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Lingon lets you run things automatically on your Mac.


  • Lingon can start an app, a script or run a command automatically when you want
  • You can schedule it at a specific time, regularly or when something happens
  • You can make sure that an app automatically restarts if it crashes
  • Lingon can do all this for you and much more

What's New

Version 3.1.3:
  • Addressed a possible issue when choosing what to run
  • Addressed a rounding off issue when running jobs at intervals
  • Removed a harmless log entry that appeared when a job is loaded
  • Some other smaller bug fixes


  • OS X 10.7 or later

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Lingon User Discussion

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Macmedix Member IconComment+5

Lingon X is now available from the developer, and it includes all that good stuff you guys are asking for. $10 or $7 upgrade from any Mac App Store version. Hooray!

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Version 3.1.3
Fishscale Member IconComment+868

Great developer, excellent communication and support. Unfortunately, as mentioned below, the developer has decided to sell through the Mac App Store exclusively. Selling through MAS brings the developer benefits such as more sales and less work maintaining a registration scheme but really hurts the product and in turn end users. The original Lingon was much more powerful but has been abandoned and removed from MAS. Lingon 3 is a nice app but due to MAS limitations of letting the app access the entire file system users are restricted to creating/editing LaunchAgents in their own ~/Library/LaunchAgents folder instead of being able to visually see and edit items in more critical areas such as their root launchagents and launchdaemons besides all the system agents and daemons. Fortunately, if you were lucky enough to purchase Lingon before it was removed from MAS it still works great on Mountain Lion but the fact that we have to use "dumbed" down software or software that is half as powerful simply because it is only available through MAS doesn't make sense to me. Developers can't offer extremely powerful software, thanks to Apple, simply because indie developers need/want more sales and the publicity that MAS offers.

However, I don't see the point in not offering a version available through MAS and a version available straight from the developer that is not crippled to meet submission guidelines. Developers, you still get MAS publicity but your customers that need more out of your software are not left out. I love Peter Borg's software and his customer service but, unfortunately, I can't advise anyone to buy this software. Give your users full software, I don't care if you charge more because you have to deal with an online merchant and licensing company, we understand those costs and will gladly pay them.

Final thought on rant, customers, don't support devs who only sell on MAS and deny you all the features you could have in an app but rather show them that offering a non-mas version of their app pays by supporting the developers that make powerful apps with demos that are sold directly by the developer. Just don't buy MAS apps and let this nonsense be the way of the future. I think it comes down to us, end users banding together. The only way we can influence, I hesitate to say force, developers to make non-mas versions of their software is if we show solidarity and no longer support/buy their apps if they are only available through MAS. Nothing drives the message home like a hit to the wallet so don't buy this app, your better off compiling an old open source version of the original Lingon. The GUI may not be as pretty but it's more user friendly and powerful. I will find a copy of the last open source lingon version and post a link here so you all can compile it. I'll post a link in a bit to a compiled version and the actual source.

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Version 3.1.3

Grab the more powerful and original Lingon here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lingon/files/Lingon/2.1.1/

2.1.1 was the last version that was released as open source software. It is pretty much the same as the version that has been pulled from MAS and runs fine on the latest version of OS X, 10.8.2, at this time. Would love to see the source get some attention and be further developed but the compiled version is available for download too. Developer is truly good people, offered all his software open source for a long time. If I remember correctly, it was not until the appearance of MAS that the developer decided to no longer release the source of his apps or continue offering them outside of MAS even for a fee. It is not the dev's fault but Apple's. Less MAS sales hurts Apple while unfortunately hurting indie devs, but if enough people follow suit and abandon MAS, maybe money hungry Apple will change their policies or developers will want more sales and go back to offering demos and feature rich software not designed around guidelines but users. Sorry again for the rant. I just don't want to see OS X continue to take steps backwards and in the direction of a big laptop or desktop version of iOS.

Akjim Member IconReview+31

Selling this ONLY through the app store is another example of short sighted authorship. Consumers BUYING through only the app store are foolish as well. Single source supply through only Apple? What a slippery slope you tread!

We need distributed sourcing and we need robust fully functional applications.

If you won't provide me these things I'll do without. I hope more people will see the dangers of Apple's app store and opt instead to use Macupdate as their preferred source, and purchase directly from the author. Vote with your money!

Excellent program, I will not purchase any upgrades to this or other applications through the apple app store. This is end of life for this application at my location. Revival only possible through a change of policy by the developer.

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Version 3.1
ylluminate Member IconComment+285

I realize the author's need to sell this on the App Store, however we really need a "System Lingon" as we had before that will allow management of system launch agents as well.

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Version 3.0.2

I can't imagine that Apple's new sandboxing policy is going to allow for anything remotely like this.


