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ProtectMac AntiVirus is the next generation security product for OS X, designed to keep you safe from viruses and spyware.

ProtectMac AntiVirus allows you to scan any area of your Mac or network for both Mac and non-Mac malware. The user-friendly, graphical interface enables you to perform user scans, set up scheduled scans to run in the background, monitor status information and manage any threats that are discovered.

ProtectMac AntiVirus automatically checks for updates daily, downloading new threat identities and product updates and installing them without user intervention or the need to restart your Mac. more...

What's New

Version 1.4:
  • Compatibility with OS X 10.9 Mavericks


OS X 10.4.7 or later

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ProtectMac AntiVirus User Discussion

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FlyingKiwiNZ Member IconReview+1

No AV scanner can find unknown trojans on Mac and for the known trojans Apples Xprotect inside OSX is the best protection. No viruses on mac, only trojans! If you want a scanner for Windows files on Mac ClamXav(free) is enough and it needs less recources! All the other AV software is to make money for the companies and waste money for the users!

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Version 1.3.4

So what because of this you need to give a great product the lowest possible rating? remind me to do that to you if you ever release a product.

I happen to know that the developer is an outstanding person who works very hard on this. I had a problem with my machine being very slow with it when browsing itunes apps and my audio components, and if i disabled those folders from scanning even a manual scan would skip them. I think this is a design flaw and one should be able to disable folders from on line scanning but should still be able to scan them offline. I relayed my thoughts to the developer and this was well over a year ago.. i had owned the product for over three months and HE offered me a refund as he didn't know why it was happening in my case, i never asked for a refund.. I mean come on who does that? That's just pure kindness. I tested it again a couple months back and things were better but it still slowed the system on scan where there were folders with alot of files too much.. but sophos and the others also do this.. this is a 7200 rpm 750gb macbook pro, and i think with an SSD it wouldn't be an issue.

Now the good side is is that the product is VERY stable, as in not one single crash ever caused from it, the update servers were always fast, and it was very easy and pleasant to use. If he improved the speed a bit i would buy it again for peace of mind simply because out of all that i have tried this is overall my favourite.

My big feature requests would be to be able to QUIT the program entirely, i am not aware of any anti virus on mac that allows one to do that.. on windows there are a few that do. On mac we can only disable on demand scanning but i work in a resource critical audio environment and when i am not online i want the anti virus program not even loaded at all. He also has an option in the menu bar to disable and enable on demand scanning which many of them don't. Compared to intego, with it'sfancy graphics and horrible stability, this is lighter on the wallet, has excellent support and does NOT CAUSE kernel panics. I will never forget the horrible support i received from them, with a beautifully stable mac that passed all hardware tests, and all i did was install intego and i got kernel panics and system crashes. it was a nightmare, and they would not refund, and in this case i really wanted a refund! I will never send another cent their way after the damage they caused, but let's not put nice indi devs in the same class thanks. That was really mean to give this half a star. Whether macs are harder to catch viruses or not, the fact is the product does as advertised, and STOPS them if they ARE about and certainly in realtime, stops windows ones from being passed on to others. If it didn't work or was unstable, fair enough, but to judge a program on the fact you believe is unnecessary, is very unprofessional. You should judge it on the quality of what it does i.e whether it does what it says it does.

amir6020 Member IconReview+2

it's working very well on my mac
thank you so much & i wish you succes

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Version 1.2.1
Dejmac Member IconReview+62

After downloading (on my MacBook Pro with Mac OS 10.6.8), I run its installation process...
In ProtectMac "Important information" I read: "Ensure that all other antivirus products have been completely removed from your computer before proceeding."!?...
I didn't believe my own eyes what developers have written! Nevertheless, I started installation process.
Immediately I got a message: "ProtectMac AntiVirus can’t be installed on this computer. Intego VirusBarrier is installed and is not compatible with this software."!?...
I didn't believe my own eyes what developers have written again!
I downloaded this software from their web site using button where it is written: "Download ProtectMac AntiVirus and try it for free for 30 days."!
Well, it sounds very odd - in order just to try their antivirus software one has to completely remove other antivirus software (which was paid and is in use already).
I have no idea if ProtectMac AntiVirus is good, less good, or fantastic in comparison with other antivirus software (in this case - Intego), until I try it.
With such "catch 22" developers words "... try it for free for 30 days..." are mission impossible. I will never give up on any of my antivirus software working successfully on my computer, in order just to try some unknown software...
Thank you very much...

