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Librarian Pro helps you manage your collection of books, magazines, games, CDs, software titles, and movies. It helps you inventory and retrieve information quickly.

Organize items into smart collections, add them to the in-program Amazon shopping cart, mark them as lent out to friends, and even export for the Web or your iPod! Librarian Pro also supports importing from other cataloging applications like Delicious Library and DVDpedia.

Search for items in-program on Amazon by author, artist, title, and keyword. Details will automatically fill into new items - including product images! Additionally, up to five more...

What's New

Version 3.0.9:
  • Modification: Dramatic enhancements to the web cam barcode scanner.
  • Bug Fix: Selection rect for borrower icons in Gallery mode.
  • Bug Fix: Shows warning when hiding a static/special smart collection.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed double contextual menu separators from showing twice in a row when clicking the cog in the main window when having the Borrowers collection more...


OS X 10.7 or later

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from Bowlerboy_jmb

In general, I think it is cool that there are some database programs that one can use to obtain, to store, and to index information about media collections, like videos. I like the ability to download useful data on a video, or a book, fif it would more...

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Version 3.0.4
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Macern Member IconReview+4

Bought Librarian Pro when it was on promo here back in 2010.

Now it will not registered any longer, and Koingo "claims" that MacUpdate have hacked their customer registration database??

So if you have bought any Koingo software through MacUpdate, don't expect the registration to work for long.

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Version 3.0.4

To state the obvious: MacUpdate has never hacked Koingo Software (or anyone else). This is another false claim Koingo has purported.

Bowlerboy_jmb Member IconReview+210

In general, I think it is cool that there are some database programs that one can use to obtain, to store, and to index information about media collections, like videos. I like the ability to download useful data on a video, or a book, fif it would make my life easier than tracking my media in the FileMaker databases I had created for such a purpose.

So, I am in the process of assessing such database programs in order to settle on one that suits my needs. Below are notes to myself, as I ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of these programs. Right now, the flaws stand out in my mind, so use my opinions and my venting at your own convenience, or not.

These notes concern Booxer as compared to Librarian Pro, which I am considering replacing by something more customer friendly for the reasons indicated below.

Booxer design flaws and first impressions

> No Serial Number field:
Where is the field for entering a Serial Number? How is it possible that this designer does not include a Serial Number field by default? Does he think that people sort their video collections by Title? How dumb can you get?

> Custom data field
Is there even a way to add a custom field? I don't see any. Another oversight. When will designers think in terms of what a customer wants, instead of what the designer wants?

> Font size is abyssmally small.
This designer set 11 point as the default font size for displaying text. Does he think that his software should run only on ancient Macs with their tiny screens? Has he not heard that people use large displays? Does he not realize that people want the option to set the font size to suit themselves, rather than use a magnifying glass just to read the damn data? Another self-centered software designer who fails to think about design from the customer's viewpoint. How is it possible that such people can learn how to program a Mac but they cannot relate to the needs of the people to whom they are trying to sell their product? It's so frustrating to see such simple, self-destructive mistakes in design. After all, if you can bump up the font size in Apple Mail and in Safari and in online Help and in other applications, why can't programmers allow us the option to adjust the text size bigger or smaller within their applications, too? Or, if such a function is beyond their skills or the capability of the operating system, then I think it behooves them to present a layout that is acceptably legible and big enough to be read without discomfort, instead of presenting us with small window layouts stuffed with tiny fonts! Do they think it costs more to give us fonts in 14 point instead of 11 point?

> Inadequate Search capability
Koingo's Librarian Pro also suffers from that same inability to let customers adjust the font sizes to something more comfortable to their reading pleasure, and their developer adamantly refuses to deal with fixing the problem. When I suggested doing that, I got embroiled in a series of emails with tech supporter/owner that ended with him saying that Koingo no longer supported version 2, even though I had specified in the very first feature request that I was using version. Foolish, rude man. All he did was waste my time and sidestep the whole point of the feedback. Despite that poor attitude, at least Librarian Pro has a search feature in which you can type in a title and the software performs the search at Amazon.com. As far as I can tell, Booxer can't even do that. That's a deal breaker for me. Am I supposed to know the esoteric UPC number, or the ASIN number, apparently by consulting the packaging or by looking it up online? I find that a designer who tasks the customer to do the work that the software can is rather puniutive, while subjecting me to a time-wasting nusiance. Customers want software to do the work for us in order to save us time, not to make us work harder. So, again, Booxer is flawed with this additonal unfriendly feature.

