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Seatubes makes it easy to batch download YouTube videos to your Mac. Simply drag YouTube URLs into a documents list view, then click the "Download" button. If a URL is a video URL it will be added, otherwise Seatubes will try to add all of the video URLs it contains, i.e. import the URL.

Seatubes is a multi-window (or multi-document) application. You can associate different windows with independent collections of videos, and save them to disk as Seatubes documents for future use.

Seatubes can convert (export) downloaded FLV files into any format supported by QuickTime, such as iPod or iPhone. To do this, or to view FLV files more...

What's New

Version 1.3.8:
  • A new feature enables exporting of all video descriptions to a text file.


Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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Yoshinatsu Member IconComment+539

Gosh, people. Just use Safari's "Activity" window, or Firefox's "FlashGot" add-on.
Sure, they don't convert the video to the format of your choice, but if you REALLY wanna pay for such a thing, you can try Videobox.

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Version 1.3.6

That is a good post you made there, you gave lots of users ideas of how to do it on their own but if you want a simple drag and drop try the app... I don't see why not, it is a demo. Also, limit-point software is very good and very well priced. I think this is a utility so if you "donate" $5 you get every single app on limit-point under the utilities which is around 20-30+. You make a very good point but this also is a great company and great payment plan. Lifetime donation and every app they ever release as a utility you get for free.

My hint, try them all, keep what you like but the poster above me had a great point in demonstrating that these flash videos can be downloaded with nothing else but your browser or your browser w/ a free plugin...

I say try them all, decide what you like. Nice free hint mate, but some people rather a simple drag and drop and activities get's mentioned and you don't know what it is, under "window" in safari menubar you will see activity underneath downloads - hotkey is command + option + a - 90% sure but then again I have used snow leopard to change lots of keyboard shortcuts under the keyboard section of system preferences.

Good hints mate +1, also check this out if your curious though.... lots of apps do this same task, all are simple drag and drop or just paste and click...


I only mentioned all that because I saw people having problems with the app, while I NEVER had problems with the ways I mentioned. I didn't really mean to sound disrespectful to the developer, and I'm really sorry if it sounded like that. Seatubes is definitely quality software, but this is my opinion.


There other free alternatives well, they will download and convert the videos you want.

Cjbolland Member IconComment+79

Didn't work with several YouTube movies. Some work, some don't.
Not sure why.

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Version 1.2.9

iCab never fails with the YouTube addon

Jfm Member IconComment+73

I have still version 1.2.5, I wanted to update to 1.2.6... but Seatubes is mentioned is "not currently available" on the websiute of the developer, and I find no place where the latest version can be downloaded. Too bad! I use Videobox most of the time, but the current version is not working, so I had hoped that Seatubes could be a good alternative (I had used it rarely in the past).

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Version 1.2.6
robertcoogan Member IconComment+106

Great point about other apps being available in the bundle from the developer.

Trouble is, the previous comments do make a really good point - one, that this app is selling a feature that is available through other apps for free; and two, that it is trying to sell something that is essentially unsellable (see first point).

Sorry, Charlie - this tune's going somewhere else.

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Version 1.2.6
Malista Member IconComment+11

following previous comments, it would be fair to mention that the developer offers ALL his Utilities apps for a minimum donation of US$10.
FilePathCM offers enough options if you develop web site and database, or for creating docs' URL for your GTD.
Agregator does a good job when collecting support files from clients.
and Seatubes... ok! but why archiving stuff from YouTube in the first place!? bookmark it: so much things get published every day: good chance that you'll never watch this video again...

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Version 1.2.1
Maulrat Member IconComment+137

there are a plethora of programs and browser add-ons that do this for free these days. sorry guys but youre trying to profit in an area that just isnt profitable. On a side note, I have jars of air for sale.

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Version 1.1.6
Limit Point Software (developer)

Thanks for your opinion, but I'll decide if the product is worth developing based on the user's who do use and support the product.

I can assure you I am not trying to rip anyone off, and a significant amount of time has been invested in Seatubes, which offers a novel approach to the basic task of collecting videos.

This last update, version 1.1.6, was in fact due to user requests, i.e. people who have registered and do in fact make use of the product on a regular basis. (I always try to implement user suggestions for all my products, not just Seatubes.)

I hope that you take a closer look at all the alternative forms that you refer to. You'll find they all have their own unique characteristics, advantages, faults and limitations. It is really a matter of preference and requirements.

Also, Seatubes is part of a large collection of programs that comprise my "Utilities Bundle." When you register Seatubes you are in effect registering to use all the utility programs at


I promote each utility independently because that helps to advertise and clarify the features of each. And many of them work well in tandem.

