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Photoshop CC is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud for as little as $19.99/month (or $9.99/month if you're a previous Photoshop customer). Photoshop CS6 is still available for purchase (without a monthly plan) if you prefer.

Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard for digital image processing and editing, delivers a comprehensive package of professional retouching tools, and is packed with powerful editing features designed to more...

What's New

Version 2014:
  • Smart Guide improvements
  • Linked smart object improvements:
    • You can package the linked smart objects in a Photoshop document, such that their source files are saved to a folder on your computer. A copy of the Photoshop document is saved along with the source files in the folder. Select File > Package.
    • You can convert an embedded smart object to a linked more...


  • OS X 10.7 or later
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 3.2GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on a volume that uses a case-sensitive file system or on removable flash storage devices)
  • 1024x768 display (1280x800 recommended) with 16-bit color and 512MB of VRAM (1GB VRAM required for 3D features)
  • OpenGL 2.0-capable system

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Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 User Discussion

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This addresses Adobe's transition away from user based apps to cloud based apps. I have invested thousands in Adobe suites for years - decades if you count non-suite apps and before suites were suites. Up to and including the extended CS6 more...

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Version 13.0.5
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from jjwjazz

This one I just cannot resist.

How much money have I sunk into Adobe apps? And how often have I seen a message saying "update unsuccessful"? And I'm not talking about the Creative Cloud. I refer to 5.5, 4, 3, and on more...

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Version 13.0.5
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Markoh Member IconReview+187

PS CC 2014 is the best version yet. The subscription thingy still leaves a sour taste in my mouth, but I "bought" PS CC & Lightroom for €12,29 a month.

I am starting play with the idea of looking for good alternatives though.

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Version 2014
Ocd Member IconComment+122

There's appears to be a major bug with Photoshop CC running on Mavericks (10.9.x) using a Wacom tablet with any driver including the current one.
When using the tablet pen with the polygonal lasso tool in PS CC, the lasso closes after a few clicks or it just locks up, rendering it totally useless! This doesn't seem to happen while using a regular USB/wireless mouse, nor does it happen with PS CS5 or PS CS6 - only with PS CC on 10.9.x.
This appears to be a Wacom driver bug although it might be an Adobe problem as well. There is no workaround that i can see until Wacom comes up with a new driver that address this issue (as well as others). The only solution for now is to use a previous vers. of PS.
This is an infuriating showstopper for anyone who does production work with PS CC.

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Version 14.1.2

This bug has been irking me since PS CC was released! Raising this issue with Adobe or Wacom falls on deaf ears, just a bunch of finger pointing. I've learned to just use the mouse/trackpad when using the polygon lasso.

cksum Member IconComment+507

On Adobe's blog, they list the 14.1.2 update being released on 9/25/2013: http://blogs.adobe.com/crawlspace/2013/09/photoshop-cc-14-1-1-update-now-available.html#1412

It lists the following fixes:

Today we released Photoshop CC update version 14.1.2 (for Creative Cloud members, Mac and Windows), resolving the following issues:

F5 was deleting layers instead of opening Brushes panel
Crashing while editing paths
Intermittent crash using Generator
Issue running actions with Generate>Image Assets enabled
OpenGL functionality disabled on some Windows systems with both Nvidia and ATI cards

Why is it appearing on MU now?

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Version 14.1.2
darlanne Member IconReview+14

I know I will probably get rated super low for this review, but I don't really think it's fair to rate this app because of it's subscription platform, as I see many doing.

I am one of the minority who is happy to see Adobe provide different alternatives to their previous "have to rob a bank to afford it" software suite choices. No sooner had I purchased CS5 a few years ago, then CS6 came out, and in this economy, it was very difficult for a small business owner like myself to afford. It was like a dream come true when they came out with the monthly cost.

However, speaking ONLY about the actual app. It not only does the job, but it exceeds my expectations with new features I end up using regularly, with every update.

And with the new Photography program, I have downgraded from the full CC suite, and I am now only paying $10 a month for not only Photoshop, but Lightroom as well.

MU asks us to rate: Features, Ease of Use, Value and Stability. Other than some minor crashes, I've had no problems with using Photoshop CC everyday since they released it.

Now, if we were going to rate their customer service, THAT would be where I'd rate them lower. But all in all, I am very happy with Photoshop CC.

