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The Missing Sync for BlackBerry synchronizes your most important information and data between your BlackBerry and Mac.

Synchronize contacts and calendars
The Missing Sync for BlackBerry reliably syncs contacts and calendars, and even tasks, from BlackBerry devices with iCal, Address Book and Entourage via Bluetooth or USB.

Automatic sync via Bluetooth
Automatically synchronize data wirelessly between your BlackBerry and Mac using Proximity Sync. Your data syncs whenever your BlackBerry and Mac are within range of one another.

Sync with iPhoto and transfer video
The Missing Sync for more...

What's New

Version 2.0.3:
  • Improved Snow Leopard Compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some duplication of data within contacts.
  • Fixed an issue so that phone calls received during an active sync will now sync via Call Log.
  • Enabled File > Update Supported Device List.
  • Improved Notebook memory management.
  • Selective sync settings are now maintained after resetting sync history.
  • Fixed an more...


Mac System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4.9 Tiger and later, or Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard and later
  • Syncing music requires iTunes 6.0 or later
  • Syncing photos requires iPhoto 5.0 or later

BlackBerry Device Requirements:
Works with any BlackBerry device running version 4.0 or later, including the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm.

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Missing Sync for BlackBerry User Discussion

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mactony Member IconReview-1

Avoid Missing Sync for Blackberry. It never works the same way twice. The easy experienced promised by this product is laughable.

I have a USB cable for my BB, but Missing Sync for Blackberry requires a Bluetooth connection that NEVER pairs, even though my BB pairs easily with my iMac and other devices. And forget about tech support. It's KBs and forums and you're basically on your own to figure out why this so-called "reliable" product isn't doing what it's supposed to. Avoid avoid avoid Missing Sync for Blackberry.

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Version 2.0.3
Maggie Owens Member IconReview+0
Maggie Owens

I have a Blackberry 8330 and a MacBookPro with 10.6.3. Initially, Missing Sync worked very well. But over time, I started having a lot of trouble with it. First, the bluetooth connection stopped working and I had a lot of difficulty getting it reestablished. Plugging the blackberry into the Mac to sync it resulted in a kernel panic every time until I got the bluetooth working again. Currently, it will not sync my calendar at all; the plugin seems to be broken as it has no list of calendars with which to sync events created on the blackberry.

Mark/Space tries to help, but it often takes several back-and-forth to get a working fix; usually I end up fixing it by reinstalling the application on my Mac and Blackberry and having the Mac overwrite the blackberry with the cable plugged in. Then it works okay for a month or so.

I really liked the automatic proximity sync, but the memory-resident application was consuming too many system resources.

I had tried RIM's application but it is really awful. I also tried PocketMac which was also bad.

Missing Sync is great -- when it works. Which is not often.

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Version 2.0.3
Ajmac25 Member IconReview+11

I started using Missing Sync for my Palm and it seemed to work well. When I moved to the Blackberry, I purchased the BB application and had so-so luck. I never lost data but with iCal, my nightmares never ceased. I would get duplicates in my calendar constantly and then I would get a sync error weekly that required me to go and delete preferences and reapply the software. I could never get it to sync pics with iPhoto. Their customer service is only by email and finally after a month of emails back and forth to customer service and no solution I gave up.After the last update to MS, I abandoned my support for MS for BB and went with the free client from Blackberry and I have never missed MS for BB. The BB client will not sync photos with iPhoto yet, but I just drag them over manually without problem. Save your money and try the free BB client first before dropping big bucks on Missing Sync.

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Version 2.0.3
Meta Member IconReview+4

I feel like I need to post a review in the interest of balance.

I used The Missing Sync 1.x for over a year for syncing my BlackBerry. I never had any of the horrible problems encountered by other people.

My wife also used a copy, the only problem she encountered was that it failed to handle some accented characters--and that seems to be because the BlackBerry OS doesn't support all European language character sets.

I've now switched to BlackBerry's free client, and I haven't tried Missing Sync 2.0, but suffice it to say there *are* satisfied users of The Missing Sync.