Limit Point Software (developer)

You seem to be full of hot air since you vent a lot of it over my product lately.

Seatubes is part of a large collection of programs that comprise my "Utilities Bundle" which you can visit here:


I only know how many people register the utilities, and not Seatubes specifically. Judging by indirect means, such as email correspondence, it's doing just fine.

Suffice it to say I have enough happy customers that I am pleased to be able to continue developing for the Mac community, which I wish you would join one day.

This is the last reply to anything you write here. It's like replying to a bag of air.

MacUpdate-Lon (developer)

It's sad that some people have to be so mean-spirited. It's apparent this developer works hard to update his softwares, reacting to user feedback, etc.

If you don't like the idea of a given software, no one is forcing you to buy or use it. There are lots of things in this world I do not like, 'soap operas' are an example. I don't watch them. And I do not waste my time writing to complain to their producers/advertisers.

Limit Point Software (developer)

Thank you MacUpdate Admin!

ben_marko Member IconComment+4

Seatubes = $$$

'Nuff said.

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Version 1.1.3
Limit Point Software (developer)

So the feature difference = Free ? Is that what your saying?

First, Seatubes is part of a bundle of software I offer:

So you get more than just Seatubes when you pay for registering it. A lot more!

Second, although the other product is free, they ask for donations, and you should make one if you like it so much. So you really shouldn't consider it free. They worked as hard on that as I did on this, and I don't see what's wrong with expecting some compensation.

Finally, these products have the same goals, but their architecture is different, and their features set is not identical.

 (Developer) Member IconDev+84

Seatubes is just one program in the Limit Point Software Utilities Bundle.

See: http://www.limit-point.com/Utilities.html for a complete listing of the included software.

When you donate you receive a password which unlocks ALL the software indefinitely (not just Seatubes,) including free upgrades to all.

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Version 1.0.6
Non_PC Member IconComment+2

Never ceases to amuse me that people try to make you pay for what is done easily for free. In your activity window (option command A or select from Window menu in Safari) look for the largest file. That's the video. Double click on it and it will download. Then drag and drop the file on the FREE iSquint program that will make it a nice MP4 for you.

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Version 1.0.6
Limit Point Software (developer)

Likewise, it never ceases to amaze this developer how people like you compare apples and oranges.

Programs like Seatubes are meant to facilitate the manual operation you describe, especially when you want to perform a batch download.

Programs that simply a workflow are usually worth a small price to pay.


It works great. Thank you. My issue is that has turned out to be a bait and switch program. It was first free and then suddenly they now want money for it. Perhaps I missed it but I never saw anything that indicated the free versions were beta releases for a commercial program. In any case I will be taking your tips and be looking in to Automator to hook a procedure together. Thanks again


It amuses me when people don't know what the phrase comparing apples and oranges means but use it anyways.

Still, this is almost AlphaOmega worthy ... paying for something that can be done fairly easily or is supplied for free by a plethora of other programs/add-ons.

Still waiting for AO's "Computer Is On" program.

Limit Point Software (developer)

Lets' see, according to wikipedia:

"Apples and oranges" refers to the idiom "comparing apples and oranges" or "apples to oranges", which is used to indicate that two items or groups of items have not been validly compared. The idiom evokes the apparent differences between items which are popularly thought to be incomparable or incommensurable, such as apples and oranges. The idiom may also be used to indicate that a false analogy has been made between two items, such as where an "apple" is faulted for not being a good "orange." Conversely, where the comparison or analogy is valid, the idiom will usually take the form "comparing apples with apples".

I used it because in my opinion a comparision is being made between this program and "rolling your own" or using some time consuming method like searching for URLs in a browser activity log.

One could also solve partial differential equations by hand, but why not use a numerical package or a sophisticated program like Mathematica instead. What's the point you are trying to make?

What also amuses me is how people like you find the time to write caustic "reviews" or comments like this. Don't you have anything better to do?

asdfasd Member IconComment+12

Flash Video Downloader 1.3.1 does the same and its free.

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Version 1.0.1
Limit Point Software (developer)

First of all, you have to be careful when you use the term "same." McDonald's and Burger King can be consdiered the same because the both primarily deal with hamburgers, but they are hardly the same :-)

Second, there are many other programs that do this, such as TubeSock, numerous websites, even ways to find direct links using Safari. If you're going to point out alternatives, why don't you endeavor to be a bit more thorough, and point out all of them? This way it's fair.


Limit Point Software (developer)

I did a bit of reviewing on MacUpdate of the product you say does the "same thing" as Seatubes. The reviews for that product indicate that either it doesn't work well, or it doesn't simplify the task of downloading the movies - namely because it doesn't determine the URL for you - which is the more difficult part. You apparently need to use Safari to find the URL.

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