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iEmulator is a high-performance PC emulator for Macs running OS X 10.3 or later It has been tested with Windows 98, 2000, XP and various flavors of Linux. iEmulator is a fantastic low-cost solution for Mac users that require the use of Windows-only applications.

The complete iEmulator package includes:

  • The iEmulator Application
  • A DOS Operating System, including a boot disk for Windows 9X installation
  • Comprehensive documentation, including step-by-step instructions for installing Windows 98, 2000 and XP
  • Fast-Response Email Support
  • Unlimited free updates

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Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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iEmulator User Discussion

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Flujo Member IconComment+0

I was a bit sceptical at first: how come this bit of software is so much more affordable than other commercial emulators? Whats the catch? Also, I am mainly working with Adobe After Affects (only got a Windows license), which eats up all my iMacs ressources. But my fears were unfounded: despite a slow windows install (but that could be due to a scratched CD), all my multimedia apps (incl. AE) were rendering just fine *thumbs up*

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Version 1.7.9

I'm willing to give iemulator a try after my Experience with Qemu.

Anyone wanting to try Qemu on a 2005 - G5 dual 2ghz powermac with 4 gb ram should not even bother wasting your time.

I installed Qemu on my G5, and then installed Windows XP PRO SP2, allowed it 768mb ram and allocated a generous amount of HD space.

Windows took 24hours to install, then after installation and windows configuration, it was the slowest response speed, like 10min wait per task action. Totally unacceptable and unable to do any task without waiting for EVER for task processing.

DON'T USE QEMU for 'non intell' G5 power macs.


and you won't find much help getting support for your problems.

iemulator at least has technical support, but after I set up my system with iemulator I'll leave an honest comment about it.

jeffisme Member IconReview+15

I just had occasion to reinstall iemulator, and it reminded me what a great program it is. the manual is truly exceptional. Installing windows is enough to give anyone gray hair, but the manual really takes you through it step by step. It took a while, but was a snap. Then I installed the program which was the reason why I got iemulator in the first place, and it worked perfectly.

I did have one question though and it was answered immediately. I really couldn't be happier.

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Version 1.7.9
David Verne Member IconReview+0
David Verne

I was ready to chuck iEmulator, as I upgraded to a MacBook, but version 1.7.9 runs very well (and quite quickly) on the notebook. It's much faster than it ran on the PowerPC, and although my GPS STILL isn't recognized by Windows, sound now works perfectly, and even Windows XP is perfectly usable. A great update!

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Version 1.7.9

You use a PPC-Application, which must be emulated by Rosetta, to emulate Windows, which doesn't need to be emulated? That`s kinda strange...

atgmac Member IconComment+2

Thank you for taking my advice and using Jasper Hauser's excellent icon set and a unified toolbar. Although only a minor change iEmulator looks wonderful now and it really shows that you listen to your customers.

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Version 1.7.9
rjbailey Member IconReview+2

This counters my previous positive review.

iEmulator appears to be completely derivative of the open-source Q (http://www.kberg.ch/q/). Use Q instead.

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Version 1.7.8
Anonymous Member IconReview


Lot's of claims how well it works. But none bad?

With OSX 10.3.9 and iEmulator 1.7.7 nothing happens if you create a new pc or import one. Goes through all the motions with buttons and such but after it's done , nothing.

With OSX 10.3.9 and iEmulator 1.7.6 you can't resize the window or change PC resolution without a crash to the guest PC. Fixed already in 1.7.7?

With OSX 10.4.x , All seems fine and a bit speedier.

I can play MSN Zone Games against the girlfriend with iEmulator. VPC can't do MSN Zone and it's made by the same MS idiots.

Speedwise, after you update and tweak it to suit your needs it's very stable and almost as quick as VPC without a hefty price tag like VPC. iEmulator is far leaner than VPC and will one day be far faster. Version 2 maybe?

Lot's of work yet for this great software and it's on the right track and offers some hope for Mac users that are forced to use Windoze.

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Version 1.7.7
Anonymous Member Icon

Mac OSX 10.3.9

iEmulator 1.7.8 (11/21/2005)

Still nothing when attempting to create new pc.

