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Midnight Inbox helps you work smarter and with less stress, automating your inputs and organizing your tasks, files, and information so that you can always be in control. Collect emails, files, calendar and to-do items and notes automatically. Process all of your collected items into to-do items you can actually do when and where you are able. Organize those to-do items into projects you can track easily. Review your lists, projects, and collections to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Do everything on your lists with a Zen-like focus.

What's New

Version 1.5.:
  • Now compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion.


Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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Midnight Inbox User Discussion

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Aargl Member IconComment+352

Current version is 1.6 (and actually the one you get with the Download link here ;-) ) while otherwise only available through MAS — not on the dev's site.

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Version 1.5.1
cubanpete Member IconReview+16

While it has a gorgeous interface it tended to crash on me several times on the first day on Mac OS X 10.82.
Just creating and then deleting a note caused a crash.
Today on the 2nd day a crash caused the fonts not to display properly. I was not able to fix this problem even by uninstalling and reinstalling the app over and over again.
I checked if the font Hoefler-Text is available to the app. It is. Still no luck.
I wish I could fix this.
Finally I had to uninstall this promising app because it because unusable...
Please see this screenshot I made to see how the font issue looks here.

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Version 1.5.1
Akrobat Member IconReview+90

Forget it. This is abandonware.
Bought the new iOs version last year. The website states new compatible Mac version coming.

It's said that for more than a year.
This is garbage!!!

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Version 1.5.1
Lumac52 Member IconComment+102

Version 1.6 has been released.

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Version 1.5.1
Cubitus Member IconReview+21

I've tried version 1.5.1 for some time now. I had tried Inbox when it first came out and did not find it matched my workflow at the time and I didn't check it again until version 1.5.1.

My first impression was very good. This is an application that seems to implement GTD with a method to collect from various places, like emails, folders, event from calendars, etc. Which is a good way to force you to consider all your virtual inboxes. It then tries to help you assess each item and process it the GTD way by thinking about the "actionnability" of each item, etc.

The problem is in the implementation. It's a good idea poorly implemented. For instance collecting emails is a great idea, but you have to be able to configure it in a way that you don't end up with all the emails that are tagged as spam and are in the spam folder. And calendar events are a good idea, but even though you want to display calendar events for your co-workers on your calendar application, you don't want to have to process them! And again this is not configurable.
Another example of the poor implementation is the process dialog cannot be resized, which makes collected items with a long description unreadable (you have to put the cursor in the small portion of the text displayed and scroll with the arrows to be able to read the whole text, the window doesn't adjust to the size of the text and cannot be resized).
The new web site and the displayed screenshots of version 2.0 made me very enthusiastic about this program and I wanted to invest myself into it. I thought that version 2 would certainly fix the interface shortcomings of this 1.5.1 version and smooth everything out.
I bought the mobile version for iPhone with the hope it would be able to sync with version 1.5.1. It doesn't.
Trying to reach the developer for help with the sync was the first sign of a problem : it took them forever to answer my bug report. And the answer was not satisfactory. They clearly didn't read my report and answered first about the iPad version (when my report clearly stated the iPhone version). Another long delay after I replied I was talking about the iPhone version and they replied that it didn't work sometimes for the iPhone version but that version 2 should fix that.
Fine I can wait a little, but I need syncing with my iPhone.
Then the wait starts. After a while you try to contact them to know when to hope for 2.0. No answer. You start to look around, you find the Facebook page where they announced version 2.0 more than a year ago, you ask your question there. No answer in weeks. You post a question on the comment section of their web site and it's in "approbation by a moderator" for weeks and then it disappears without any answer. So after still some time you start looking around and find these reviews on Macupdate and you realize that you're not alone. This is nothing new. This company has a history of procrastination.

I won't invest my time into vaporware. I think this could be a great implementation of the GTD system, but really get your act together Midnight Beep!

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Version 1.5.1
Mindplay Member IconReview+22

Update: in a previous comment I stated that Midnight Inbox 2.0 would be out together with Duke Nukem Forever. I was wrong. It's been some time since Duke Nukem Forever was released.

