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Vendetta Online is a massively multiplayer game that permits thousands of players to interact as the pilots of spaceships in a vast universe. Users may build their characters in any direction they desire, becoming rich captains of industry, military heroes, or outlaws. A fast-paced, realtime "twitch" style combat model gives intense action, coupled with the backdrop of RPG gameplay in a massive online galaxy. Three major player factions form a delicate balance of power, with several NPC sub-factions creating situations of economic struggle, political intrigue and conflict. The completely persistent universe and detailed more...

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Version 1.8.300:

Note: The older version available for download ( will automatically patch itself up to this latest update.
  • Fixed multithreaded rendering artifacts. We're still working on the crashing bugs.
  • Save Password checkbox is now always present on platforms that support it.
  • Touch-hover now works when dragging your finger from a listbox or more...


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Derision Member IconReview+93

Back in the old days, I used to play games like Elite, Sentinel Worlds, and Space Rogue. They were excellent games — particularly Space Rogue — and mixed the best parts of role playing along with space-based combat or spaceflight simulation to make for some really excellent gameplay.

I remember thinking, at the time, how awesome it would be if the game were somehow networked, so that the people that I was interacting with, or trying to blow up, were real, actual people, rather than computer-controlled drones.

Vendetta feels a lot like what Space Rogue or Elite would feel like, networked. It has a good role playing factor to it, and mixes both computer-controlled NPC characters with actual, real-life, people.

The in-game universe is pretty vast, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because you get a lot of variation in what you can do, a lot of places that you can go. But there currently aren’t too many users, and the vastness of the universe means that the few people that are around are generally spread pretty thinly. I can go for hours without seeing more than one or two people. And a lot of the people that are on, aren’t interested in the role-playing aspect of the game, and are just there to blow each other up.

Speaking of blowing each other up, by far the biggest pastime in the game is piracy. If there are ten users active, you can bet that at least seven of them are pirates. It’s generally pretty easy to avoid them, though, and either way, the game doesn’t penalize you for getting blown up as much as other games do. Getting money in-game is ridiculously easy, so it’s really no trouble at all to re-ship and re-arm after being destroyed a few times.

It is also one of the few games that does not rely on experience points to get you anywhere. While they are needed to purchase certain weapons, ships, and to take part in some missions, for the most part a good pilot with a weak ship can easily outfight a weak pilot with a strong ship. That’s what really attracted me to the game, was the flight dynamics and the ability to get “good” at it without having to slog through endless missions in a futile attempt to accumulate exp.

All in all, I think the game is definitely worth a look, though whether it’s worth it to pay for the subscription is up to each individual user.

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Version 1.8.300
Jazzyguy Member IconReview+3659

Very challenging and interesting game.I really like it!

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Version 1.8.232
David Flory Member IconReview+15
David Flory

Perspective on me, 73 years old, on VO for for over two years. This is the only game I have played regularly for more that a couple of months. VO is DEEP. I takes a couple of weeks to begin to see all the possibilities, and it does take a while to get into the good ships and missions. If you try the 8hr free trial, as soon as you get out of the training sector holler for EMS, (Emergency Mechanical Services) and get a newbie starter kit of equipment. Also immediately look for a mentor to help you get thru the first 3 license levels. Read the appendix to the manual and look at VO-wicki for tons of information of use in the game.

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Version 1.8.205
BLACKRABBIT Member IconReview+1

Vendetta has an 8 hour trial. So I tried the game. To get started in the game, a person needs to take the tutorials. Tutorials are training missions And let me tell you, they wrote a book of junk you have to read to take the training mission. Nobody cares much about all the politics. It is too overwhelming. All you care about, in the training tutorials, is the last paragraph of the that mission. And, I can tell by the number of newbies that log on and then leave, never to be seen again, that the tutorials are terrible.

Lets talk mining. Mining for minerals is big in the beginning of the game, to gain money and levels. But, it takes a long, long, boring time. Sure, the first day is cool. It is all new. Then, it is boring, boring, boring, as you move from rock to rock, waiting for the cargo bay to fill up.