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Version 14.0

I agree. This app is indispensable for my company, and is well worth the cost. I pay $29.99 a month for the whole CC suite. I know others who pay well over $100/month for cable TV!


While I tend to agree with your attitude that members here should not be writing REVIEWs and rating applications (i.e., giving stars) on the basis of criteria outside of those which MacUpdate specifically identifies, since only those speak to the quality or usefulness of the product, we do have the opportunity to COMMENT on relevant issues pertaining to the use of a product, its developer's mode of operation, its licensing scheme, its price vs quality, and any number of a bunch of issues which might provide information that others could find valuable in reaching a decision whether to buy the product or not.

Put another way, while I agree that it not fair to apply star ratings or to write REVIEWs of software based on those tangential issues, I do think that the insights offered by members about the non-ratable topics are indeed fair game to be COMMENTed upon.

I, for one, would certainly like to be informed that Adobe now uses a subscription licensing scheme based on paying a perpetual monthly fee, rather than selling licenses outright. In my opinion, that kind of blatant greed is a turn-off that sends me recoiling away from their entire product line. In the real world, paying a monthly fee as-you-go might be appropriate, even in the world of high technology, but the kind of software that Adobe produces is not one of them.

Not to make excuses for members here who don't quite comprehend the plan here, or who fail to adhere to a policy of making comments instead of star ratings when only comments are called for, but sometimes people get so ticked off by something they don't like that they vote it down by checking a low number of stars as a s a short-hand way of expressing disapproval in the less-than-perfect ratings system that operates here.

So, one must always read the comments of the more articulate members to get a balanced picture. Just glancing at the stars will not suffice. Ultimately, the results won't be "fair," but they may be balanced.


There’s nothing like between blessed (or cursed!) with an open mind. Accordingly, I wish to comment on this outright-purchase vs. software-by-subscription fee plan that Adobe has implemented. In short, I have come to the conclusion that there is merit in both approaches, depending on your circumstances. So, put aside feelings of whether or not the subscription model is based on “greed” or not, and make your buying decision based on the more salient matters, like does the software do the job you want and is the customer support and customer support adequate to help you out when you need it. You should find that you can actually afford this otherwise very expensive Adobe software, depending on how you budget yourself to use it.

What happened to change my mind, you may wonder? As it turns out, I discovered that, based on my own experience and the advice (possibly biased), there is no other third party software application which can cleanly and without distortion open up a multi-layered PSD (photoshop document) formatted file. This discovery compelled to consider using the old Photoshop version 7 which I have residing on a PowerMac G4 mirrored doors computer (still one of the most reliable of the Mac workhorses!), or I had to move forward into the modern era and use a more current version of Photoshop.

The triggering event was a collaboration that turned out with a friend of mine who took my Pixelamator-created PSD files, edited them, improved them, and sent back to me his Photoshop-edited PSD files, which, as I was disappointed to learn, I could not always open, and, if I could, the TEXT-based layers had all been flattened in one layer, making it impossible for me to make any substantive changes to his files.

Thinking that maybe an intermediate application might cure the problem, I tried using GraphicConverter and other image-editing programs to open his PSD files, I encountered the same problem. During correspondence with Pixemator’s developers, I got confirmation that neither their application, as excellent as I think it is, nor any other fine utility, like GraphicConverter, had the ability to cleanly open Photoshop-created PSD files, due to the proprietary nature of the Adobe programming to which none other than Adobe can employ.

Pixelmator indicated that it was moving in the direction of always improving their product and that they would like to be able to provide such clean access to Photoshop documents, but they are not yet there, they may never get there, and I don’t have the time to wait. So, electing to move forward rather than to fire up the PowerMac G4 and use my older Photoshop version 7 application, I had to get a modern version of Photoshop into my arsenal of tools.

Approaching the matter with my built-in prejudice against paying a perpetual monthly fee for software, I first thought about buying the application. Adobe does still allow you to buy Photoshop Creative Suite version 6 for permanent use for a one-time purchase of $699, but I consider that a very high price for a casual user like me to pay, regardless of the power and quality of that application. So, I was forced to actually learn about the Adobe Cloud solution and its pay-by-the-month option.

I have no intention of summarizing their program in-depth, but if you are on the fence, go to the Adobe website and learn about to reach your own decision. In essence, you pay $20/month for each application you want to use. You can try it out for free for 30 days, before being billed. You can sign up for an annual contract, automatically renewable, and you can cancel at any time to receive a 50% refund on what remains in your contract. So, all of a sudden using a modern version of Photoshop became affordable to me—over the immediate short-term. I could work in sync with my graphic design friend rather than being locked out of the files he would send me: that alone was worth the price of admission for me.

