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Remote Buddy allows you to remotely control anything on your Mac with your iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple Remote or Wii Remote. Features and ideas on what you can use it for include:
  • Control your Mac and access its iTunes library via your iPhone or iPod Touch using Remote Buddy's AJAX Remote
  • Support for switching between AirPlay speakers
  • Use many EyeTV remotes to control Remote Buddy
  • Control your entire Mac with your remote control: applications, games, mouse, keyboard, internet, ratings, audio, video, drives, files, displays, power, ..
  • Virtual on screen keyboard and mouse. Virtual more...

What's New

Version 1.25:
  • NEW: Support for Harmony Smart Control.

    More than 100 Mac apps supported by Remote Buddy (including Plex, EyeTV, iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, DVD Player, Mac Blu-Ray Player, iPhoto, Lightroom, XBMC, Movist and VLC) can now be controlled with the same Harmony Smart Remote that can already control other devices like TV sets, beamers, game consoles, the Apple TV and even more...


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Docjk Member IconReview+9

I got the Remote Buddy Express and use it together with Ajax Remote app on iPhone 4S. Running iMac 27" late 2009 with latest OSX.

This really is an elegant way to remotely control your Mac. I especially like the feature of showing the desktop of the connected computer on my phone. I miss the option for horizontal view, making the desktop survey/camera picture even bigger. And sound transfer would be awesome.
But when playing on iPhone with the options for controlling e. g. music/iTunes + camera (which works great, also here sound?!) the program is not responding any more when choosing movies or EyeTV. I could understand that this is something not supported/implemented, but that the app is completely shot down is taking some of the air out of this otherwise promising project. Not sure if it is the Remote Buddy Express part or the Ajax app that is the problem.

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Version 1.22.1
Macaccro Member IconReview+31

My Wiimote cursor stops to work after the update... Is it a coincidence, or my Wiimote is defective?

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Version 1.19.1
Iospirit Gmbh (developer)

Thanks for asking.

No changes were made to the Wii Remote support code, nor have I received any other reports of issues with the Wii Remote.

Best regards,
Felix Schwarz

Niewiesznic Member IconReview+25

SIMPLY THE BEST ! This is the app I use EVERYDAY! I strongly recommend it to everyone !!! It can use iPhone as a remote for your mac ! :)

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Version 1.18.2
Alsenmyr Member IconReview+9

This is, without any doubt, the best remote utility program on the mac. The way this neat little utility brings functionality to my Apple remote almost astonishing. It's very intuitive to use with a clear and intuitive interface and best of all, simulation of mouse and keyboard.

A lot of presets actions for the most common programs and have full capability do add your own. This procedure might be the trickiest part of Remote Buddy, but it is doable and after a while you get the hang of it.

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Version 1.16.2
md828 Member IconReview+42

I wrote a review 2 years ago and expressed my praise and hopes that an iphone version of the iphone AJAX remote would come soon. The AJAX remote is a joke, and no one does any serious iphone app in AJAX. Why does the iPhone AJAX remote keep being advertised like it's the best thing since sliced bread? Anyway, the developer didn't make promises but he said an iphone native version was in the works. I've sent feedback several times on forums, and there seemed to be progress. But after 2 years, my question and frustration is: where is it?

I've also been very unhappy with some quirks in functionality that make it a pain to use. For example, when using Plex, or XBMC or Boxee, why can't Remote Buddy auto-detect them and automatically enable the right mapping? In other words, if I launch XBMC with my mouse, auto-detect it and enable the right mapping. At least make it an option.

Then, battery management of remotes like the PS3 remote is very poor. Originally the remote is reported to last 4-6 months when used with a Playstation 3. But with Remote Buddy batteries only last about 1-2 weeks. This is unacceptable. Even if justified by whatever technical limitation, it should stated on the website so users know what to expect.

Also, RB doesn't seem to remember the last used behavior, so I always need to reselect the behavior. No matter what I do, no matter which preferences I set, if I use mostly use XBMC, it doesn't seem to be remembered, and I always need to reset the right behavior.

There are also a few GUI quirks as well that hasn't been fixed even after feedback was sent. For example the Mapping edit window contains several hundred button mapping lists, but the window can't be resized. So the user has to do a lot of scrolling even if he has a 27-inch iMac that would allow a bigger window. Also it's not possible to edit Mappings if the remote isn't activated. This is inconvenient. Suppose that my remote isn't activated or that the batteries are dead but I wanna edit the mapping anyway, I can't do so with RB.