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Version 1.5.1
Espiridion Member IconReview+1147

I finally did a quick test of Inbox, getting 27 tasks done with 4 tasks programmed for tomorrow.
It's not easy or intuitive, but the Help is adequate. There's a reference to a document called Inbox Introduction under the Help menu, but there's no such document. Probably another outdated item, like the one about registering the product. Unlike Mindplay erroneously stated, this version of Inbox is free.

There are different ways to work with actions and projects. Unfortunately the software is still not 100% reliable. For example, I had 3 similar tasks that used the context @macintosh. I was able to select the context for the first 2 with a left-click of my mouse and selecting the context from a drop down menu. This did not work for the third item. IIRC I was able to select the context with a right-click and choosing from the Set context menu. A couple of times I had to quit the application and launch it again in order to make changes.
It has certainly improved since the last time I tried it, the interface is clean and modern, and it's easy to view pending tasks by context or by project. For a free application it is good. It has timer features plus the ability to preview and launch documents and URLs.
I still prefer Thinking Rock as a GTD application, and there are plenty of free or cheap task management applications. Inbox is not something that I will use on a regular basis. The free Task Coach is rapidly evolving, and I love to use JIRA for some of my project management needs, but I'm more accustomed to those programs. For some people Inbox will be a better fit.

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Version 1.5.1
Mindplay Member IconReview+22

From a company developing a GTD application is plain unacceptable a level of procrastination and unattendability like this. I liked the idea once it came out, and it was promising... Now they are developing multi-color applications, which are clearly not mac-like anymore, promising again to be on the market soon...

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Version 1.5.0

I have to agree with Mindplay. I bought Inbox in the very early days of the whole GTD thing because it looked like a potentially very slick app and one with considerable ambition, but it has been a work in progress for longer than ... well frankly, forever, I think. The Midnight Beep website has been through several incarnations and promises and deadlines have slipped past with dismal regularity.
I'd like to like Inbox, but fear that it may well be a case of sound and fury signifying not a heck of a lot.
C'mon, guys, bring version 2 out soon and prove us doubters wrong!


I think that your wording came out wrong. You could not have purchased Inbox "in the very early days of the whole GTD thing" since Inbox became available 4 or 5 years after David Allen wrote his book. Additionally, some of the concepts behind GTD are much older.
Inbox never was a solid GTD application. A basic premise behind GTD is to have a system that's reliable and trustworthy, and Inbox was neither. Inbox was visually stunning, but a very poor GTD application.

That being said, I don't know if 1.5 is better, so I'm going to try it. I think that the ½ star rating that Mindplay offered is unfair, though, since it's not at all based on the software itself. Could it deserve that rating? Maybe. As it is now, his rating has to do with the developers and does not address the software at all.


Thank you Espiridion for you comment. I understand it, however I don't agree with it. You misunderstood Petrus1960, who was talking about just being an early adopter of this application. Your historical digression may be right, but it does not apply in this context whatsoever. Inbox was indeed one of the first apps to be available to the mac community once the GTD word did spread to the masses. And by the way, even if not reliable, it was promising. The authors made subsequent promises like it was raining, but they did not keep them. It's been ridiculous to listen to their enthusiasm and their "soon available" statements...
My half a star is a weighting of the characteristics: three for features and easy to use, half a star for both value and stability. Remember that this is not a really free app. It's intended to be a trial. It's the "state of the art" of the developers work so far, and it's far from being stable or feature complete. The developers are not going to maintain it, since the next vaporware update is claimed to be a paid app. So, all in all, it deserves half a star, and the judgement is based upon a long usage of the software.
I'm a licensed user of Inbox since 2007: as I'm used to do, I pay for the software I use, and sometimes even for the software I don't use but I find promising, to encourage development. But Inbox developers lied a bit too much to still deserve some credibility. They have to work very hard to get it back.


It wasn't hard to be one of the first GTD applications, since there are not that many true GTD apps. ;)

Unfortunately the masses misunderstand GTD and it became more of a marketing term for many task managers. I do agree that Inbox was clearly focused on GTD, though. As a sidenote, I actually gave feedback to a few developers and pointed missing GTD features from their "GTD" applications.

