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Wine allows OS X users to run Windows applications.

(Note: this listing is for the official release of Wine, which only provides source code. If you want a version of Wine that is packaged specifically for OS X, then use Winebottler, available here.)

Wine (originally an acronym for "Wine Is Not an Emulator") is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, OS X, and BSD. Instead of simulating internal Windows logic like a virtual machine or emulator, Wine more...

What's New

Version 1.6.2:

Bugs fixed:

  • DirectInput joystick timestamps are wrong
  • Max Payne 2: Ingame windows rendered incorrect with nvts pipe
  • url.dll FileProtocolHandler does not open URLs in browser
  • Resident Evil 2: no sound and annoying dialog window
  • Add support for lcms2
  • Install Shield fails on 64bit multilib wine if WINEPREFIX was created more...


  • OS X 10.5 or later
  • X11 or XQuartz

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Derekcurrie Member IconComment+715

This page at MU is incredibly out of date as well as wrong. One possible reason why is that the WINE development community makes it incredibly painful to find a binary (versus source) version of WINE for Mac. Apparently, it's supposed to be a big secret, or Macs aren't considered worthy. Total rubbish either way around. So here is one way to get a WINE installer for Mac:

1) Go here:

2) Download the current .DMG binary of Darwine for Mac.

3) Run the .DMG to open the Wine Installer folder.

4) The 'Install Wine.app' is not going to have a developer security certificate. Therefore, if you try to run it you're most likely going to get some gibberish error message about the DMG being bad, which it is not. The situation is that you have to temporarily turn OFF Apple's 'Gatekeeper' system to allow the installation. You can't do this unless you're in an administrator account. Note that turning off Gatekeeper can be dangerous, allowing Trojan horse malware to be installed and zombie your computer. Therefore, only turn off Gatekeeper when you know exactly what you're doing and have verified that what you are installing is absolutely SAFE.

Turn off Gatekeeper here:
System Preferences: Security & Privacy: General.
Click on the lock icon on the bottom left, provide the Admin password, then click 'Unlock'. Now change 'Allow applications downloaded from:' to "Anywhere". A sub-window will pop down warning you that 'Choosing "Anywhere" makes your Mac less secure.' Click 'Allow From Anywhere'.

NOTE: You are going to want to reverse the Gatekeeper process after you install WINE and run it for the first time! You'll want to reset Gatekeeper back to 'Mac App Store' or 'Mac App Store and identified developers. Don't Forget!!! Please don't blame me if you forget. I warned you!

Now, when you try to run the 'Install Wine.app' file, you'll be offered the option to 'Open' the installer. A pop up box will then appear saying 'Press Run to run this script, or Quit to quit.' Click 'Run' and WINE will be installed. It will ask for the Admin password before the installation is complete. Provide it and you'll find Wine.app has been installed in your Applications folder.

5) You should now run Wine.app for the first time, while Gatekeeper is still off. You'll see it has very simple menus.

6) Quit WINE.

7) No return to Security & Privacy and turn Gatekeeper back on again as described above at the end of #4 above.

WineBottler is a completely SEPARATE application not officially associated with WINE but works with WINE. You can read about it and download it here:


If you don't want to play all these geeky games getting WINE and fiddling around with WINE and WineBottler, the best option is to read about, download the demo, then pay for CrossOver by Codeweavers. It is available here:


Officially, all the work put into CrossOver is eventually incorporated into WINE. But Codeweavers provide the easiest way to install and use WINE as well as technical support. The money paid to Codeweavers helps pay for further development put toward the open WINE project.

Meanwhile, another free way to get and use WINE is via MacPorts and X11. I will not be describing how to work with MacPorts as it is supremely geeky, difficult and annoying to use if you haven't climbed its considerable learning curve. If you're not into being a techno geek yourself, leave MacPorts for another day when you're up for a big, interesting challenge.

Side notes:
As of today, the current stable version of WINE for Mac is 1.7.0. The stable version of WineBottler is WineBottler has NOT yet been updated for OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Check on the current version of CrossOver if you want WINE of Mavericks, or learn about and install WINE via MacPorts. (And please don't ask me any questions about MacPorts as I will not respond).

And yes, WINE in all caps is the correct way to write it as it is an abbreviation for 'Wine Is Not an Emulator'. 'Wine' is for drinking, but that doesn't stop WINE from being spelled 'Wine' anyway.

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Version 1.4.1

Typo Police: Please read
"7) NOW return to Security & Privacy…"
"ALSO, check on the current version of CrossOver if you want WINE FOR Mavericks"


Thanks for the info.

A while ago I wanted to use Wine, and I ended up using the Wineskin option:


It worked fine for me, although it was a bit complicated at first.

Are there significant advantages to the above options over Wineskin?


Sorry, that was wrong. I actually used this version of Wineskin, which I think has been developed further:


flerchjj Member IconReview+0

Yes, Bob.A is correct this the link is not to Wine. It is to WineBottler, which was an awesome program last time I used it and has a separate link and entry on this page.

See the Darwine page for Mac OS X Wine binaries (https://sourceforge.net/projects/darwine/). You can either use Wine from the packaged app bundle or open their bundles and pull out the binaries, if that's your thing. They also may have some old ppc binaries in addition to those for the Intel Macs.

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Version 1.4.1
Bob.A Member IconReview+13

I just want to point out that this Is Not Wine.
It is also not this developers unofficial build as mentioned
in the description. It seems to me like this developer
no longer builds plain versions of wine.

These links all point to this same developers - WineBottler ;
a newer and more complete implementation of using wine
on Macs, similar to Codeweavers Crossover®.

