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JigSaw's primary use is for joining files split with applications such as Master Splitter for Windows.

JigSaw offers PAR and RAR support. It also attempts to veryfiy that all of the parts are present.

JigSaw creates a Join/Split/PAR queue as you add files to the window. JigSaw sorts files of varried types in to the correct lists allowing you to drag, part, rar and par files to the window all at once and drop them on either the split, par or join lists.

JigSaw offers a built in media player as well as offering expanded viewing capabilities via jplugs like the zMediaPlayer.

What's New

Version 3.1 offers several minor bug fixes as well as a popularly requested Concat option. This new feature allows the joining of multiple unrelated files in to a single document. Options for this include the ability to include file markers making reading from the file easier for the user.


Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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Digital Fury Member IconReview+61
Digital Fury

The application tries to call home when launched, and freeze than crashes if it doesn't manage to do so; very bad behavior than shouldn't be encouraged in any way.

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Version 3.1
Agdesign Laze E Software (Developer) Member IconDev+3
Agdesign Laze E Software (Developer)

In regards to the comment below;
There was an errant 'return' left in the split code from a previous test build. It has been removed and the package reuploaded. This rebuild was tested with several tgz and dmg files and after splitting and then rejoining they worked fine. I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused any one.

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Version 3.0.3
Helmo Hass Member IconComment+87
Helmo Hass

Version 3.0.3:

* Fixes an issue with the join method that appeared on some Intel systems
* Fixes file size calculations when splitting files over 1gig.
* Fixes an issue with the split method.

Very funny i'm on a G5now and the issue now is for the PPC side
infact I just made a test using 3.0 version and all worked fine
with this new relase 3.0.3 every file joined gives an error and doesn't mount (for dmg files)

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Version 3.0.3
Agdesign Laze E Software (Developer)

Can you please contact support at for nextsoft dot com with more information on this?

Helmo Hass

Well i tried but as soon as I choose jigsaw from the menu when sending the message i get an error..

the only one who i was able to sento to you was without choosing any aapplication...

maybe you will find

anyway, after spitting a file a rejoining it the joined is unusable, no matter what it is , dmg , zip etc... it just gives a corrupted file

in v. 3.0 on ppc it works perfectly instead

FalknerX Member IconComment+72

Split & Concat does this for free

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Version 3.0b5
Espiridion Member IconReview+1147

I've used this for a long time. It's been fast and reliable.
I would rate it 4 stars, but will add an extra one to compensate for the previous review. The app does what it's supposed to do, and is available for the Mac.

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Version 2.5
Aikousha Member IconReview+256

First, there aren't many features. Basically it is supposed to be the splitting and joining of files. Other than that there's not much. On the PC side, I have access to over 20 FREE utilities that do what this does better (but at home I'm stuck only on a Mac).
Second. Since this basically only does two things, it is pretty easy to use, except that splitting is very un-mac like. At first I didn't understand why I kept getting a file dialog everytime I highlited the file I wanted to split and then clicked split -- Well, you can't drag and drop for splits, and therefore cannot do more than one split job at a time ( I though the big window would allow multiple split jobs).
Third, I wished to use a file splitter to take huge DV files and put them on multiple DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs. However, this cannot make splits bigger than 2.2GB (which just coincidentally is too big to put 2 on a single DVD). To be of any real use in today's market where CDRs and DVDRs are the common media, this really needs to be corrected. I had to calculate that 2240MB is just big enough to fit two segments per DVD. A part of a selection drop down should at least have common split sizes -- this is present on every PC version I've ever used.
Four, this has several major bugs, two of which are immediately visible in the .bat file this makes to be compatible with PC/Win double-clicking. On a file that was a Toast disk image (not videos), this appended ".mpg" to the joined file name, and only had commands to join the first three parts of the file, the fourth part (.004), was not in the batch file at all. Though I am not going to test it, When this file was first split, it had 3 2.2GB segments and one 384.7MB segment. When I reduced it so two segs could fit on a single DVD-R, I got 3 2.19GB sements and one 384.7MB segment. Errrrr..... Shouldn't the smaller segment have grown significantly in size, not stayed the same?
Though it's a matter of paranoia only, the program also pretty much locks out all other actions while it is spitting, and is very tough on the hard disc, even when spitting from one HD to another (most file copies are quicker and less harsh on the HD -- could this be a timing/interleave problem?). A slightly less harsh split routine (even though it would take longer) would be preferable, especially if the drive being accessed is also doing something else...

This has a very long way to go before it becomes worth $20. It's much easier to learn the Terminal commands under OSX and use them, than to play roulette with this program. (Though I would prefer using a GUI to the terminal window -- The terminal hasn't fouled anything up, that I've given it).

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Version 2.5fc1
Agdesign Laze E Software (Developer)

