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SOHO Organizer is the official successor to Personal Organizer and Group Organizer and represents a 100% Cocoa rewrite of the former products. This means SOHO Organizer presents a first-class Mac OS X experience complete with all the features Mac OS X users expect: Aqua interface, Unicode compliance, built-in spell checking, Service support, etc. Finally, the true benefit of a complete Cocoa rewrite is that SOHO Organizer is built for the future and can easily accommodate future technologies (think Intel-based Macs).

SOHO Organizer makes managing customer relationships from phone calls and notes to appointments and more...

What's New

Version 9.3.6:
  • Fixed problem where creating multiple contacts in a row on a particularly slow CardDAV server, would break editing the second new contact and select the first contact in the list
  • Fixed problem where the first day of a repeating event was incorrectly displayed when it was also excluded
  • Fixed problem with the way overlapping events are displayed in the Week more...


OS X 10.5.8 or later

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SOHO Organizer User Discussion

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Sherwood Botsford Member IconReview+0
Sherwood Botsford

1. It is not able to sync groups with either Apple Address Book or with Google Contacts. (It was able to pull contacts in from Google, but not existing groups, nor was it able to push groups back.
2. It is not able to view existing email as a thread.
3. It cannot access gmail labels at all. If a message has 3 labels, it shows up as 3 emails to/from that contact.
4. Lots of spinning beachballs waiting for it to catch up.
5. Inconsistent drag and drop behaviour.

6. Doesn't pick up dates from the email, but instead the file date of the local copy.
7. Drops contacts from groups.
8. Rearranges groups.
9. If you merge two records, it deletes the old records, and you lose all groups.
10. You cannot move a contact from one group to another, you have to add it to the one, and delete.
11. You can sync only up to every half hour or manually. No option for once a day.
12. You cannot change the sort order for contacts. E.g. sort by last contact date. Sort by number of contacts.
13. You cannot change the lists of relationships.
14. You cannot have multiple tag lists.
15. Support is terrible. I have 3 trouble tickets in and 12 Suggestions+problems on their forum for SoHo Organizer. Have not received a reply on any of them after 3 days.

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Version 9.3.6
Powercc Member IconReview+5

I like these software in between. It was really hard to come from Personal Organizer up to 9.x. But the last two one are really good, stable and have lot of good functions!

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Version 9.3.1
Big77 Member IconReview+149

I know this probably won't be a popular opinion, but Organizer has been working pretty well for me lately. I've given it some rather poor reviews in the past and I still say it's not quite "there" yet, but it does sync well now, allows easy use of many different accounts, is reasonably fast and certainly has a better interface than Lion's address book. The "Check for duplicates" function is great and saved the day many times when Apple's syncing screwed up.

I still have problems with sizes of blocks in contact cards and with funky font display there too. Trashing preferences helped once though that's a pain to do.

Anyhow, no harm in giving it a try since there is a free trial. It's expensive, so that's the least they can do.

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Version 9.2.8
Dana Sutton Member IconComment+669
Dana Sutton

MobileMe users who can't or won't upgrade to Lion are going to lose contacts synching after June 30, 2012 (calendars and mail can be set up manually within Snow Leopard, contacts can't). It would be nice if there were a good workaround. At the moment SOHO Organizer is the only game in town. But, forgetting any questions about how well it actually works, it has a klunky interface and a hundred bucks is an outrageous price. The first person to put out a suitable contacts app. which is reasonably priced and has a simple, attractive interface is going to make a lot of money. So let's hope some developer rises to the challenge.

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Version 9.2.5

Well said...and I'm still waiting. A ways back, the folks at BusyMac said it was on their "roadmap"--sure hope they get off their arses and make it happen!

Doug Eddy Member IconReview+26
Doug Eddy

OOOPS. I over rated them. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on these folks. How do you define sink hole????

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Version 9.2.4
Prlab Member IconComment+166

Now how do I remove this rubbish from my dock?

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Version 9.1.7

Real question? (Funny!) Any app can be dragged off the dock as long as it's not running. You'll get the special Mac poof effect.

Anon-Bud Member IconReview+599

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times?

I need therapy!