To go to the page describing Wine Bottler check here:

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Version 1.4.1
Jazzyguy Member IconReview+3699

Excellent! I used it to get Foobar with Wine Bottler!

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Version 1.4.1
Korich Member IconReview+19

this is not Wine!!!!

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Version 1.4.1

did you bother to mount it? there is wine and winebottler in it


go to the Darwine page (https://sourceforge.net/projects/darwine/) like they say in the description if you want a plain version of Wine for Mac OS X.

mymon Member IconReview+20

I love this open source project as it makes me free from Windows
Sometimes you need to get into it to make thinks working but its worth to play!
Once you understand how the bottles work and what your app requires to work you can get even .NET software working (which made me to use virtual Windows before)
If you get into it you may find that you don't need Windows at all (Im not using VMware/VirtualBox/Parallels any more as all I want finally works)

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Version 1.2.3

If you know of some secrets, tricks, or tips to get .NET working, please do share. I'm only using one Windows program at present, and I'd love to skip a full virtual machine for that.


I had a problem with .Net using wine but I got it working with WineBottler
It was a while ago but as far as I remember I installed a preconfigured bottle for some other App and used in for the .net app I couldn't get working with wine
The other good thing about WineBottler is that you can add apps to your dock
Unfortunately you can open it only once when with wine you can open it multiple times
So Im using both ;)


JCH2 you may also want to take a look at the Mono project if you haven't already. It includes a .NET Runtime.



Hmmm... I'm not sure what Mono is supposed to do for me. And so far, not much luck in getting .NET into WinBottler.

So if anyone knows which of the presets includes support for .NET, please do share. The one major Windows program I use daily is Live Writer... which requires .NET, unfortunately.


JCH2 whats the .net app you cant get working?
It would be easier for me to play with it and find out if it needs some other Libraries


The application I would like to run is Live Writer.

I currently use VirtualBox (though I have all the other major virtualization packages as well) with an install of the latest SP of Win7. Using any of the VM softwares is fine, though it would be nice to just pop in and out of LW more quickly throughout my day.

I have come by Wine/Winebottler a few times over the last few years, but I have yet to get to run anything author than some minor utilities that I use. Live Writer is the only major program I used in Windows machines that doesn't have any equivalent in the Mac world.


May not be easy to get Windows Live Writer instilled
I can see from the log that it requires lots of fonts windows installer (probably 3.1) adobe stuff and a lot more
Walk through the log and see whats missing - than add it with the next install and keep digging until u get it working ;)

You can also write a query and @ to wine developers


Thanks, Mymon, but that all sounds like a bit too much work. Worse yet, this will be the last localized version of LW, as Microsoft wants to swing harder to selling its online software/cloud suits. And that'll be a closed system anyway. Thanks the input anyway.

JCH2 Member IconReview+392

I'm not sure why this link keeps getting pushed, as it isn't even the right one any more.


Overall, since Wine cannot adequately support .NET, there's a lot more at a loss than OpenGL to consider... and a lot of apps outside such drivers that will likely never run in Wine.

If you have a copy of the guest OS you need for your app, VirtualBox is the way to go if you need free virtual machines.


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Version 1.2.3

objectively, I can see the appeal of Wine or Crossover-- *if* your application works, then this saves you from having to buy Windows!

However, if you have access to a Windows DVD and serial number, then VirtualBox or VMware or Parallels will definitely be the better way to go. (I'm a VMware person, myself).


About the link issue you seems to have, I don't have this problem? .NET support is also not an issue for me. As you can build a 'bottle' where you can install it in. Just like in CrossOver...

The strength of Wine is that you don't need any copy of Windows. With the 'free' (and for sure well running Open Source) VirtualBox you still need a legal Windows version! That's a very great nuance don't you think?

Wine is in my opinion a great way to run my Windows games or apps in OS X with Quartz... And with the Beta package program, available at the developer website, I can put my Windows game or app in a OS X style launch icon as if it's a a native OS X application.

I believe you better compare Wine with the commercial CrossOver project and not VirtualBox.




I'm agree with you for 100% (I'm a Parallels 7 and Boot Camp person). Not every app or game will work with Wine... You need to boot in Windows for that (native or via virtualization). Still, even then you're not 100% sure ;-) But that also counts for some OS X apps :D

Never the less, I can run many of my apps just with Wine!
Maybe not that easy and/or user friendly when compared with a virtualization app in combination with a Windows version. But for a free Open Source Project I'm happy with the Wine Project...


JetFireDX Member IconComment+34

Again no OpenGL support and so I am sure is going to be almost useless to many people who either want to run a game or have one or two 3D tools they use in Windows that they would rather not reboot to run. (Parallels 3D support is laughable last I checked, and VMWare is passable but it still means running the whole OS just to get at that "one application.")

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Version 1.0
Johnny Rocket Member IconComment+18
Johnny Rocket

there is supposedly an intel version but I tried every download mirror they have listed and none of them work. Is this even being developed anymore???

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Version 0.9.27 DP

There are now a few IntelMac versions around (none of which seem to have made it onto MacUpdate). Try http://www.kronenberg.org/darwine/

Dalahast Member IconComment+139


1. Why make it for PPC if it's useless?

I don't have time to fuss with this or that library, such-and-such executable, or this-little-tarbundle, or whichever frigging file it wants. I just want to drop an EXE on and watch it work, that's it.

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Version 0.9.12 DP
user icon+13
Christian Schwang
Version 1.2.3
user icon+104
Version 1.2.3
> 3 12


Current Version (1.x)


Downloads 159,513
Version Downloads 26,745
Type Utilities / System
License Free
Date 18 Jan 2014
Platform Intel 64 / OS X / Intel 32
Price Free
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