From what I remember, before trying Inbox on the Mac I had tried KinklessGTD (which became OmniFocus), Thinking Rock (my all-time favorite GTD application), and probably GTD templates on Notebook and Tinderbox as well as Entourage scripts. This does not include other popular "GTD" applications such as Life Balance. I think that Actiontastic and Ghost Action also appeared prior to Midnight Inbox. And when Inbox did appear (1.0 preview on Dec 2006) it was pretty bad, but with a beautiful interface. I don't recall anyone knowledgeable about GTD switching to Inbox for their GTD needs. I do recall plenty of people loving the interface.

I don't know of many people who would use a GTD application (or other type of applications) just because they're promising. Maybe the exception is beta-testing.

Regarding your rating, I stand by my comments.

"My half a star is a weighting of the characteristics: three for features and easy to use, half a star for both value and stability."

How much time did you spend evaluating 1.5 before posting your review? Where do you get the idea that this is not a free application but a trial? What makes it unstable and incomplete?

Again, maybe it deserves half a star. If it does, hopefully people will provide the specifics for such low ratings based on the actual application. I've experienced no stability problems, haven't had to pay a single cent for it, it comes with a nice introduction plus a Help that seems to be adequate, etc.

I don't disagree with your view about the company or your previous experiences. Obviously it is a poor value for people who paid for it and received little in return. For me it was unusable when I first tried it, but will give this version a chance.



maybe it's time to close the thread ;) Your GTD historic erudition is impressive as Wikipedia is, but that's not the point: you are missing it and this does not help right here, right now.

I call it clutching at straws.

As I told you, I'm evaluating Inbox since it came out and I'm very experienced with it.

It's stated everywhere. It's also stated in this page, other than the developer's website. 2.0 is coming out in the AppStore, together with Duke Nukem Forever, and it will be a paid upgrade (truth be told, old users like me will receive a free upgrade [hurrah!]). 1.5 is not a fork, it won't be developed any further. So you can call it as you wish.

You should refer at the developers' forum for a better understanding of all the software's issues and unattended feature requests until now.

It deserves half a star. However, I'm eager to change my position, time will tell.

BTW, software is not a static cultural object. Its value cannot be understood without an idea of its progresses over time. No one will invest time or money on a software marketed as one hit and miss. There are better alternatives to such products out there.


You call it clutching at straws, and I call it being objective and providing factual information. My point is as simple as that.

Like you, I also evaluated Inbox since it came out. You can find my comments for 1.0 here, posted on 07 Dec 2006. I also indicate that I had tried previous versions (pre 1.0).

The point of having ratings for specific versions is precisely an indicator of how software evolves and being able to read/write about the most recent releases. I'm not going to rate version 1.5 based on my previous experiences. I'll rate it based on its own merits.

I've read your ½ star review and subsequent comments a few times, and can't find a single instance that objectively addresses the actual software.

Again, I don't disagree with a lot of what you're saying. Why not write a comment about the developers incompetence without rating an application affected by your obvious (and justified) bias? Or if you really did test 1.5 when you posted your review, why not talk about the specifics that make 1.5 a ½ star application?

Just posting "it deserves half a star" helps no one. With all the typing we've done, why not say "it deserves half a star because..." and mention specific things that make the application so awful. And of course, adding information regarding the developer's failed promises and slow speed of development will give potential users a clearer perspective. Just a thought.


No offense here, but I don't want to be your therapist!


AS far as I can say version 1.5 is mostly stable. Also the owners of the old license are promised to get free promo codes for the AppStore for Inbox 2, Inbox Touch AND Inbox Mobile.

Espiridion Member IconComment+1147

Version 1.5 is out and it is free.
I can't comment on its quality.
Version 2 is coming out.

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Version 1.4.4
Frankv Member IconReview+1

Promises, promises.

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Version 1.4.4
user icon-1
Version 1.4.4
> 2 27


Current Version (1.x)


Downloads 19,692
Version Downloads 1,562
License Free
Date 13 Jul 2011
Platform OS X / PPC 32 / Intel 32
Price Free
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