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Version 2.0.2
Gryphonent Member IconReview+444

Should have listened. I purchased this app and had serious trouble with it, deleting new contacts and messing up m data. It took me a while to find out what happened. I've now posted a ticket on the developer's site… which in itself is a true hurdle run, having to click numerous times past useless FAQs. I don't get the impression this developer actually wants to help consumers to solve their problem.

Anyway, here's why my data was messed up: I'm running Outlook on a PC at work. At home I've got a Mac. While the calendar between my work PC and my dedicated iCal calendar seem to sync just fine, The Missing Sync for BlackBerry has a habit of deleting contact details on my PC at work. I've got a group established for contacts from work in AddressBook on my Mac. This group syncs with the contact list on my PC at work. However, I found that contacts I had entered previously on my PC were missing when I wanted to look them up a couple of days later. Only those contacts that were in the group on my Mac were present. The Missing Sync for BlackBerry is not smart enough to realize that an alias should be created for a contact that syncs with the group… while putting all new contacts into the general list in AddressBook, a new contact I've created on that day on my PC at work is only NOT deleted from my PC at work if I've manually moved that contact after successful syncing of all data into the AddressBook group on my Mac.

Clearly, I cannot remember all the time when I add a new contact to my contact list at work! The Missing Sync should recognize that it is syncing with a group and establish the link automatically to any new contacts that are synced. What is happening is as follows: New contact is synced from PC to Mac's group. It shows up in the general contact list only after that sync. When syncing the next day, or some hours later, the group on my Mac does not have the new contact… therefore it is deleted from the BlackBerry and subsequently from my PC at work. Annoying. Truly annoying.

I've stopped using your app for the time being until the issue is fixed.

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Version 2.0.2
Brian-Kendig Member IconReview+39

This really is a terrible product. I purchased and used version 1, until I got a BlackBerry with OS 4.5, which required that I purchase and use version 2. I've been using it for more than a year now.

Missing Sync for BlackBerry corrupts my data often. Multi-day appointments on my iCal are truncated to one day. Contacts in my Mac's Address Book have their tags changed around; once it changed everyone's 'mother' / 'father' / 'child' / etc. values to 'brother'. And then the corruption gets synced back to the Mac, screwing up my data and then syncing with .Mac and screwing up my other computers' data. On several occasions this has even corrupted my Mac's sync repository, requiring me to reset the Mac's sync.

MarkSpace gets a point for trying to implement so many features, including notes sync and even iTunes sync, but ever since I upgraded to version 2 I have never had a 'successful' sync because it always ends in a error for not being able to sync my iTunes streaming radio entries. Of course it won't be able to sync these, but I wish it wouldn't give me an error every time.

Lately Missing Sync has stopped working at all for me, instead giving me an error that I need to restart the Missing Sync app on my BlackBerry. I've done this, and even rebooted my phone, to no avail.

The only reason this product gets any sales is because it's slightly better than the abysmal PocketMac for BlackBerry, and otherwise it's the only game in town. This will change later in September when BlackBerry releases its own BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac, at which point I expect (and hope) that no one will darken their door with this app ever more.

In short: Missing Sync for BlackBerry corrupts my data on a regular basis, it has for a long time and for a lot of people, and that's completely unacceptable.

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Version 2.0.2
dewries Member IconReview+1

This is a shameless scam

Here's what I got for my money: address book sync failed and corrupted my blackberry (to the point that I had to have it serviced, loosing everything I had on it), calendar sync was abysmal at best, and destroyed my whole day events, and I could go on.

I have spent days of troubleshooting, markspace offered no help and I could not get my money back either.

And apparently, I am not the only one with the same experiences.

This is unacceptable: missing sync is supposed to sync. If it doesn't, corrupts your data, crashes, and behaves erratically, it cannot be considered a product at all (even if by some magic _sometimes_ it does not completely fail, just every other time). Providing a "review" for it is laughable.

Markspace has been knowing this for 6 months at least, and they still shamelessly advertise it and sell it. Some got their money back, but I wasn't that lucky - they know I'm a foreigner, and they know I cannot fight back. I'm probably the kind sucker they are fishing for, because at this point, this is nothing else but a scam.

Do not spend a dime on this. If I could, I'd sue them for fraud.

