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OmniFocus helps you manage your tasks the way that you want, freeing you to focus your attention on the things that matter to you most. Finish that novel. Spend more time with your friends and family. Grow your business. Let us worry about keeping your goals and tasks, both personal and professional, in one ordered, easy to access system that you can depend on.

OmniFocus comes in two feature levels: Standard, available for $39.99; and Pro, available for $79.99.

What's New

Version 2.0.1:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Send to Inbox service did not work correctly in Standard when clipping from Mail, Safari, OmniWeb, Chrome, or Finder.
  • The note in the Inspector is now editable for sidebar selections.
  • Fixed a hang when replacing the server database if OmniFocus needed to prompt for your sync credentials.
  • Fixed a potential more...


  • OS X 10.9.2 or later

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from Stormchild

Quite frankly, OF2 is a turd. Instead of addressing the many workflow problems that make OF a chore to use, all they've really done is a makeover, and unfortunately it's mostly for the worse. Everything is spaced out way too much, and the more...

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Version 2.0
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A Wedlake Member IconReview+21
A Wedlake

A solid application, if it was released two years ago. There are now a LOT of alternatives out there, and a lot of them have more compelling feature set. Just take a look at Todist, OrganizePro, Pagico, Wunderlist, etc

My biggest gripe is probably it's cross-platform support. This is an application build solidly and primarily for the desktop in mind. It's comfortably self-contained (and maybe that's an asset for some).
Yes it "does" sync, and it does have mobile apps too (I've used both). But sync in OmniFocus 2 world still relies on clicking buttons, or watching the sync buttons spin. Occasionally (because it's happened to me), OF/OF2 will get confused if you migrate from your desktop to your mobile device before it's finished syncing. You'll then have to make a "version" choice (override server or device). This is OLD school sync issues, and not modern Cloud based thinking.

Yes, it's a pretty desktop application to work in, and it gets the job done. It documents projects in a nested format reasonably well.

But task/project tracking requirements and needs have moved on.

Improvement requests: Improved visual timeline options for projects. Collaboration tools (hey maybe in the "pro" version one day?), improved output (like printing, or emailing projects to people), updated modern cloud sync with no conflict sync errors between devices. More visual options to tighten up the UI. Wow is there a lot of wasted open space).

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Version 2.0.1
Stormchild Member IconReview+383

Quite frankly, OF2 is a turd. Instead of addressing the many workflow problems that make OF a chore to use, all they've really done is a makeover, and unfortunately it's mostly for the worse. Everything is spaced out way too much, and the style settings are completely removed, so you can't do a damn thing about it. The window no longer fits on one half of my 13" Air display (OmniOutliner uses the other half, and I've used them that way for years), and I now see less than half as many tasks as I did before.

In short, there's no way I can use this crippled, superficial makeover, nor can I recommend it to anyone.

Swing and a miss.

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Version 2.0



"Turd" is another word for fecal matter, and more acceptable to use on places like MacUpdate since it's not as obscene as the "S word".

Note that unlike the "S-word," which may refer to any amount of feces, "turd" refers only to a single nugget of poop. Thus it is utterly worthless, unlike a vast load of poop which has the redeeming value of being good fertilizer.

Kihoalu Member IconReview+112

I bought the new version. Right now you get a free upgrade to the Pro version as a repeat user!!!?

Good improvements for the largest part. The new interface is pretty good & convenient.

There are a few improvements, I’d still like to see - a dark background would be nice. Some of the highlighting goes from unobtrusive, to a little too light.

OmniFocus is a stress reducer & easy entry - has nearly as many complex options as you could want to add, whether up front, or in subsequent processing. Its at your fingertips.

Definitely worth a robust test drive of the demo to see if it makes your life easier. I think if you give a proper try, you will find it hard to pass up.

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Version 2.0
Xplicit Member IconComment+804

OmniFocus v1 was released on January 8, 2008 for $79 and has been on duty for 6 years and 4 months now. This means you paid per year the following amount:
• 6 years used: $13.17
• 5 years used: $15.80
• 4 years used: $19.75
• 3 years used: $26.34
• 2 years used (on sale for $39): $19.50
• 1 year used: free upgrade to OmniFocus v2

Am I the only one to think OmniFocus isn't really overpriced?

PS: Please don't forget, you get what you for.

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Version 2.0

SPOT ON... :p


Yup, totally agree with you. Unfortunately lots of people don't see all the free updates they get when they make their purchase. One thing I would add to your pricing, however, is the cost of the mobile versions. If you bought OF for Mac, iPhone, and iPad there would be a bit of an increase to your prices. I doubt that are very many people who only buy the desktop version.

Cocoanut Member IconReview+209

No alerts? What's the point of a task management system that doesn't offer alerts as a feature? Especially one which costs $80!!!

It's a beautiful app, no doubt, but it's remarkably expensive even with an alert system and without, well....you figure it out.

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Version 2.0

Maybe this helps: go to OmniFocus>Preferences>Notifications and there your can choose if you want to get a reminder if a task is due, or due soon (what "due soon" means you can define at OmniFocus>Preferences>Notifications). These reminders can be Dock icon badges or notifications: at >System Preferences>Notifications you can choose if you want OmniFocus to alert you with banners, alerts, notifications in Notification Center (and how many recent items), if it should play a sound for the notifications, etc. Also, at OmniFocus>Preferences>Notifications you can publish due items as calendar alarms. And well, of course you can get alerted by your iPhone as well (via OmniFocus 2 for iPhone)

Gryphonent Member IconReview+444

After half a decade we’ve eventually OmniFocus 2!!! But what a crippled update it is. While the layout looks nicer and more organised, the standard version does not allow for any perspective view. You got to upgrade to the $40 more expensive “Pro” version at $80 to get what you’re used to from version 1, i.e. soon due activities, remaining activities and the like. Is it worth $40 more? Definitely not… but without soon due or available the app is cumbersome to handle. Caveat Emptor!

