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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online game that enables thousands of players to come together online and battle against the world and each other. Players from across the globe can leave the real world behind and undertake grand quests and heroic exploits in a land of fantastic adventure. At long last, the world of Azeroth, first glimpsed in Warcraft I and further enhanced in subsequent strategy games, is realized in glorious detail and ready for the arrival of millions of prospective players. So step upon the hallowed shores of this embattled world, and see what journeys await for those who would plumb this more...

What's New

Version 5.4.2:


  • New Zone: The Timeless Isle
Quests and Lore:
  • Legendary Quest: Judgment of the Black Prince
Player vs. Environment:
  • New Raid: The Siege of Orgrimmar
  • New Raid Mode: Flexible
  • The Proving Grounds
And More...
  • The Celestial Tournament
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  • OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • World of Warcraft

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Penguirl Member IconComment+1057

With the starter edition you can seemingly play as much as you want with multiple characters, the limitations being you cannot advance beyond level 20, you cannot accumulate more than 10 gold, and you cannot use the in-game mail.

However the patch that was installed yesterday said that support for 10.6 would be ending soon. Blizzard says they only support the current OS (ML) and the previous OS (Lion). Strangely though WoW still runs on XP which is much older and farther removed than SL.

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Version 5.0.4
Doug Engelbart Member IconReview+133
Doug Engelbart

"REQs: PPC/Intel; OSX.3.9" is not true anymore. Many moons ago the REQs for the MacDemo of WoW changed to "Intel-only; SnowLeo" or so. Please update this info, dear MU admin. –.–

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Version 5.0.4

Done :) Thanks for pointing this out!

Doug Engelbart

Thx, Misha. But isn't "price: $19.99" still misleading for the demo? Isn't the demo free for ten days or so? Only the full basis version should cost some bucks. Please correct this.

Doug Engelbart Member IconComment+133
Doug Engelbart

"REQs: PPC/Intel; OSX.3.9" is not true anymore. Many moons ago the REQs for the MacDemo of WoW changed to "Intel-only; SnowLeo" or so. Please update this info, dear MU admin. –.–

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Version 5.0.4
truthhurts Member IconReview+415

Not that you have any choice in patching, but be aware that it's all but unplayable on the Mac right now.


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Version 5.0.4
CFrag Member IconReview+97

What can I say. I sank more time into WoW then in my University degree. Have been playing since 2005 and *still* love the game. NowadaysI don't play as often, but still hang out with my friends a couple of hours every other weekend.

The grandeur of the world (its sheer size), the many things you can do, the lore, the graphics, the music (!!!), the atmosphere... everything in WoW fits.

Be warned, though. WoW is probably the best implementation of the 'Skinner Box' around, and it hooks you immediately. If you let your children play, make sure you monitor their playtime. Or the'll end up like me :)

Of the many great Blizzard games, this one still reigns supreme.

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Version 4.3.0
Scotty_Beam_Me_Up_Again Member IconReview+60

Addiction at his best !

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Version 4.3.0
Noivad Member IconReview+130

I played for about 9 months. At first it was incredible -- I played day and night sometimes on weekends and holidays. It was very addictive. I worked my way to the top then started raiding with a guild. All was great, and I made a few friends.

The pros were: the graphics, beauty, creativeness, and fluidity.
*Boss fights have to be carefully orchestrated.
*PvP between equally matched (and closely geared) players is a ton of fun. Especially when you go toe-to-toe with someone playing the same class as you.

A few months later, my best friend I made in the game left because another person in my guild didn't like her and she moved her character to another server. I had other friends in the game, but our play schedules were incompatible. So, I rarely saw them. I continued playing for a few months, but lost all interest in what had become a grind.

I made about 6 characters, and frequented different servers, but with so many people, I rarely played with the same person twice.

The biggest flaw: Essentially, you have a Multiplayer game with no community unless you join a guild and play enough to get on raids. They're very competitive and there's a pecking order. It's a bit like a job at hat level: you have to show up for raids regularly, and establish your worth to get in on popular guild raids. If you have a loser guild, then you lack the fun of playing with friends. So it's an all or nothing thing, usually.

So, with no sense of community, the game's flaws started getting more annoying.
*your combat was just pushing sequences on button at the right time and watching meters refill.
*The skills required to play are very low the more powerful you get, or with certain classes. So, the game gets less interesting. There's a running joke about people "rolling their face across the keyboard and getting a kill."
*Boss fights (while carefully planned) become a boring routine. And if one person messes up in the fight, the entire party can wipe. Meaning a long run back to the body from the closest graveyard.

*You're on a gear treadmill. The best equipment is a grind to get, and some very rare items are like slot machine jackpots, which is frustrating.
*Without the best gear, you're a sitting duck in PVP.

*Too many of the same type of quests: "kill X number of creatures." or "collect X number of this item dropped by dead creatures at random intervals." some are "run here, talk to this person, then run there talk to another person... etc." and some are "escort this NPC along this route." Blizz addressed this by making more types of quests, but also made things easier, not necessarily more interesting.
*When there is an expansion the level cap rises, and all the gear you worked so hard to get becomes worthless.
*Nothing you do can permanently change the world. Kill the boss at the end of a dungeon and he'll be back for you and others to kill later.
*There are a ton of servers, meaning the player base is fractured. So, even if you find a friend that plays, you'll either have to start a new character on the same server as them (or vice versa) or play an expensive transfer fee.
*It's around $80 for 6 months of play at the best rate.