> Poor Use of Screen Real Estate (i.e, Wasted Screen Space)
Librarian Pro's developers are horribly guilty on two counts: not only do they make their fonts too tiny, but they also waste 75% of the screen showing nothing but white space. Booxer's developer uses small font in a small window, so he is equally guilty in not using the entire display which is at his disposal. Mac designers like these have a 200-mph Lamboughini car in the driveway, but all they use it for is to drive around a circle hoping not to bump in the curb.

> Interface and Layout Design
While I like the record layout in Booxer better than Librarian Pro, for at least the Booxer developer shows enough common sense to lay out all the pertinent fields in one screen load. Librarian Pro's developers has taken the approach that screen real estate is meant to be wasted, because all they do is list the fields of data in rows one under the other at the left side of their layout, leaving the remaining 75% absoulutely blank. Either they did that because Koingo's developers take long vacations, or they are just too busy to take the time to actually layout a screen in which the data is cleanly presented in one screen load, or they have no graphic designers on board who passed Graphic Design 101.

> Multiple clicks approach is like digging for coal in a mine
To make things worse, Librarian Pro presents the data in a record in stages: if you click on an individual record in a list of videos, you get an "in-depth" layout consisting of six separate side-window "tabs" that you have to click on to get specific information, like Basics, Details, Reviews, Ownership, Borrowing, and Additonal. Why the serial number field has to be buried on the "Additional" screen is a mystery to me, for I find it really irritating to have to go through so many mouse-clicks to get to the field where I want to enter a serial number that I use for physically filing and retrieving the disc, when desired.

> Good news for obsessives and pack rats
Obsessive collectors leaning towards the anal rententive end of the scale may reallly like having 68 different fields into which they can stuff data, but all I really want is to able to index a video by title and by serial number so that I can find it when I want it. Having story summaries and credits is nice, too, but I want a simple database that serves me, not one in which I have to serve it.

> Export feature flawed
In preparation for moving my data from Librarian Pro to another program, I tried for hours to get a clean tabbed delimited file from Librarian Pro. I could not. Librarian Pro was able to export some fields into discrete, tab-delimited columns that would line up nicely in an Excel spreadsheet, but I could find no way to cleanly export the story Summary field so that its data would be contained within one single cell. Other fields also suffered from this same problem of having data spill over into adjoining cells, thus destroying any possibility of being able to quickly, easily, and accurately import that data into another database, like FileMaker Pro, or any other competitive product. Bad form, Koingo. Addtionally, although Librarian Pro's allows you to export its record in HTML form so that you can view records in a browser, you can neither select the fields that you want to export, nor can you search for the records once the HTML pages are created, a flaw which, to me, makes exporting to HTML entirely useless. If I can't search for the data, what good are those records? Interestingly, Koingo's developers didn't even the common sense to include the Serial Number field in a very small subset of fields that could be exported via a restricted, pre-determined template. Someone needs to be hired in Quality Control at software companies like Koingo and Booxer to act in the role of a Customer Ombudsman, because the software engineers who are coding the programs certainly aren't fulfilling that role!

Wise developers will take heed and fix these inadequacies. Others will rationalize why they need not bother. I choose not to support them.

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Version 3.0.4

Oopos, I meant Booxter, not Booxer. Sorry, about that typo. See, I told you I needed bigger fonts!


Update. I have replaced Librarian Pro with dvd pedia, a far superior product in every imaginable way. Better interface design. Cleaner more intelligent layout options and use of screen space. Access to a whole slew of online databases from which to draw data. In fact, I like the design so much that I bought all four of the ...pedia applications.

As I write this update, I've just become informed of the brouhaha Koingo Software's CEO has been happening with MacUpdate and his customer base, a self destructive tantrum that has pushed MacUpdate to run a red-letter warning on Koingo Software listings on this site in which MacUpdate recommends its customer to buy any other products but Koingo's. How amusing! How appropriate!

Also, in reading over some of the scathing comments by customers, it is obvious that I am not alone in perceiving arrogance and rudeness emanating from this developer, like a foul stench that makes you want to wretch. Character precedes action, and it defines behavior in a variety of forms. I, for one, have no pity in seeing a callous, rude, and customer-insensitive developer and CEO get his overdue comeuppance. He's been cruising for a bruising for a long time in a variety of ways, so he got justifiably slapped around.

Don't expect an apology or any character growth in such a person, although that would be the wisest direction he should take now. Arrogant people tend to rationalize their behavior by projecting all their negativity and hostility onto others, thus steeling their own sense of righteousness. He sowed his own fate; now let him suffer it.


That's for contributing a very comprehensive and thorough review!