Lvdoc, screw Apple's rules. The dev should make an alternative version available so the people who own the software and hardware can have the freedom to do what they want with things they own. We aren't serfs to Apple or Microsoft or any other corporation as much as they'd like that.

Shk747 Member IconComment+136

today 09.jan. still no update via appstore!?

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Version 3.0.1

10th, still nothing.

Psychiatry Member IconReview+107

Lingon is a visual editor for creating and modifying specific PLists called Launch Agents and Launch Daemons.

Lingon 2 allows you to modify system Launch Agents and Launch Daemons in addition to creating and modifying your own. It shows the system PLists in addition to your own. It allows you to use the administrator password to modify the system PLists. Lingon2 also has an expert mode which shows the full text of the Plists. This allows you to modify settings which aren't shown in the visual portion of the editor.

Lingon 3 only allows you to create and modify your own user Launch Agent and Launch Daemon Plists. It does not allow you to modify the system Plists nor create them. This is a HUGE LOST IN FUNCTIONALITY. Lingon 3's interface has also been dumbed down so much it is laughable. The loss of functionality is very very sad.

Lingon 2 is far superior to Lingon 3. Lingon 2 is available for now in the Mac App store for $5 and it worth the price. Unfortunately it won't be upgraded for Lion. But it works for Lion. However, you should check the settings on the expert side to make sure you aren't missing anything and that the visual interface doesn't wipe out some setting.

You can use other PList editors and even text editors to modify Plists in general. Lingon 2 and Lingon 3 make the process easier by visually presenting the settings to you.

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Version 3.0.1

Can't agree more. I used Lingon 2 to create my own startup items and run commands as admin. I won't upgrade to Lingon 3.

BlackMacX Member IconReview+68

Lingon 3 is a great way to schedule things on the Mac for me. I have used Task Till Dawn and wanted to both move away from it (as I wasn't sure it was going to be supported anymore (I have seen that since buying Lingon 3 that TTD has been updated for Lion)) to an application and functionality that was supported by and actively used by Apple. So I bought Lingon, tried it and had issues with the execution of a couple of jobs; Peter Borg was happy and quick in helping me determine the cause of the execution issue (turned out that it was (as far as I could find) not documented in the application (or online) how to call AppleScript files, though I tired every way I knew of); it was that in order to use Applescripts you have to add "/usr/bin/osascript " to your What part of the job; this corrected all my issues and I have stayed with Lingon.

I use Lingon to run a daily updater for my iTunes, RSS reader, mail and other such tools as well as a login Applescript that controls the order of my menubar items and also a web browser (and various cache (Flash, etc)) cleaner (for Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Camino) at scheduled times of the date.

Could it be better, yes; I have suggested the ability to include in the When section a day of the week function (like in many Cron apps). If it comes, great; if not, I'm fine with that.

It isn't a hard app to learn; but it's not for everyone and not for every situation; but I find it useful.

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Version 3.0.1
Pedro-Fardilha Member IconComment+222

I bought it some time ago thru MAS mainly as a way to thank the dev for making this great and useful tool.
Lingon 3 is not showing as an update but rather as a different app.
So aparently there's no way to go from version 2 to version 3 without fully buying it again.

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Version 3.0

Peter Borg (the dev) was kind enough (and quite fast) answering an email that I sent to him asking the same thing.
He pointed me to the proper FAQ regarding this question, that can be found here: http://sometimesitmatters.com/post/9781895447/faq-on-lingon-3-changes
My apologies to him for not finding this before posting here.


Exerpts from the FAQ that address the issue of reduced functionality for version 3:

Why have you made changes from version 2?

The App Store rules are great for users but they impose some strict regulations on us developers and that has meant that one or two features had to be removed, which is good for all of us in the long run.

Can I create a job for every user?

No, the Mac App Store rules forbid that you escalate privileges so you can’t save a file for every user, only the current.

Can I run a job as root?

No, there is no way to run it as root by using Lingon to comply with the Mac App Store rules.

Read the full details in the FAQ:


Donmontalvo Member IconReview+1287

Unexpected surprise, seems to work fine. I'm glad this is being maintained.


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Version 3.0
Ronadam Member IconReview+86

Very clean and easy to use interface in Basic Mode and unlimited possibilities in Expert Mode. Uses system's native launchd services only and only in the way Apple designed it to be used (unless you do something very stupid in Expert Mode). It is certainly worth $5. I would have given it 5 stars if it would not have been available only through App Store (which I hate).

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Version 2.2.1
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Version 3.1
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Version 2.2.1
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Version 2.1.1
> 4 23


Current Version (3.x)


Downloads 44,878
Version Downloads 1,646
Type Utilities / System
License Commercial
Date 26 Nov 2012
Platform Intel 64 / OS X
Price $4.99