No more time to waste, back to Virtual PC for me

Anonymous Member IconReview

I have used both VPC and iEmulator running Windows 98, The speed difference is noticeable but slim. This is because they are both rather slow if used often. There is a limit to the amount of features VPC can pack in. I hope that any next versions concentrate on speed only. That would make it a worthwhile product.

Anyway, this review is about iEmulator. Now, iEmulator has a chance to make an emulator speedy and not get bogged down in features. They can add those later. The latest version is much better, but you really can tell that the interface was designed by programmers. PLEASE hire a graphic designer for the interface. Pause would be nice too.

iEmulator has now surpassed QemuX in terms of features. iEmulator has never crash (for me anyway) and $25 or whatever it is, is perfectly reasonable for some of the quickest support ever plus a really good product.

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Version 1.7.7
Anonymous Member IconReview

Nah, it works fine with W2K, and this version is WAY better than the previous. Namely, they changed networking in such a way that I can now access the internet via my LAN at work.

Let's face it, we're only using Windoze because we have to, and iEmulator is as good as any other emulator--much better for the price.

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Version 1.7.7
Anonymous Member IconReview

IEmulator is very unstable application. It works fine unless you install Windows on it. Many of Windows applications crashes with Page fault or something else. The developers should increase stability and compatibility of its application.

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Version 1.7.6
Anonymous Member Icon

>>"It works fine unless you install Windows on it."

Sounds like a perfect x86 emulator to me...

Anonymous Member IconReview

I've been using iEmulator for the past month and this application is a joy to use.

Before I bought iEmulator, I emailed them to ask a few questions, one of which was:

'Is there any risk of opening my mac up to attacks
from viruses etc, if i install this programme? i know
that the mac has its security feature which prevents
anything from being installed without authorisation.'

That was exactly what I asked (just copied and pasted from the email I sent), Viruses were my main concern.

I was so impressed when I was emailed straight back with the answer to my question (not to mention my other questions, I had 4 to begin with):

'iEmulator is very insulated from the Mac environment; the worst that can happen is that your emulated PC gets infected, but it cannot affect any Mac files and folders in any way.'

I commend the iEmulator team for being very honest.

I had trouble purchasing iEmulator (user error), but again Richard, one of the iEmulator team was there to help, and made every effort to figure out the problem, never the less it was a user error (short on funds ~ lol)

I told Richard that I had been researching emulators to run MS Access, and had seen reviews of VPC which stated that version 7 was not as good as version 6.

His reply to that was very honest indeed:

'We fully admit that VirtualPC is a more mature application, and provides better performance in most (but not all!) cases, but we're closing the gap quickly. By version 2.0 (due near the end of the year) we hope to be at least on parity with VPC.'

Since I've not used VPC I can't really talk about it, but I did say that in my opinion that iEmulator is 'on par' with VPC.

I bought iEmulator, the documentation included with iEmulator is phenomenal, its tells you step by step how to install iEmulator and gives a step by step guide of how to install Windows.
I hit alittle snag, which was due to the Windows 98 installer not booting from the virtual cd drive.

Richard was there 100% with a solution, which worked a treat.

I then installed Windows, its was an 'experience' for me since I've never installed Windows before, what made me laugh was that the installer reboots itself after it does something, i think it rebooted after 'hardware test' or something, but it did it quite often.

the trouble then was that when Windows had installed, it wouldn't let me access the Windows environment since it couldn't find some of its own files, which is hilarious and really bad at the same time, its the only installer I've ever used where it cant find its own files.

I emailed Richard again and he was really quick with a response and a solution, that worked 100%,


So now I have the superior strengh of Tiger, and can run MS Access, result!

I use iEmulator for other things too, such as checking compatability with Office on the PC and trying out Windows only applications, such as WinRar.

I believe this to be the BEST and SAFEST way to run Windows on a Mac!

I'm not part of the iEmulator development team, I just believe that Exceptional products should be recognised.

I highly recommend this product to any Mac user that needs to run Windows only apps, such as MS Access, and I found other uses for it too, I can check the websites I build in iEmulator, to see how they look on Windows.

The price is excellent too, $23.95 for a fully functional PC.

Oh and they work weekends too!

Thank You for reading

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Version 1.7.6
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