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SecretBox has been discontinued
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SecretBox can be used to store all sorts of information: Credit Card details, SSN numbers, Software Licenses, e-mail account details and website passwords. All are easily stored in SecretBox's flexible database.

SecretBox uses the industry standard 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data, but that is just the start. SecretBox takes extra care to never decrypt your information unless absolutely necessary. Simple tools encrypt the entire data file in one operation and therefore have to decrypt everything to view just one item. We go to great lengths to protect your data from all sorts of attacks.

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What's New

Version 2.2.3:

Note: adnX has been discontinued.

  • Bug with Apple keychain fixed.


Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

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*Previously available here

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SecretBox User Discussion

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Mrjackster Member IconReview+7

The developers have the customer service abilities of a slug. You can see below from the other comments that there are a LOT of people who've had the same issues. They are arrogant and unhelpful. In an email dialogue with someone from there about an upgrade issue, they ended up having a go at me!

Total idiots. Avoid at all cost.

This product used to be great (SecretBook) and they've made it progressively worse and worse, and now discontinued it. Fools.

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Version 2.2.3
adnX (Developer)

Your opinion is wrong and very aggressive. Because of Apple policy and mistakes of the previous developer (we purchased the source code), we had no other choices. Anyway, insulting people is so easy ! its sad to see people overacting....

Petter A. Mehren Member IconReview+2
Petter A. Mehren

Re. Secret Box & response from adnX customer service about syncing of SecretBox files: "it's no longer possible. SecretBox is a discontinued product."
SecretBox is not just another software product; it stores vital information for every user.
Not to be able to sync that information product, causes major difficulties and much work!
Thanks a lot!
With that kind of totally irresponsible and arrogant customer policy, adnX has just excluded itself from any future business with me - or anyone I will be able to influence.
And trust me; I will make the effort for a very long time!

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Version 2.2.3
adnX (Developer)

You can export data. Just go to the export menu !

We discontinued SecretBox because of Apple policy that request an authorization for each minister of defense
of each country for all products using encryption !! a rule impossible to follow.

so before to make fast conclusions, you should ask questions !


I switched to 1Password. I guess they did manage to get a signature from 'every minister of defense of every country'...

adnX (Developer)

you cannot compare a company like 1password with 200 employees for just one app and a company like us with only 5 employees.

Doppelbock Member IconComment+23

I actually quite liked this app - it was easy to use and synced with the iPhone version. Then, the sync feature disappeared and when I migrated to a new phone the data did not follow - no way am I going to enter all my data manually on the phone!

So then with the company rebranding all its apps in January their site listed SecretBox as coming in March or April with its new name. Just checked and all mention of it is now gone, and the site says if it ain't listed it's discontinued. Useless.

So now I guess I will look for an alternate app from a company that has a better reputation, and I'll certainly not be buying anything from AdnX in the future.

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Version 2.2.3
adnX (Developer)

We discontinued SecretBox because of Apple policy that request an authorization for each minister of defense of each country for all products using encryption !! a rule impossible to follow.


Sorry, but if it's "a rule impossible to follow" how do other companies making similar software manage to do it? Maybe they just care a little more and try harder...

adnX (Developer)

you cannot compare a company like 1password with 200 employees for just one app and a company like us with only 5 employees. it's not a problem of care.

Ruggibrante Member IconReview+0

I used it since it was named SecretBook. After adnX acquisition every version had been worst than the previous one (in terms of usability and interface). The only new feature, sync with iphone version has been removed... so, addio!

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Version 2.2.3
Apveenstra Member IconReview+23

I bought this tool because it was able to sync over wifi to the iPhone version of SecretBox, so I always have my "Secrets" with me.

Now they removed syncing (instead of fixing it) because of problems with Lion, and they "updated" the iPhone app in the same manner. Now the app is completely useless for me...

PS. If you're not running Lion don't update!

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Version 2.2.3
Dev4mac (Developer) Member IconDev+18
Dev4mac (Developer)

Most of your comments have been fixed in version 2.1.1

We are not making apps for 1% of the market ! Most people use a MOUSE
to use apps, not a keyboard !!

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Version 2.1.1

Well, that type of response will certainly keep me from using your products.

That and 99% of what this does is already handled by Keychain Access, free on every Mac.


I'd love to see where that statistic came from.

Disregarding even one percent of users is a terrible customer support policy. And reading through all of your comments on MacUpdate it seems as though you can't take responsibility for any of your errors.

I'm glad I don't use your crap.


I could've used something like this, but the way how the developer responds to problems puts me off.