There are quirks with XBMC and possibly Plex. While I understand that this may be a XBMC limitation, Remote Buddy should not include something that doesn't work. For example in the PS3 remote, the button "Display OSD" will display the Music OSD instead of the Video OSD during video playback. Items that don't work should be excluded. And, a workaround should be used, for example include a keyboard shortcut instead. Also talking to the XBMC devs would be nice to arrive at a possible solution.

Bottom line: while Remote Buddy has some viable uses, usage in real life may be frustrating and inconvenient. With no iPhone native app after 2 years of wait and no feedback from the developer, Remote Buddy is no longer cutting edge as it once was. The lack of context-aware mapping switching is painful in real life. I keep resorting to using the true and tested Apple remote because of these issues.

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Version 1.16.2
Iospirit Gmbh (developer)


I'm a bit surprised to read what is essentially a simple support inquiry (with simple solutions) as a 2 star review. There really is no need to do this.

Regarding your questions:

1) AJAX Remote and HTML5/AJAX in general

Other users are quite happy with it:

HTML5 and AJAX are also used by other serious iPhone applications - including Google Voice and Apple's very own iPhone Help (preconfigured on all iPhones and iPod Touches).

2) native iPhone client
I don't really understand why you're wondering about the lack of status updates. I already told - over a year ago - that

a) the native iPhone client will be released when it is ready to be released.
b) until then there will be no status updates, no preview screenshots and no public time table.

I also explained the reasons for this decision. You can read it in the comments to the blog post you base your criticism on:

Since this blog post, the AJAX Remote has already been improved a number of times to provide a viable intermediate solution until the native iPhone application is finished. And, as you can see in the tweets above, many users like it.

3) "[..] why can't Remote Buddy auto-detect them and automatically enable the right mapping? In other words, if I launch XBMC with my mouse, auto-detect it and enable the right mapping. At least make it an option."

Remote Buddy does auto-detect and automatically switch Behaviours/mappings ever since its first release in 2006. It also has the option you're asking for. Chances are you made use of this option to turn off auto-detect. The option is located at Prefs > General > Advanced > "Manually activated Behaviours stay active until they are explicitely deactivated".

4) PS3 BD Remote Battery Life

You may be able to get 4-6 months (which neither I nor Sony are saying, btw) of battery life when you keep your remote unused, in standby most of the time and only use it sporadically to start playback of a movie or navigate BluRay disc menus. It is, however, physically impossible to achieve this kind of battery life when you frequently use the remote. If anything, that the range's beginning and end are 2 entire months (yes, months!) apart is a strong indicator that the usage pattern of the person making such claims is sporadically at best, but definitely not comparable with a frequent user. If that person was a frequent user, why would battery life vary by such a large range? Doesn't make sense to me, sorry. This is comparing apples with pears.

Putting that numbers aside: Remote Buddy already provides the maximum power saving options possible: it can shutdown the Bluetooth connection and put the remote in standby mode when it hasn't been used for X minutes. Beyond this, you can only save more power by removing the batteries from the remote. I'd like to highlight that there's also an FAQ entry that provides you with the set of power saving options that provides the best power saving effect. You can find it in the FAQ entry "How can I increase battery life?" in the "Hardware - Sony® BD Remote Control" section:


5) Resizable mapping prefs window

Even for remotes like the PS3 BD Remote - which has 51 buttons - you don't need to scroll at all to get to a specific button's entry. To the right of the table is a big image of the remote. By clicking on a button in that image, you jump directly to the entry of that button in the table.

That aside, a resizable mapping prefs window is already on the ToDo list. The fact that it hasn't been realized yet is that there are still other items on it that take precedence because they're of more importance to more users (past examples of this are f.ex. support for the new Apple Remote, Snow Leopard support, ...).

6) Your XBMC issue

> There are quirks with XBMC and possibly Plex. While I understand that this may
> be a XBMC limitation, Remote Buddy should not include something that doesn't
> work. For example in the PS3 remote, the button "Display OSD" will display the
> Music OSD instead of the Video OSD during video playback. Items that don't work

The "Display OSD" action triggers the XBMC action titled ActivateWindow(MusicOSD). To prevent misunderstandings in the future, this action will be called "Display Music OSD" in the future.

I find it a bit harsh to claim that something "doesn't work" (and extend it to other applications in the same go without even having tried) simply because a word is missing in an action name. Fact is this action - like all other XBMC and Plex actions - work reliably.

> should be excluded. And, a workaround should be used, for example include a
> keyboard shortcut instead.

You can create a custom action sending a keystroke if needed. This takes 3 clicks and pressing the keystroke you want emulated. You can find step-by-step instructions in the Remote Buddy Help in the "How-To" section.

7) Your bottom line

> With no iPhone native app after 2 years of wait and no feedback from the developer [..]