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Version 2.0
Monkeyjunkey Member IconComment+1407

Finally, after an insanely long wait, OmniFocus 2 is here:

Pls update this listing accordingly.

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Version 1.10.6
Libertyforall1776 Member IconComment+1130

Great app, but WAY overpriced!

Try iProcrastinate for a great free app...

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Version 1.10.6

I use several - probably too many apps like this.
OmniFocus is pricey, but if you REALLY use it - is pretty darn nice.

For solid management - OmniFocus is great. Its a legitimate & useful office application & when the next version hits the street - should be stellar.

I’ve bounced around on both sides of the fence when it comes to OmniFocus.

At entry level management, it feels overpriced, as do many apps until you learn them & discover whether you can depend on them to actually manage your muddle.

At the end of the day - its worth an intensive trial, to see if you have a robust enough workflow to use it.

iProcrastinate is a very good app for people around the house.
Just not as office-ready as OmniFocus.

lemon-kun Member IconReview+254

Well this is a great app… Just a comment, after reading the discussion here about OmniFocus and alternatives, regarding "learning curve", "complicated", etc. etc. etc. – not everybody needs an app like OmniFocus. If you do only errands and your "projects" are things like buying Christmas presents or cleaning up the attic, then OmniFocus probably feels bloated to you and it really is a waste of time and money and you should get another, simpler app.

However, if you work as a freelancer, in the creative business, as a scientist – then you've probably made the experience that sometimes one has to neglect errands to focus on large projects (focussing is about saying "no", a wise man said). The usual to-do-apps are potentially dangerous, because they are especially good at errands, and this can lead to procrastination – instead of working on the "big" project, one does just some errands, goes through the to-do-list and has the feeling of "wow, I am productive!", while actually, one isn't touching the really important, harder (because more complicated) work.

For managing multiple larger projects OmniFocus proved immensely helpful to me. The key is to split up the projects into smaller tasks, sub-tasks, sub-sub-tasks, because these are easier to approach – this way you don't lose oversight nor run danger of getting blockades (and going back to your to-do-list-procrastination-routine). OmniFocus allows for a maximum of flexibility for splitting up tasks, and offers a clean view with its "outline-like"-layout. The limitation of being able to add only one context is actually a very good thing: if you have more than one context, most probably you should split up your task into sub-tasks.

Now some may think it is a waste to spend that much time planing tasks. But for me this helps to decide what tasks are most important and which I can do later (=never). Usually it's the errands that allow for being late or even simply not doing them (well, not a good strategy for paying your taxes of course). Having oversight over your tasks helps freeing up blockades – only that makes research/inventive work possible.

For my needs, OmniFocus really isn't too complicated or bloated. Actually quite the opposite, it's cleanly designed and if anything, it could offer some more features (more options for perspective building)… And well, yes, one has to mention it: OmniFocus never crashes, you never lose data, it's just rock stable.

Version 2 is scheduled for end of this month, by the way…

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Version 1.10.4

Clearly, you've become a power user.
I can't say that I have. I agree about "errand-driven" organization.

GTD & organization is a tough area to compete in. Generally people who need organizers may not be good maintainers & if one doesn't dive in seriously up front, defeat themselves.

The product is useful, but it needs a substantial facelift. A few of its competitors do have the symbology down better - insofar as they divide the functions with strong icons that keep the task divisions clear & directed.

Its an interesting tool & I own it & like it. It is robust.
You don't want to dumb down tasks to suit a tool, but you don't want the feeling that you must unclutter your organizer.

What it also needs is a lot more information about how best to utilize the tool for people who aren't that intense. I'm hoping for some grand improvements in the next cut, if the upgrade price is not prohibitive.

I wouldn't drop $80 for it, however.

MadEye29 Member IconComment+29

I wrote an earlier review which I stand by. BTW @Mathias-Rhein, I found your comments personally insulting.

I have been waiting for OF 2 to see if anything has improved, but it is still in the works.

In the meantime, I found an alternative that isn't even listed on Macupdate yet: 2do (2doapp.com - I am not affiliated). It has a Mac and an iOS version, syncs for free using iCloud, Dropbox or any WebDAV server you like, and is both powerful and easy to use. It doesn't have all of OF's features, but it also doesn't have the bloat and confusion. Bye-bye OF. BTW, it's half the price of OF.

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Version 1.10.4

I have been an Omni Focus user for a long while. I struggled through the learning curve and came to find OF an amazing app although sometimes a little cumbersome and never intuitive. The more you understand the GTD processes the easier it is to understand OF.

Then I tried 2do.app. It is downright easy and intuitive to use, the UI is pleasant, the learning curve is non existent and you do not need to understand or care about GTD principles. It integrates well with the Calendar app and notifications, etc.

Initially they only had a IOS app but they recently released a desktop version. Sync just works with options and always has. However the desktop app is nowhere near as strong as OF's desks top app. Remember OF was built on the GTD principles and take that seriously. It's the type of program suitable for people who rely on it to earn a living and I do not mean assistance in remembering trash day or to pick up the kids or whens your next meeting and what to bring like most of use use these apps. I've already paid $$$ to get OF as we'll as investing the time to learn OF and if the update brings a more usable interface (and the price is right) I would for sure try it. But my observations of 2do are in line with yours just not as condemning of OF as they pioneered this kind of app and there may not have been a good 2do app without the prior work done by the Omni group!

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Version 2.0.1
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Version 2.0
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Mark Burgess
Version 2.0
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Version 1.10.6
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Version 1.10.3
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