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Version 2.0.2
mjuhl24 Member IconReview+0

This app is a giant pain, which is probably due in part to the horrible BlackBerry operating system. When it works, the Missing Sync is ALMOST satisfactory, however it is horribly unstable.

I was able to sync my address book, calendar, and (most of) my iTunes library a few times. Unfortunately, the app on my phone STOPPED WORKING altogether. Whenever I try to start it my BlackBerry FREEZES for several minutes, then finally tells me this:

'Uncaught exception: Application MissingSync(184) is not responding; process terminated

Sadly, I was expecting this sort of garbage after reading reviews of the app. To me, it was worth the $40 and frustration to get my music on my phone.

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Version 2.0.2
Salty Doc Member IconReview+0
Salty Doc

This program is junk. I used Missing Sync for my Treo and for my PSP and they were fine. This program was buggy in version 1.0 so i was eager to upgrade when 2.0. I really didn't care about the bluetooth syncing and it takes waaaaaaay too long anyway, so I just do USB. But it keeps crashing, both on the mac and on the BB. I can't get it to work reliably. I am back to struggling with PocketMac.

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Version 2.0.1
ThatGirl Member IconReview+4

From back in 2007 (version 1.0) when I bought this software it has had intermittent success at best. Though Missing Sync for Blackberry offered synchronization with several elements, (notes, photos, tasks etc.) at its most useful it could only successfully sync iCal and Address Book. Eventually iCal syncing would always end in some kind of discrepancy so after a brief correspondence with MarkSpace tech support of very elaborate trial and error instructions for me to perform - ALL ending in error! - I could no longer provide the time consuming labor of undoing and reinstalling iCal and simply stopped trying to sync it. I figured since the most important sync is the Address Book, I would have to settle for that.
This was why when 2.0 came out this year and I discovered I had to pay for the upgrade, I was reluctant to say the least. I had never enjoyed the basic features advertised by the software and was concerned that buying the upgrade would be throwing good money after bad. But I did it anyway with the hope that the upgrade would solve the previous problems and hopefully I could finally sync wirelessly.
My first clue that I was about to enter the ninth circle of hell should have been that MarkSpace offered a way that for an additional $50 you could get phone support with your upgrade. But instead I got to enter hell gradually. At first it worked! It actually synced everything about four or five times. Though I was already a little irritated that you have the choice of syncing via bluetooth manually or every 8 hours but nothing in between, (say like once a week?) I was so accustomed to total failure I just let it slide. But then it started running into errors with syncing to iCal... then errors syncing photos... then errors syncing videos... then errors syncing CONSTANTLY. And that was upside! From there it caused errors and corruptions on my computer with MobileMe and iPhoto, the MissingSync application on my MBP would open on its own to sync, not sync but freeze and require a force quit. Then finally it opened, froze and crashed my entire computer. It engaged in a Vietnam-like warfare with my Blackberry 8320, (OS v4.5.0.81) and seems to have permanently corrupted my perfectly functional media card, (despite a total wipe!) to the point where my Blackberry will terminally freeze if installed. Mind you, I did everything I could along the way to fix it including deleting and restoring Address Book, iCal, and caches from everywhere and re-downloading and re-installing the application on my MBP and phone.
At present it just won't sync at all. Not by USB cable nor by Bluetooth. Not when initiated from the computer nor the handheld. Not when praying to God nor cursing him. It's just sitting on my dock as a dormant reminder to the chaos it caused. That says nothing for all the frustration of having to reenter ALL 500+ of my contacts on to my handheld MANUALLY. And that's not say anything for the lost software from my handheld and data on my MacBook Pro. And THAT'S not to say anything for the WEEK of anarchy it caused myself and anyone who needed to reach me!

For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE MAKERS OF MISSING SYNC OR THAT GOD AWFUL POCKET MAC CREATE A THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE THAT WILL SYNC THE BLACKBERRY DEVICE TO A MAC. If two monkeys and a tambourine had an alternative available I'd give my left arm to try it instead.

(04/21/09 - I have a support ticket in to MarkSpace at present. In light of any progress I will update this review.)

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Version 2.0.1
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