All in all, WoW is the best 3D MMORPG out there. But it can only hold your attention for so long, because while there's a ton of equipment, a vast world and some interesting storylines. It lacks community, permanent one time world altering events players can take place in, and a combat system that consists of just pushing a button and waiting to push the next one -- so no real skill is needed (except PvP with tactically talented players).

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Version 4.2.0
Libertyforall1776 Member IconComment+1130

D/L link:

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Version 4.2.0
BGE123 Member IconReview+0

This won't be addicting if you're not playing.. ;)

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Version 4.1.0 14007
Trashie Member IconComment+256

If you value your life have nothing to do with these types of computer games. They are addictive and lead young people to forget school and work and do nothing all day but live off the family. Even many adults fall for it and let their partner take the strain of work so they can PLAY all day long. Eventually leading to divorce and the partner who wasted life in wow like the kid that missed school unable to find meaningful employment due to lack of experience and qualifications.

They also lead to financial hardship and fund international crime as many people want to buy "game gold" then lie and say they never do (almost all the addicted players buy gold). These "Chinese" so called game gold farmers utilise this money to operate in more serious illegal activities around the world.

Not to mention addicts waste real money on nonsense like paying the game company to make alterations to their virtual character which cost the company zip to do.

If you are an addictive person this game will destroy your life. It is about time laws were passed to control these games. Have you any idea how much time some people waste on this game they could be studying or working? Talk about welfare being a drain on the gov this game is a drain on a family.

Wasting your life in here is a disaster I should I know I wasted nearly a year of my life on this game. Thankfully got sorted and back to work but this game destroyed a year of my life. If I had the money to bring a case I would sue them - of course just read their terms they explain they don't care if you get addicted and you can't sue therefore.

If you have a child who is under performing at school, has mood swings if interrupted when playing this game - you have just found your answer as to why their school is bad. Take some time out to watch them if your a parent who lets them wander off to their room alone all evening. How much study is being done? It may hurt to take this from them but long term you will really help them.

These games need laws NOW to protect children!!! Blizzard you disgust me you do not limit the time a day this game can be played. I am not saying no I am saying get some restrictions real ones to help stop addictions. Your little attempts to show gov you try your best are to my mind a joke.

Rant over.... ;)

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Version 4.0.3
Mark Everitt

You seem to be implying that playing at all is detrimental to an individual, the family and society in general. This is clearly not true. I'm not even going to start on the rest of the above.

I played WoW for years, a few hours a week and never had an issue. Eventually I got bored and haven't played it in a couple of years.

You know, personal responsibility is underrated. Stop trying to blame someone else for your own faults.


To Mark:

You're right about one thing - Personal responsibility is underrated... mostly because most people aren't.

I don't see that Trashie is blaming someone for his own faults... He's talking about how these games are all very specifically built on the same manipulative psychological principle that keeps gamblers playing a slot machine for days... losing all sense of reality that doesn't include gambling... and sometimes losing much more.

Unfortunately our society is full of folks with addictive personalities and they should especially steer clear of games like these.

"Personal Responsibility" is a term some Libertarians and especially Ayn Rand devotes love to spout... but generally it comes from a selfish, self-centered, self-serving point of view.

I think a Society functions better as a "We" Society... not a "Me" Society.

Just my opinion of course...

Mark Everitt

Yes, well you see I'm British and so "personal responsibility" has none of the political charge that you may have read into it for me. I mean literally what I say.

Sure some people have personalities prone to addiction, but there's a difference between exploiting that (gambling) and creating something that attracts that kind of personality as a byproduct. In fact where do we draw the line? Most producers of media are trying to keep our attention for as long as possible. Are you going to sue the writers of a gripping drama for consuming your mind? I'm not convinced in the slightest that Blizzard are out to ruin our lives and our children.

You may be right that there is a need for some kind of support for people that become addicted, but hearing everyone pass the buck is only going to reinforce that behaviour. I stand by my post.


Hey Mark:

Which "Buck" is being passed here? Trashie is talking about taking "responsibility" for your kids and such. He's also suggesting that Blizzard should have some responsibility. And what, exactly is the difference, in this scenario, between "Gambling" and "Exploiting?" Blizzard is Exploiting people's gambling psychology.

It sounds like Trashie and leesa have it right. Are you one of those Austrian Free Market believers too?


Sorry but I don't agree.

Stupid people will always stupid things. If people cannot take responsibility for their own actions then don't play the blame game. I don't buy that psycho babble nonsense.

If parents are too irresponsible to monitor their children then they can live with the consequences of their own failures.

Like it or lump I don't care. If people are too stupid to do things in moderation then too bad but don't blame anyone but themselves for their own sheer stupidity!

user icon+133
Doug Engelbart
Version 5.0.4
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Date 17 Jan 2014
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