Yes. After all that I've said earlier, I decided to pay the upgrade price for SO anyway. I must be addicted to trying to find the best integrated CRM/Planner available around.

Soho Organizer is most definitely, NOT IT! Take a glance at the follow [non-exhaustive, as there are quite a lot of them] list of problems and bugs I've encountered while working heavily with this over the past several days:

* Very slow moving from tab to tab.
* Doesn't update to MobileMe CalDav very well at all [Laptop open all day and events created in SO still are not synced, even though I've got it set to refresh with MobileMe every minute.
* Doesn't update from MobileMe CalDav very well either, but at least it does eventually. Except for tasks, which often do not sync at all.
* Tasks from MobileMe do not update with any regularity at all.
* Cannot control-click to access contextual menus in calendar views [i.e. to add/edit an event], because there are no contextual menus available in calendar views.
* Events showing up in one calendar view but not in a different view, even though the particular calendar is ticked to show events. [It corrected with a quit and restart of SO, but one shouldn't have to do this in order to get things right!]
* Still some weird behavior that has not been fixed from earlier versions: i.e. random events disappearing from views when random preferences are changed.
* Activities section in contacts are a joke. Events do not show up and be careful if you resize the view as this section does not play well with others!
* Input in Contact cards sometimes slows down to the point that you have to click in another field to see what you've written.
* Unable to tick "Organization" check box when creating a card for a company/organization. One has to manually make this an organization through the menu bar.

What really gets me about the folks at Chronos is not their slow response, as bad as that is. What irks me the most is that, basically, Soho Organizer has not changed all that much in the four years and two major upgrades they've produced. The feature set is about the same. Oh, CalDav/Mobile Support, et al may be a bit better. But I do not think this justifies charging for upgrades each time. Especially when the developers simply refuse to correct the buggy behavior that has existed in this app for at least the past four year.

And this is the other thing that has not changed about SO. The bugs are still there. Most of the problems I mention above have been around for years. YEARS! This is completely unacceptable. SO will work great for a while. But all of a sudden and for no apparent reason—BAM! Data loss. Events disappear. They may not be lost, but the only way to get them back is to restart the app. And the folks at Chronos want $100 for this [$50 for owners of previous versions]. I just cannot tell you how infuriating this is.

And I just cannot understand why this company remains in business, except that there may be more people like me who really want this app to work and so keep paying for upgrades thinking [and, dare I say, hoping] that this time will be different and everything will work like an application is supposed to work.

Long and short: Stay far away from Soho Organizer. Do not let the eye candy and promise of blissful workflow entice you into spending your money for this app. Learn from my mistake and from those others who have posted their bad experiences here. Do yourself a favor and just jot all your events and contact information on napkins. And then tear up the napkins and throw the pieces away. You'll still lose your data, but at least you won't be paying for the privilege!

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Version 9.1.6

Unfortunately, the problem is that there are SO few viable alternatives. The state of Mac PIMS is so, so lacking and no developer steps up to the plate with a viable, integrated and professional alternative.

All of them are half-baked such as BusyCal and even Outlook (due to it's lack of integration). It's honestly enough to make me switch to Windows. Windows has it's own problems so I don't actually make the switch so I'm stuck. This sucks.



Right! I tired this latest yet agin and deleted an event and changed another one only to have the deleted one show up again but at a different time! Crazy making!

Doug Eddy

I would never buy anything these idiots put out. They have a long history of garbage product. Miserable support. Inflated claims and equally negative results. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ANYTHING THESE FOLKS PRODUCE. You will only have heartache and lost money!! When so many quality products fold how do these idiots continue to sell products?

Rafaciana Member IconReview+6

My experiences with SOHO Organizer have been almost completely positive since version 8 and only positive with version 9. ( I had some of the same problems as others until version 8.) It is a full-featured contact manager and calendar; and Notes is also very useful. The integration of all these, plus Print Essentials (still learning), is great. This is enough to outweigh the wonderful BusyCal for me. The calendars flawlessly and instantaneously sync with iCloud, iCal, Address Book, on my home LAN, and the iPhone. I think that SOHO Organizer is as good or better than any contact manager on the market. No slowdown of my system occurs as indicated subjectively and with Activity Monitor. I like the layout and format of the Contact Cards. Emails (and other documents, if desired) automatically become linked to a contact. I have used Personal Organizer since version 3 in the mid-90's. Still using v.4.5 which has patient's clinical notes from my retired office practice. (Did not use SO from v.5 and until v.8. Support is slow, but has always been responsive. I wonder if the fact that those who have given negative reviews, by history, tend to give negative reviews on most of the apps they review should be considered. Perhaps they are more adept at finding flaws than I am...or? (NOTE: I will not reply to responses to this question.)