Lets get into travel in the game. Think about this. To go from one side of your nation, to the other, takes over 12 minutes of holding down the tab key, as you go from one jump to another, and seeing very few other ships. Sure, you can find a plug-in to hold the tab key down (i, nfinite turbo) but it is very tricky to use. Travel is so bad, that you might go to sleep if you have to take a convoy 1/2 way around the universe, taking over 20 minutes.

To gain better weapons and ships, and gain experience, you have to kill a lot of small bots. We are talking, a lot. There are actually a bit of fun, at first, but then they soon get boring.

Now, lets get into pirates. There is nothing worse then doing all this freaking boring mining, then boring travel, as your missions, just to have some pirate, with attitude, find you, demand payment … or blow you up. If you run from the pirate and get blown up (most do), then you have to do all that boring stuff, again. Oh, the pirate ship and their weapons are WAY better then yours, plus their fighting techniques are better. You don't have a prayer, no matter what they say. And I have witnessed pirates killing in pirate space, as well as Nation space.

In the end, the only thing not too boring in this game is pirating and pvp combat in an area called Sedina 8. It is mostly people that have played a long time, have a nasty attitude, and are good at fighting.

The game has some nice graphics, but in reality, is the same thing ... everywhere. These includes rocks, space stations, and a lot of empty space. Sure, there are some things you can do, and plan, but it takes hours and hours of boring time.

They also need some cooler ships. I am fighting with a space ship called a Vulture, that has, wings, like a fighter jet. Can’t I have a space ship? If I wanted to fly a fighter jet space, I would have gotten a different game.

The best thing about this program is that the game was very reliable, and ran on a lot of platforms. This means you can be bored, a whole lot of places. Just go there an try it for free. Don’t fall asleep while playing.

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Version 1.8.198

12 minutes just to get across nation space.... perhaps you should have taken more notice in the tutorials.
You don't have to jump from one grid to the next you can jump right across the whole sector in one go.


"And, I can tell by the number of newbies that log on and then leave, never to be seen again, that the tutorials are terrible."

How does one deduce, after 8 hours or less, that people leave bc of the tutorials? Many people create alternate characters to try different roles (like races). Personally, I've abandoned some alts after as little as an hour or two. You'd have NO CLUE I'd signed back in as my main character.

There are lots of reasons that people just stay long enough to check out the game. Space sims are uncommon; people want to determine if this genre works for them. The might want to see if it is a strategy game, RPG, or a little of both. They want to know how the combat system fits together. There are tons of things to check out. Each gamer is different! Whether VO appeals to you depends on YOU. VO doesn't hold your hand or spoon feed you. It's got a little of the classics like the X Series & Elite. If those games are before your time, that's part of the problem.

VO is about doing missions: fighting, exploring,mining, trading &, if you choose, PVP interaction. If you were bored, I submit it is bc you didn't take the time to get to know VO. The best part of VO is the community!! Unlike Eve, the players of VO are more than happy to mentor newbies. They are very generous with their time. They'll share tips, loot, even promo codes. Many a veteran was willing to drop what he or she was doing to help me out of a jam. I've never experienced that with Eve!

To play VO you have to get involved: either by joining with other players through guilds or joint missions, or by going from Space Station to Space Station completing quests.

The one thing VO is NOT is boring. I suspect, just in reading your comments, you didn't put the time in to learn the nuts & bolts of the game. If you did, you'd know that getting across nation space is very easy.

Bottom line: each person is different. This is not a button mashing game killing zombies amid lots of gore. It requires patience and the passion to explore. The one weak area of the game is the trading system, which needs an overhaul. Beyond that, it is a great game. VO is a lot like many other games in that you get out what you put into it.

Cybersleuth58 Member IconReview+10

There are not many good space combat sim MMO's available these days. It is even more rare to find one that will run on a Mac.