As I already said above, I did already say a while ago that the native iPhone client will be released when it is ready to be released and that, until then, there will be NO status updates, NO preview screenshots and NO public time table. To me it seems a bit unfair to be criticized for not providing status updates when I explicitly said I won't.

> The lack of context-aware mapping switching is painful in real life.

This is incorrect. Remote Buddy *does* have context-aware mapping switching ever since its very first release. And it's enabled by default. You appear to have chosen to turn it off in the preferences. It would have been easy to point that out (and tell you how to solve it), had you contacted the support desk. And, should there be any other configuration issues leading to problems, analyzing and walking through them with you.

Best regards,
Felix Schwarz


I agree with Miguel in being frustrated that the iPhone native remote app, which the developer announced was under development *years ago*, still hasn't been released. And despite what the developer stays, an AJAX/HTML5 remote is no match for a native Cocoa app.


After several years of excuses, Felix (the developer) declared in his October 2011 blog that he has simply given up on a native iOS remote app! What an anticlimactic ending to this saga.

Iospirit Gmbh (developer)

@ Odysseus:

Clearly, there is a difference between

a) "simply giving up" (which is what you claim I did)

- and -

b) spending years of your life to tackle a problem, taking every effort that could realistically have been taken, while continuously keeping on working on incremental and major improvements on the release version, in the end having to realize and publicly explain that the problem can't be solved - and creating a free app to tackle remaining challenges like wake-on-LAN that can't be realized in a web app.

(which is what I did)

But never mind.



It took years for you to reach the conclusion that your project was impossible, and during that time you refused to make any further announcements. As for "giving up," I stand by that assessment, since it means, among other definitions, "to abandon what one is doing or planning to do."


Take heart, Felix; very risky to put a highly configurable tool in the hands of folks who would be out-of-their-depth with an Etch-A-Sketch. (Beyond that, I have to wonder what family life is like for relatives of those accustomed to getting their way with rude rants...)

Revco Member IconComment+291

Why does dev still charge 19% VAT for non EU customers?

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Version 1.16.2
Iospirit Gmbh (developer)


this is incorrect. We do NOT charge 19% VAT from non EU customers as you claim.

Our customers from outside the EU will be able to confirm to you that they received an invoice which explicitly states that no VAT is contained in the price. And, if you're visiting our Online Store and let it know which country you're from, you'll notice that it will only show VAT as a price component if it actually is part of the price. Plus, before the step in the purchase process where you enter your country, you'll also find the conditional sentence "price includes 19% VAT for orders from within the EU" next to all prices, which I believe to be pretty clear: if you're ordering from the within the EU, 19% VAT is included. For customers outside the EU it is not included.

Maybe you were confused by our one-price-for-everyone-worldwide policy. Unlike other companies (like, f.ex. Apple - the makers of the computer you're using) we have chosen not to set different end prices for different regions.

This is fair (we believe that all man are created equal - so everybody should pay the same price for the same good, right?), and helps us keep costs down (in f.ex. administration, advertising and packaging material production, payment processing, ..), which in turn helps in keeping prices so ridiculously low for everyone and invest more time into actual product development than would be otherwise possible.

For Remote Buddy, the end price currently is 19.99 Euro. For everyone. Worldwide.

And if we were going to change that, the resulting prices certainly wouldn't even start as low as that. For anyone.

Best regards,
Felix Schwarz

Dankey Member IconComment+20

Perfect application, my MacMini with Snow Leopard and RemoteBuddy it's now back to life!
Tested in trial mode for few days and then purchased.
Thanks to the developer for the good work.

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Version 1.16
Thmghtd Member IconReview+18

This software is seriously impressive. And it's as thorough as it is intuitive, so the more you dig into it the more you'll get out of it.

Although it's built upon a complete, alternate driver for your Mac's infrared/remote control services, it's hardly limited to the Apple Remote. Suddenly, the remote for my EyeTV (250 Plus) controls any application I like, however I like.

And don't get me started on the AJAX Remote -- simply ridiculous. The speed, features and control literally at your fingertips when using your iPhone/iPod Touch should probably embarrass other developers in the same field; they are clearly not in the same league.

Remote Buddy is the first and perfect example I've seen of our digital junk really, truly getting along.

P.S. Be sure to check out the supported hardware, including Bluetooth devices -- it is no small list.

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Version 1.15
Yogasupplies1 Member IconComment+0

Thanks for a great app so far too!

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Version 1.15
Getthegirlfriend Member IconComment+0

Excellent application. I have tried at least 2 other apps that extend the functionality of the apple remote. This one is by far the best.

Get Girlfriend

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Version 1.15
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Version 1.24
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Version 1.22
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Version 1.21.1
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Version 1.17
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Current Version (1.x)


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Date 20 Jun 2014
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