set.

    I.e. this software steals a lot more time than it saves. For the five hours spent fighting with configuration and licensing, I've saved five or ten minutes of manual input into Address Book.

    Here's a tip for more efficient work. Just copy all the data for your new contact. Switch to Address Book, command-n for a new contact, paste all the data into the notes field and then move the necessary details into telephone and last name and company fields. 100% reliable and free.

    Stay far, far away.

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    Version 4.6.3

    Hey uncoy,

    while I can honestly understand your frustration expressed here the situation you were applying (carrying a startup disk inbetween four macs) is hardly to be described as standard. Since this unusual way of handling your data caused about 95% of the hassle I think the rating is a littlebit tough...


    Sorry Mathias, I can't agree. Software developers should be concerned with helping paid users and not making their lives more difficult.

    My alternative workflow will save almost anyone more time than hassling with WhoPaste.



    Thanks for the reply- I am right now in the assessment phase... currently I can't but agree that outside of the US (say, germany ;-)...) whopaste does a little better than mediocre job importing the address of that particular web site /email attachment- still, it saves me the opening up and filling in of the name... but I also agree that it tries to solve the unsolvable (previous ratings)- for that it is kinda neat, you might agree... after all this is a (afaik) sole approach to tackle the whole task, or could you recommend sth I should compare it to (other than blunt c/p to adress book)? Don't mistake this as offensive, I am really trying to find sth to get this job done smooth on a Mac- and I'd pay for it ;-)...


    WhoPaste is a great idea but a mediocre and overly complicated execution. The activation issues and lousy email support are the icing on the cake. The developer told me to fly a kite when I asked for a refund.

    WhoPaste is to be actively avoided. In the meantime, the block paste into the notes field of a new contact (you can create it with a right click in email) with subsequent copy and paste into important fields gets the job done much faster than attempting to fully automate it.

    Adonsa Member IconComment+74


    I tried the demo using this simple, unremarkable, entry to the clipboard: Name, address, phone, email, remarks.

    Jane Q. Doe
    2113 Kaahumanu St.
    Aiea, HI 88108-4443
    Jane just got divorced

    Whopaste made the following errors:

    Categorized the entry as "Work"
    Categorized the phone as mobile
    It placed the city, state and zip code in a blank titled "2"
    It placed the first 2 remarks words as city
    It placed the second 2 remarks words as state

    In light of the above errors, why should I buy the product?

    I'll withhold the 1-star rating. Maybe there is a trick to getting it to work properly. Oh well.

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    Version 4.5.1

    Just for fun I tried your example. The solution for my was NOT to copy "Jane just got divorced" since there's no field for notes. I would not expect to add notes to contacts via WhoPaste, but rather to add them manually to my contacts. Who would have "I just got divorced" or "My birthday is April 11" or "My son's name is Reginald" as part of their signature? :-)

    Without "Jane Doe just got divorced" WhoPaste only had one mistake. The phone number is indeed added as a Mobile phone. The solution -which took less than a second- was to drag it to the Phone field.
    Another solution may be to set it up via the application's Preferences. I think you'll find it under Defaults > Policies.

    For me, in this example even if I have to manually drag the phone information the result was that I saved time and got results with minimal effort.

    I hope this helps.


    Actually Adonsa my own experience was remarkably similar.

    Five hours fiddling to save five or ten minutes total.

    Make work ware. See my full review above.

    Corpjester Member IconReview+18

    WhoPaste is extremely promising, and given how stunningly responsive the developer is at support, I can heartily recommend you try it out. At the rate the updates are coming, it's going to be a great little gem app, and one I won't be able to live without. It's especially useful for getting contact forms (form mail) into various database apps, like Address Book and Daylite. I'm a WhoPaster, how about you? (I have no affiliation with the company. I just like it when the developer gives me almost same-day replies to support issues)

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    Version 4.0.1
    Lectrohowie Member IconReview+13

    OK - it's not perfect. But in light of what it's attempting it's nothing short of amazing. A tremendously useful helper in getting data into Addressbook and in my case - Daylite, from emails and web pages. Thanks for making this a great utility!

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    Version 3.3.0
    macsolu Member IconComment+163

    Confused as to why there has been several flip-flops on the name of this app -- previous version was called WhoPaste and now the name has again reverted back to WhoPaste Manager.


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    Version 3.0.3
    nicksloan Member IconReview+81

    WhoPaste attempts the impossible, and largely succeeds. It aspires to take any text from the clipboard, analyse it, identify any name/address/phone data, allocate that to the relevant fields and create a record in the Address Book database. (or Entourage/Google)

    The klunkiness of Address Book's own editing interface, and the global availability of WhoPaste makes this an extremely useful trick, but it's a tall order: parsing relatively predictable US addresses is one thing, making sense of very variable UK data is quite another. Yet over recent versions WP has leaped ahead in it's fine-tuneability, and the ease with which data can be edited in the WP dialog before being sent off to Address Book.

    WhoPaste is not perfect, and by its nature it probably never can be, though it is improving all the time. It could certainly do with some documentation on the far-from-simple preferences, but it is a very effective tool which I shall be keeping in my menu bar.

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    Version 3.0.2
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