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Version 1.2.1

That's standard operating procedure for all "active scanning" anti-virus software. I don't have that much experience with Mac anti-virus apps, however I can tell you in Windows having multiple anti-virus programs running simultaneously usually spells disaster. Basically both programs will think the other is a virus and start attacking each other rendering machines unusable until one is removed. I've had computers take nearly ten minutes just to boot as for example Symantec and McAfee (both notorious for this) fought each other for control of the system.


Thresher is right. This is normal for AV software. You don't have to *uninstall* your current software if you want to try out this package. You just need to disable your current software's active protection background process (look in your software's preferences) and not try to run a manual scan with your current software while this new package is running.

sdreier Member IconReview+0

This does the job.
Got a bacdoor trojan on my WP blog.
Scanned it with :
Norton AV 12 beta
Did not detect it.

Protectmac did.

So it does the job, and it was not a false positive.

I´m in

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Version 1.2

Please tell us more about the 'backdoor trojan'
Specifically, was it a Mac or WIndows trojan?

Tom46 Member IconReview+28

Easy to use and seems to be very unobtrusive in the background. Haven't tried a full scan yet, but so far I'm very happy with it..

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Version 1.1.5
Graham Perrin Member IconReview+15
Graham Perrin

Of the products that I am testing on Mac OS X 10.6.4:

* ClamXav and ClamXav Sentry
* Kaspersky Anti-Virus
* ProtectMacAntiVirus
* Sophos Anti-Virus
* VIPRE Enterprise

- ProtectMacAntiVirus 1.1.3 is probably the easiest to use, the most Mac-like.

Re: the building blocks, reliable information about the effectiveness of the 'Threat Data Module' is not easy to find, so for this particular review I have to give only 2/5 for value.

At http://markallan.co.uk/BB/viewtopic.php?t=2020 we might gain clarification (from ProtectMac Ltd.) about key differences between ClamXav and ProtectMac AntiVirus.

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Version 1.1.3
Graham Perrin

building blocks visualised at http://www.protectmac.com/antivirus/blocks.html

Graham Perrin

At http://www.protectmac.com/antivirus/

> intercepting … any … email attachment that is extracted

Implicit in that sentence:

* e-mail messages are not scanned.

That's not a criticism of the software - it does what it says on the box - but at http://www.protectmac.com/support/faq.html or http://www.protectmac.com/antivirus/features.html it could be clearer that only extracted attachments (not the messages from which extraction is made) are scanned.

Pirx Member IconComment+208

The keyword is compliance. If you work in the corporate world with a computer, no matter what make it is and what operating system it runs, your business partners may request you to run AV, no matter if you yourself are affected or not. Noncompliance = no business. Plain, straight, as simple as that.

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Version 1.1.1
Mrglsmrc Member IconComment+76

unix based snow leopard machines are very secure. there is no justification for running antivirus software on them or spending fifty bucks to do so.
even clanAV which is free and available for the mac is unnecessary because most if not all clamAV virus definitions are for windows machines.
for the commenter who said he 'found something' with this application, i am not surprised you got a false positive because antivirus software which doesn't convince you of a non-existent threat won't sell.

there is however a definite need for windows based AV software for macusers running bootcamp. that's because your windows disk partition is NOT safe viruses like the mac partition is.

there are many useful ways to protect a mac that doesn't involve virus software. you should regularly eliminate tracking cookies. you should perform backups of your system startup disk. you should use passwords for merchants with strong encryption and these should be stored in a password protected database. you should not accept malware plugins to your browser from unknown sources.

all of these actions are more important than AV software that costs fifty bucks. unfortunately all of these actions require using your brain and while most people have fifty bucks to throw at imaginary problems, few of us really have the time to think and solve our own problems. that's a pity.

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Version 1.1.1

to those who have added a sad face to my remark without a comment:
i have visited the developers website to research his application.
on his site there are zero examples of viruses which can attack a snow leopard mac.
i repeat :zero examples!

in fairness the developer offers numerous example of trojan malware that was installed from bit torrents in the guise of running serial number key crackers.

i will not use this as an opportunity to moralize. but i will speculate that attempting to monetize your software by selling only to software thieves is a poor long term strategy.