Normally I ignore negative reviews since for the most part they are just posted by people who need the utility but don't feel they should have to pay for it.
however Aikousha's review of 11/5/06 is beyond rediculous.
claim a) Not many features?
Response: It was specifically designed for joining files from usenet and splitting them for posting. It offers unrar, par2 verification and creation WHAT MORE DOES IT NEED? Nothing. The app does exactly what it needs to do to meet the demand for which it was created. Further more it offers a media player to view QT compatable movies after they are joined which is more than you get on any windows app. (Since you mentioned it.)
claim b) It only does two things
Response: It basically does 6 things and does them very well.
claim c) Splitting is "UnMac like"
Response: I'm at a loss. Choose a file, choose a destination, watch a progress bar, Mac invented that.
claim d) 2.2 gig files are not sufficent.
Response: Sorry to hear that. But command line utilities offer no better. Further more, did you actually try anything larger? Since 2.25 gigs is the maximum SUPPORTED file size and not an imposed limit, technically you are limited by your computer not the program.
claim e) bugs in the .bat file
Response: Don't know what to tell you. I've tested it on four or five windows machines running 98 and XP and they always work.
claim f) The file sizes are wrong.
Response: Can't be, it's simple math. You probably just don't understand the way that file sizes are reported by the OS. Or, it simply did not update in the display.
claim g) Too much disk access
Response: HUH? A normal person using the application for it's intended purpose usually understands that large files take time to process. You of all people should there for understand that TO READ AND WRITE FILES YOU MUST ACCESS THE DISK.
claim h) it has a long way to go before it's worth $20
Response: And now we get to the root of the issue. The app is worth $20 and more. It is infinately easier than learning the command line and far more elegant. This application does exactly what it was intended to do. Better yet, it's now fully pluggable, thus if you feel it is so poorly designed, write the override plugins to fix the issues you see with it. You are not playing roulette with this app. I have spent countless hours creating 6g,8g,20g and larger disk images and splitting then rejoining them. I have used it to join countless files, split files, par files etc. The app is fully tested, performs as intended. (with a single interface exception.) Further more, it requires almost no support on my part. I answer support emails every day for this or that and maybe, MAYBE, once in a two month period some one will run in to a problem with JigSaw. Make no mistake this app is worth it's weight so to speak, and the rapid and ever growing registered user list would attest to that.


Wow, what a jackass. I give constructive criticism, and actually specify the problems, and you can only repetitively claim I'm stupid. Did you even read the specifics... BTW, I write software manuals and used to debug vertical-market software.

Fine, if you don't think it's valid commentary, because you won't add or modify the program beyond it's limited range (many programs are fine doing this), but I though for a FILE SPLITTER, this was valid. Especially for $20. I get better value from the PC file splitters, and if I have to, I can take my portable drive to work and do it there.

However: on 10.4.7 on G4-AGP 1.2Ghz

"Too much disk access:" The program takes longer to split/copy than the finder's copy (and the system's split), AND it prevents access to other programs while it is working... Do you know what disk interleaving is? How about head travel speed...? I mentioned it in the original review.

"Can't be, it's simple math. You probably just don't understand the way that file sizes are reported by the OS." No, I understnad it completely, including MBs, MiBs, and conversions between KB, MB, GB, TB, PB both base 10 and 16. The file discussed was truncated -- So either your program, the system, or the drive screwed up. I mentioned this so you could see if there was a conflict, or problem -- -but you obviously don't care. AND I'm not going to debug your program for you.

"bugs in the .bat file: Response: Don't know what to tell you." Well that's why I'm telling you. This was consistent on multiple installs, and over 20 tests. If you were polite, I'd have helped you narrow down what might be a conflict. AND IT STILL INSISTED ON ADDING .mpg as an file extension to a disk image file. That's a bug no matter what you call me.

Splitting is "UnMac like" -- It's still true, even though you refused to understand. A small change in interface will correct it, and enhance the users experience. Did you even read the MHIGs?

"And now we get to the root of the issue. The app is worth $20 and more. It is infinately easier than learning the command line and far more elegant."
Actually learning the command line is very easy... Just for this, I looked up how to do it online -- I found about 6 websites in google that explain it well enough, that anyhbody could do it. That costs you nothing, and took less than 2 minutes to locate and read.

If you want to stick with only USENET uses fine. But the two readers I used did this by themselves, without human intervention, and had more bells and whistles. These were Mac apps, and free. So, if they did this embedded in a reader, I think my opinion of $20 being too high is quite valid.

You have much to learn about customer service and what constructive criticism is.

I still stand by my review, even though you are horribly rude and insulting.

Mike E W Member IconReview+0
Mike E W

This application loads pretty quick on my G3. I down load large files regularly, some with parts of 14 megs or more and few with less than 60 parts. jigsaw joins the parts surprisingly quickly on my old mac. the par and unrar are a bit ugly but they work very well. I've been a user for about a year and I will be for a long time.

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Version 2.5fc1
Hejog Member IconReview+1

utter junk.
Slow, buggy, expensive!

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Version 2.5fc1
cksum Member IconReview+507

The program is responsive and loads fine. Then the headaches appear.

A registration screen that prevents the use of the program based on a time interval.

Does not decompress gzip, join files with more than 25 segments, needs to call home to verify serial. I can't even assess if the program meets my needs because there are no features available in the trial version. The author seems to have done a good job at crippling the software enough to make someone NOT want it. All I experience is frustration and that makes me move on to alternatives.

The UI is grotesque. The icons are crude and terrible at the same time. There is no aesthetic appeal to this piece of software. Even a blind person could not stomach to use this program. So where is my $20 USD going? Certainly not into QA.

Pass this one. Much of the integral structure is freeware (par2, unrar, tar, etc.) and PPC coded. The interface may be Universal, but that says little on the speed of joining or decompressing...which I might have been able to test if I wasn't locked out of it.

Terrible way to try and scam $20 from hard working people. Don't expect this one to win awards or look good on your system. Just terrible.

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Version 2.5b3
Agdesign Laze E Software (Developer) Member IconDev+3
Agdesign Laze E Software (Developer)

I didn't write par2 or rar. They are clus included for ease of use only. I did not build them, cannot build unrar since if the source is out there, I cannot find it, thus if you want them in universal binary format you'll need to contact the developers of those applications.
However in an upcoming version JigSaw will make it very easy to replace the unrar and par2 binaries.
Further more, they are not integral parts of the application. The only integral parts are the join and split methods. JigSaw DOES qualify as universal.

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Version 2.1
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Current Version (3.x)


Downloads 27,271
Version Downloads 3,785
License Shareware
Date 17 Mar 2009
Platform OS X / PPC 32 / Intel 32
Price $25.00
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