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Version 9.1.4

I think I am pretty fair in my assessments of software [you can view the comment history of folks by clicking on their screen name, btw]. I am also a very loyal customer and will stick with a product through thick and thin. I really tried to do this with SO.

It is absolutely vital to me that a calendar/organizer program work well. Random deleting of events, losing data, quirks here, bugs there, simply will not do. Over the years, SO has proven to be such a program. I cannot rely on it. I tried to stick with it, even through long stretches of time working with very slow response from the developer, who was always trying to help fix my problems, but, alas, was not quick enough in response and ultimately was unable to fix the bugs I constantly ran into.

SO is a very nice looking app. But, for some reason, it just doesn't work.


Once again, like for the 20th time over the years, I downloaded the latest version to give it yet another try. Immediately upon syncing with the Address Book, it duplicated all my contacts... So now I have duplicates in both Organiser and Address Book.

This happened last year, then stopped with one of the updates. And now it happens again.

I've owned this product for years, before it was branded with Soho. I really do want to trust it, because on paper it is well done.

But as Anon-Bud notes, it is so unreliable with data that one wonders if any QA at all is done by the developers. My number-one complaint with both Organiser and Notes is that both are unreliable.

I have continually had problems with data integrity (plus the ongoing small bugs that never seem to get squashed) for the past 3 or 4 years. I've never had such doubts about an application's handling of my data before, until Notes and Organiser. Things go well for 2 or 3 weeks, then BAMMM. Data loss or corruption.

Soho needs to strip off the excess feature bloat, clean the core product up, and regain reliability and trust.


How can you say it syncs with iCloud when iCloud support wasn't added to the product for 3 months AFTER your review and iCloud itself was not available to the general public for 3 months AFTER your review?

Cookie08 Member IconReview+68

I am testing the current version released it is working well with all devices no syncing problems with me etc at last they they may have nailed it.

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Version 9.1.4

Your last post on this app on 11 Feb 2010 was also rather glowing, and it included the comment, "This latest version really is smooth; the problems seem fixed."


That version at the time worked well then the updates went bad this latest version finally seems to be working properly at last

A-One Member IconReview+13

I would really like to like this application. The feature set is almost perfect, and although it is a while since the last version I tried as a demo, this one certainly seems faster and altogether more like a serious contender.

But then after a while the cracks start to appear. Frequent crashes don't exactly inspire much faith. Smart lists don't update properly - or is it that tags set don't keep their tag settings? Hard to tell, but it sure as hell doesn't work properly. The application promises excellent ways to organise your contacts - but if you can't rely on tagged contacts actually showing up in smart groups for that tag, what is the point? .... And as far as I can see this version is simply not compatible with the current version of Skype. So if not, why release it with supposed Skype dialling compatibility? It just looks like another great sounding function that actually does not work.

With a responsive developer these would seem like small bugs that could be ironed out fairly swiftly. Thought I would email the developer to find out, but there is no easy way to contact them. Only way is a convoluted process of registration on the website. Feels like they want to put up a barrier to stop customers bothering them. Then I look at all the other comments on MacUpdate and realise the impression I get is nothing new - people have been pointing out these frustrations with the app and developer for quite some time.

Such a shame for an application that is so very nearly really, really good. And so damn weird that the developer doesn't appear to be listening. Make yourself accessible ... and iron out bugs ... and communicate to customers and potential customers ... and you could have something excellent here!

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Version 9.1.3
user icon+1
Version 9.1.0
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Current Version (9.x)


Downloads 62,147
Version Downloads 2,152
License Demo
Date 27 Nov 2013
Platform Intel 64 / OS X / PPC 32 / Intel 32
Price $99.99
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