Vendetta Online is a space themed combat sim. It begins with very helpful tutorials that allow the player to pick up a few points. Each space station has an interface that contains unique missions. One can choose to undertake various missions involving mining or trade or combat or delivery... With the completion of certain missions new ships and weapons become available. To get from one galaxy to another one makes use of worm holes. The player is encouraged and rewarded for exploring the universe.

A few of the things I find very attractive about Vendetta Online: the missions are diverse enough to keep a player busy and engaged. The learning curve is sufficiently gradual. It also allows for solitary as well as team player engagement. I am more interested in grinding alone and am turned off when forced to team up with others I don't know. So far I have not been pushed in that direction, which is a plus.

There are few negatives to this game, and as far as I can see they are minor. Graphically, the game is not bad. But it is also nothing to write home about, either. Leveling up to access better weapons does seem a bit slow. The music can be monotonous after a while; but that is easily remedied by hitting the mute button. Vendetta Online requires a $9.00/month subscription fee. One can debate the relative pros and cons of monthly fees until the end of time.

If you are a die hard space explorer who enjoyed playing games like Freelancer you may want to give Vendetta Online a shot. Each new player gets the first 30 days free.

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Version 1.8.139
David Flory Member IconReview+15
David Flory

This game has something for almost everyone. I think I may be the oldest player in the game at 72, and I have trained people in their mid-teens. There is player vs player real time combat for those who want it. There is nation warfare. There is trading, escorting trade missions and defending them against player and bot attacks. There is mining of asteroids, which some find totally immersive, and a great moneymaker. My personal favorite aspect is the continuing struggle against the rogue robotic mining machines which are competing with us/humans for resources to survive in space. When I show newbs the Leviathan, the big daddy bot, they are always impressed and excited. I have been playing this game for a year and still enjoy it. One of the best aspects of the game is the player base which is very supportive of new players. All one has to do to get help is ask.

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Version 1.8.134
26cab40 Member IconComment+333

Ok, fundamental problems with this game.
First, the good thing.
The fast-action twitch aspect works well for combat, the control system is well implemented.
However, in the long term the ONLY way to upgrade your ship and status is a system so poor it beggers belief.

Shoot drones.

In fact, shoot countless thousands of drones over many many months.
Until you have done this, the established unemployed obsessives hang around warp points, blowing you up and making you backtrack huge distances and loose the XP you have built up.
It is not policed to stop this.
There is no in-game mechanism to prevent it or protect you.

Other, older games, had missions that added GREATLY to your XP, and for good reason, if you can assasinate some military big-noise, you deserve the XP.

Not in Vendetta.

In other, older games, if you mine like crazy for 2 months, you make so much money you can buy a cap-ship, or any fast capable fighter with oodles of deadly weapons.
Just like the real world, if you have enough money, you can buy what you like.

Not in Vendetta.

Essentially, you have to spend all day, every day for the next six months making endless trips to asteroid fields to shoot varying classes of droid.

Here's the joke, once you HAVE done this, there is nowhere or nothing to do, you end up sitting outside jump points making stupid yarrr comments and shooting noobs.

I tried this game with a grim determination for 6 months.
Futile, pointless and soul destroying.

At least other, more popular, online space sims have greater depth and give a noob a chance.

If you have a life, it's not for you.

Until the devs wake up and change the FUNDAMENTAL structure of the game it will remain an also-ran in the online pantheon.

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Version 1.8.79

I'm sorry to hear that this individual had a bad experience in our game. It seems that they labored under several misapprehensions that understandably colored their experience.

1) In no way is it necessary to continue shooting drones, over and over again.. let alone for six months. It only takes a few hours for a new player to hit Level 3 Combat, at which point the Dynamic Warfare missions become available in Deneb, allowing you to join the military on the Serco or Itani side, and take part in real warfare on behalf of your Nation (often with other players on both sides). We start the new players out with simple drones, because some people find the combat learning curve to be a little steep, but other options quickly become available.

2) Pirates and other aggressive players hang out in a specific region of the galaxy, which covers only 8 of the 30 available solar-systems. By and large it is easy to avoid, and you can certainly advance your character without the risk of these areas, especially if you simply avoid missions that take you there. The tutorials include very stark warnings about the "grayspace" region. We specifically *do* give new people a chance, by including terrifying defensive batteries that keep the pirates out of Nation Space.