Vandulus Member IconReview+44

I didn't want to upgrade to Delicious Library 3 and tried this out having previously used the 1.x version. It took me two days to figure out how to import my DL2 library (can't import from a backup or DL2 it turns out, need DL3 and collection files installed!)

With 900 books/movies performance was horrid on a 2011 mini with 8 GB of RAM! Redraws of the thumbnails took forever and the screen constantly flickered during any type of redraw. Same problems when I tried the Windows version on my 4 core gaming PC with 16 GB.

Asked for a refund as they state they have a 30 day guarantee. Their support site has had an On Vacation message for a month now. They closed my ticket without resolving the issue or issuing a refund and now I'm having to go through PayPal for a refund.

I will not be buying any Koingo products in the future as this company has terrible support!

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Version 3.0.4
Koloraro Member IconReview+13

I was sincerely interested in testing this new version, as v.2 wasn't useful to me because the poor cpu performance, but still the same issues than v.2 on v.3 and no real improvements on this software far away than the icon redesign and some minor changes.

There are a lot of cosmetic improvements that would be "delicious" to the graphic wh**es, but people looking for a good computer performance with huge databases must avoid again Librarian Pro.
Of course, test the application first and take your own conclusions.
v.3 is easy to use, really easy, and I would recommend it to people with few items in their collections, but if you have more than a hundred of DVDs, books and other stuff think twice.


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Version 3.0.4
RRbob Member IconReview-2

I have to say that I have been using Koingo's apps since 2004 and have necer had any issues with their software or service. I paid for one of their package deals direct and have always had "no issue" upgrades and instant registration. Data Guardian, or Password Retiever" as it used to be called was the first of Koingo's apps that I used and Librarion Pro looks after my extensive library. Contrary to some revies, I have no problem with continuing to use their products. That is not to say that companies do not make mistakes or lose their way occasionally, but I'm always happy to give them a another chance.

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Version 3.0.4
Arcarnat Member IconComment+32

See the fiasco with Koingo’s Data Guardian to understand why no one in their right mind would recommend this company's software.

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Version 3.0.1
givemebreak Member IconReview+7

I love this program for one simple reason. The program imports information on kindle ebooks. I have been using Delicious Library for 2 years. The program cannot locate ebooks which is most of my book collection.
Now if I could just find a program that would import software from itunes, I would be so happy.

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Version 2.1.4

Update- DL can now import info from kindle books.

Koloraro Member IconComment+13

I've been testing this software as I need an app that includes more collections (I'm user of dvdpedia and need to store books and video games too so don't want to pay for different pedia apps).

Librarian is a clean software, beautiful, easy to use, but from my point of view, it lacks on more options to grab info from the web (it only uses Amazon as search) an is painful when your database is higher than ridiculous 50 mb.
I import my dvdpedia database to Librarian. It was successful including pictures, and was about 1,200 films. When trying to open it Librarian excuses its bad memory performance on a database bigger than 50 MB and opening and working with that database is painful as hell. My iMac is intel, two years old with 3 Gb of Ram and Leopard.

I think it's a needed improvement from Koingosoft because Librarian is great, really , but only if you have a small database is worth paying.


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Version 2.0.2

Thank you for sharing this useful information, since this is exactly my concern: how does Librarian Pro handle a library of 10'000 to 20'000 titles? If Koingo support could kindly clarify this question, it would be much appreciated.

Wyman13 Member IconComment+8

The REQUIREMENTS above say "Mac OS X 10.4 or later" but the developer's (Koingo) page says Universal Binary and "Mac OS X 10.5 or later." So which is it? I've got a PowerPC w/Tiger. Please update the requirements to Mac OS X 10.5 if that is indeed the case as the developer's page states. Thanks.

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Version 1.5.2

Just downloaded it and opened it and it does in fact work on my 1.5GHz PowerBook w/ Tiger (OS X 10.4) despite the Koingo page saying that it requires Leopard (OS 10.5). Don't know why Koingo wouldn't have that correct info on their page. Ah well, just glad it works for me on Tiger. FYI to all of you using Tiger, too.

Koingo Software, Inc. (Developer)

Most of our products will run on 10.4, but we only officially support 10.5 newer now.

spanishjohnnyit Member IconComment+10

Well, I filed a bug yesterday and today I find an email with an answer and a new version with the bug solved (there's already a 1.2.4)...So kudos to koingo for customer support and quick and good developers!
Now it would be great if they get my suggestion to move to something like sqlite from the format they actually use...
First class support and very good app

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Version 1.2.3
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Version 2.2.6
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Version 2.2
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Version 2.2
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Version 2.1.2
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Version 2.1
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Version 2.1
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Current Version (3.x)


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