I think you miss the point of AV on a Mac (or Linux, BSD etc for that matter). The fact that there are no viruses for Macs is immaterial. What matters is that Macs are perfectly able to receive Windows viruses (via email attachment say, or USV stick), and that they therefore are able to *pass these on* to Windows users in exactly the same way.

It is therefore very good practice to scan for viruses on non-Windows platforms. If you were to pass on a Windows virus to a Windows user, at best it would be embarassing, at worst you could seriously compromise a business relationship.

Personally I run iAntivirus (always on) and MacScan (monthly scans) to scan for any Mac malware, and ClamXAV to scan for Windows viruses whenever I receive third party files.


I made a typo in the above comment: "USV" should of course read "USB".


thank you for explaining your point of view. i did not 'miss the point.' I simply disagree with you.
and in as much as the developer uses the word 'antivirus' in the title of his program it begs the question whether he does too.
my mail server screens for spam and incoming viruses as part of my service fees. it is the responsibility of windows users to protect their own machines whether or not they are my friends. i take reasonable precautions and so do they. if you are so worried about the security of your friends machines then perhaps you should send them a check directly for fifty dollars to protect themselves instead of wasting it on a antivirus program for the mac.
best regards

Donkey'S Butt

If you want a Mac-targeting computer virus, I can tell you where you can get infected. Some keywords are endcodec, cernel, hqcodecvip... Another reliable source for Mac-targeting viruses is a series of fake PornTube websites controlled by international cyber idiots. I used to make Internet security videos and uploaded to YouTube. I don't waste my time this way any more.


@Donkey's_B Thanks for writing. I will look into those keywords you mention. regarding porn videos, it is well known that adobe flash has a lot of holes in it. some of these have been fixed since the tines you were taking about. I will gladly stipulate that a hacker can pwn a mac using certain buffer overflow tricks like the kind you allude to in porn flash videos. I will also allow that crooks can mod your dns lookup server so you can be phished at cloned sites.
but i do not see any causal link between these kind of economic problems and the transmission of virus through email etc. perhaps you don't se your remarks in the context of malware and 'social engineering' (that's a euphemism for scams) instead of virus protection but i do.

there are more risks from commercially available keyboard loggers installed by one's employer, girlfriend etc. than the kind of stuff you are fear-mongering.
warm regards



Thank you in turn for replying. I apologise if I offended you with the 'miss the point' comment; it was not meant as a barb, just I really did think that you had. I stand corrected.

I do agree that Windows users have a responsibility to install and update anti-virus/anti-malware tools on their machines. And as a matter of fact, all of my family and pretty much all of my friends as far as I know do so. Including my own Windows machines.

However, when you work with as many clients as I do and exchange files via email (safest as you say as providers will scan for you usually), CD/DVD, USB stick, even the odd floppy disk , the risk of a virus or other nasty being passed onto you is actually quite high, especially if the clients in question are perhaps not particularly assiduous in their PC health or simply not tech-savvy enough. I really can't afford to go around and instruct them all on how to run their IT security, tbh, much as I'd like to sometimes. So for me, and for many other Mac owners whom I know, the running of up to date AV software on the Mac is a must.

I appreciate that for you this may not be so.

And whether Windows or Mac (or other OS), I see no need to pay for an AV package when there are very good free ones available (although I have donated to ClamXAV as a thankyou to the author for his efforts)

Sonelta Member IconReview+2

I know lots of people have posted comments about this being a rip off, and lets all use CLAMAV etc etc. Perhaps those who think that can provide a more detailed "Review" of this product and compare it fully with opposing applications so that people like me can make more informed choices from reviews and comments that are helpful.
My personal opinion is that this was easy to use and during the trial it detected a virus that Virusbarrier had not. So it may have been a Windows but since I value my friendships and communication I was that I avoided passing this on to PC users. I dealt with the problem effeciently. I like the user layout and it is easy to configure to how I want it to work with scheduled scanning and option to choose with folder/files to scan should I wish to limit it. Compared to Integos virusbarrier I would rather have this one. CLAMAV may be free but I find it out dated and not very configurable. I am however, reluctant to pay the price that is being asked for but since there are not as many options for MAC I guess we can expect higher prices.

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Version 1.0.6
creepster Member IconComment+24

For those worried about Mac malware, read this.


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Version 1.0.6
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