3) You cannot "lose XP". Ever. Perhaps this person means losing XP they have not yet actually earned, by having a mission not be completed. But once you have it, you have it.

4) You CAN equip items and ships that are above your license level, by visiting the more "black market" stations in (more dangerous) grayspace. Not all items are available, but they can also be purchased elsewhere and delivered there (by the player, or often by other players who re-sell items). Some ships are nation-specific, but a considerable amount of gear is available in grayspace; as evidenced by our effective pirates, who are often "kill on sight" in all nation territory.

Our game is not without flaws, of which we are well aware, and we work to improve them in each weekly release. In this case, a player somehow managed to make it six months while remaining unaware of several fundamental game mechanics (?!). We do cover much of this content in our tutorials, but clearly we need to push new players more forcefully in various directions, to be absolutely sure they are aware of the available options. We are working on an expansion of the new-user-experience to do exactly this, as well as changing the mission system to make our many available missions more apparent to everyone.

Additionally, we frequently read and respond to constructive feedback on our Suggestions Forum, doing our best to improve problem areas and integrate good ideas that our players bring up.

yoshinatsu Member IconComment+539

Duh... Apocrypha was just released, who's gonna give money for THIS? :/

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Version 1.8.62

Hey, retard, this game has nothing to do with EVE style gameplay, which is a dull point and click interface. In VO, you really pilot the ship yourself. Its like saying who's gonna play Myst V now that Age of Conan is out. One has nothing to do with the other. Now please stop posting in this thread, you're making a fool out of yourself.


Why would anyone want to play EVE when this is available?? I suppose EVE makes a nice screen saver.

Mark Everitt

Chalk and Cheese!

Jim Ribs

@LADIRECTION I can understand if your mad but this is no place for that kind of language.

Xolodnik Member IconReview+4

I've been playing Vendetta Online for about half a year now and plan to continue to subscribe for the foreseeable future. While not perfect with some key features still in development, I find VO captures the essence of space combat very well - even when using my joystick and after from many years of playing flight sims, VO transcends the "planes in space" feeling with which most other games in the space combat genre leave me; VO has done this by finding a good balance twixt realism and gameplay with their oddly tweaked 3-D physics model.

Other pluses to the game are: The client is native has been very stable for me even though I don't have the most up to date Mac. The network performance is rock solid making the PvP fun and satisfying. The community is generally supportive and is directly engaged in making VO a better game with publicly available customizations via skins, plugins, and even missions. Built-in voice chat via TeamSpeak, too.

Comparisons to the Escape Velocity series are valid as are those to earlier games in the genre like Elite and Freelancer with the caveat that VO is primarily a multi-player FPS in space with RPG trappings. However, future plans indicate that VO is evolving toward a more complex and dynamic economy which will provide for a richer and more interesting backdrop to the PvP action with more traditional RPG elements like trading, crafting, and mining getting more attention. (As for EvE, I find that the differences in gameplay completely outweigh the similarities which are, after all, common to most games in the same genre.)

Overall, a fun game if you're looking for a space-based MMO with solid PvP.

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Version 1.8.57

Missed my edit window but just wanted to elaborate on the differences between VO and EvE and point out that EvE is listed on MacUpdate as "Adventure" but Vendetta Online is listed as "Action" which sums up the differences in a nice, crunchy nutshell.

yoshinatsu Member IconComment+539

Uhhh.... Anyone notice a LITTLE similarity with EVE Online?
I mean... ANYONE???

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Version 1.8.56

Not really, other than both being games that take place in space.


It's also worth noting that our Public Alpha launched in May of 2002, a year before EVE. We are contemporaries, and I'm sure we have similar influences, but that doesn't make ours a derivative or copy. EVE has had greater success, and is better known, but our development started in 1998. It would be more apt to point out similarities to the early X-Wing or Wing Commander titles, the games that truly inspired us.

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