I can spend my $30 somewhere else, thank you.


woah! Excuse me... we are talking about an app relating to data entry... I'm not going to use my keyboard? hahaha... that's just funny.
To summarize: you guys bought a rather unique app, with a loyal following, increased the price more than five-fold, (even more for a multi-family license since you didn't offer that) and updated the ui a little bit. You quickly upgraded to a 2.0 to keep people from taking advantage of your upgrade offer from the previous apps license. Now you go to a MAS exclusive sales model and have dropped the price to below what the original app last charged me for a family pack license! What? I am sooooooo glad i never caved into buying this product (i'm still using secretbook, and i plan to test it out on my lion partition soon) b/c i would be furious... since i would have to spend another 30 bucks to continue to have 'support'. I was just again contemplating buying this app at the new price-point... but your attitude is all wrong for a dev... it's a very disgusting turn-off.
And yes, I'm somewhat satisfied with Data Guardian 2.0.7, but I find it clunky compared to SecretBOOK. Currently I use both, each for different purposes (SecretBOOK 4.0.6 is still my primary pw-app, running OS 10.6.7).

adnX (Developer)

We were a little bit rude in our answer. Sorry about that. We just wanted to say that we focus only on the most requested features. This is just our policy.

Christian-Roth Member IconReview+9

I started using this application when it was called SecretBook, and at that time, it was the only one that allowed individual fields per entry(!), file attachments and an XML export format for easy, readable data export should you ever have to switch to another app at some later time (you are not locked into the application). These features are still the strong main features of SecretBox.

But unfortunately, the UI is continuously getting worse with each release (and this is seemingly the only thing that changes from release to release). Here's a list of the UI sins introduced in SecretBox:

• the width of the groups pane at the left is not remembered between launches

• clicking a field name to copy its value does not give any UI feedback (like a brief highlighting like the predecessor SecretBook did so beatifully) so you are never sure if the value actually got copied to the clipboard or not

• the new search implementation introduced in v2.1 is horrible:
- Cmd-F does NOT open the search window, you are requird to use the mouse to start a search (there is not even a menu command to assign a keyboard shortcut to!)
- the list of results is horizontally centered, so its hard to skim over the results
- you cannot jump from a search result to the actual entry in SecretBox (so there's no way to see which group a search result is in)
- after you click on a search result and find it is not the one you were looking for, there's no way to go back to the result list; instead you have to perform the search anew
- the animations of the search window for long search result lists slows operation down to annoyance level; this is a data storage and retrieval app that should be fast in getting at the data, but looks more like a Core Animation demo...

In short, it is such a pity that the new developers at app4mac worsen the UI with every release to the point this application is almost unusable. The underlying database schema and core implementation would be really, really good featurewise, but are rendered unusable by the bad UI.

The companion iPhone app continues in that tradition in that entries synced from the Mac show their data fields with ellipses (…) in the middle when they are too long to be displayed in one line (instead of making them scrollable, as is the case for entries that are entered on the native iPhone app). Have a long entry entered on the Mac? No way to ever see and get to the complete data on the iPhone.

I have reported the iPhone issue, several localization issues (German language) and the no-feedback-on-click UI issue to app4mac (the latter one on their forums, but the entry seems to have been deleted meanwhile...?) several months ago, but none of the issues have been fully adressed till now.

As it is at this point, I cannot recommend SecretBox as an app that you are intending to use daily since the UI will drive you mad (especially when you are a keyboard-centric person).

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Version 2.1.0
Ponti Member IconComment+61

Well now, SecretBox is now $35 plus $23 for CD ROM if you want it with only 90 days worth of free tech support; A years tech support is $59 and unlimited support, $119.
The trial version is somewhat crippled. As stated on their website:
"With the trial version of SecretBox, you cannot :

- Create more than 10 secrets
- Use the Import menu options
- Use the Export menu options
- Print your list of secrets
- Sync with the iPhone / iPod touch version

Ok, fair enough. It seems to work nicely but Data Guardian, normally $20, works just fine for my needs and Koingo doesn't gouge you for support after 90 days as does SecretBox's developers, App4Mac.
I'm staying with Data Guardian.

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Version 2.0.5
Dev4mac (Developer)

People complaining about prices are not aware that all updates are FREE for lifetime.
If you divide the price by the number of years, it's very CHEAP! Our customers love this policy!

Dev4mac (Developer)

Plus, our prices are based in Euros. And the dollar is very weak. Not our fault.

Mtcobra Member IconComment+79

Installed the new version. It crashes immediately upon launch. Re-installed and it still crashes immediately. Will contact developer.

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Version 2.0.4
Dlwhite Member IconComment+153

I still use SecretBook daily, although it's VERY long in the tooth for obvious reasons.

And I have to say... $70 for SecretBox (or any app of this genre) is an astronomical amount. I mean, stratospherically high.

I wish the devs every good luck and hope they continue to actively develop the software, but we're still in a worldwide recession. $70? That's crazy talk.

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Version 2.0.4

Yeah, I got the original SecretBook (which was what it used to be called) for $9.95 at 3.0 and free upgrades including 4.0. $70 is just plain stupid. Of course the devs will argue that it is the exchange rate and that you get lifetime upgrades. Sorry but if I were the dev I would lower the price to $15 - $20, regardless of exchange rate. Otherwise, data guardian is a much more capable app and costs $20, or less with bundles and discounts.


I've been using Secret Book from the beginning and love it. However, I just got a new iPhone 4 (ATT) and the sync only works intermittent. Any ideas on a fix? Thanks

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