What made it sweeter was following up on the mention that member darlanne mentioned about getting a discount in a “photography” program. By following some links at the Adobe.com website, I discovered that Adobe does indeed have a promotion going on through March 31st which allows you to use both Photoshop and Lightroom for half of the normal price you would pay for using any single one of the them for only $10/month for one year. No doubt after one year, I will be asked to continue, but only at the regular retail price, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, after having experienced one full year of two powerful programs at a bargain rate.

So, needless to say, I signed up for the Photography program and I now have Photoshop and Lightroom installed on my Mac Pro. I can open my friend’s PSD files and see his excellent improvements of the rough Pixelmator-generated drafts I had sent them. So, my project can proceed without the speed bump I had encountered when I learned that apparently no other application can open multi-layered PSD except Adobe’s Photoshop itself. If such a consideration is in your work flow, then you might want to include such a subscription to the same program as your colleagues use in order not to negatively impact your own productivity.

lurkingremlin Member IconComment+34

A little OT, but -

Update to CS6 has been released as of Nov 7:

"Notable bugs fixed (Mac & Win)

Transformed text layers have character and paragraph settings that are different/inconsistent from previous versions
While transforming type the values are updated correctly in the Character Panel but not the Options Bar
Text returns incorrect tracking value after transform.
After a transformation, changing leading values for text by scrubby slider unpredictable
Multi-line text not rendered correctly in saved PDF files
Notable Windows specific bugs fixed

While using Photoshop (e.g. Color Picker or Layer Styles) PS launches browser with Help URL and crashes
Move Tool context menu to links layers broken"

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Version 14.0

This download link works:


Clifford Member IconReview+29

I am not a big fan of the direction Adobe had taken with Photoshop CS6 nor CC. Just the other day I had to boot up my computer with an old backup version of OS 10.6 and there was the trusty Photoshop CS4 icon staring at me. I couldn't resist taking the older version for a ride and was amazed at the speed and ease-of-use.

Somehow I must have missed how much slower Photoshop CS6 runs compared to CS4 while I had to get used to the new interface. If only OS X 10.8 would allow me to run CS4 I would downgrade in a heartbeat.

Since I won't be updating to the creative cloud I am afraid I will be stuck with Photoshop CS6 until incompatibility with an even newer OS X will force me to look for a different photo editing app altogether. It's a real shame after all the money I have invested into Photoshop over the years.

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Version 14.0
Cowicide Member IconReview+1131

The petition is now close to 40,000 signatures.


Add YOUR signature, keep the pressure on.

Meanwhile, Adobe and other apologist dolts kept implying the only people complaining were pirates. Now it's been pirated (as I predicted from the beginning), but still here are former CUSTOMERS complaining about the draconian Creative Cloud subscription model. It's not the pirates, stupid. It's the customers.

And now there's been a sales drop as well (as predicted).

Wake up, Adobe. The public is tired of corporations that don't want us to own anything anymore. Bring back the option for perpetual licensing like it used to be or continue to lose customers and money.

And, please quit lying and telling people that you switched to the Creative Cloud subscription model for the good of the customers. Have some dignity, Adobe. Only dolts who lack critical thinking skills believe that, the rest of us haven't been fooled. This subscription model is based upon monopolistic greed and nothing more.

I've supported you since the eighties. I've paid for updates of even things that were simply glaring bugs and not feature improvements to keep you in business. The thanks I get after all these many years of supporting you from the very beginning is a pack of lies saying this horrible, new subscription model helps ME and that if I don't like it, I must be a pirate?

Adobe. Fire the CEO, Shantanu Narayen and make amends.

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Version 14.0

Its interesting to me that Disney is trying its best to make it so that Consumers can't actually Own any of their Products, and yet they have managed to "Own" Mickey Mouse long past when it should be in the Public Domain...AND... they have the ability to use the Justice Department as their own personal little Police Force.


Notably, Adobe has had truly awful financials. It seems that the market has spoken loud and clear and now the investment community will have its opportunity to put things right. To me, Adobe seems to think like Microsoft. However it does not have the monopoly it thinks it has, competitors are coming out of the woodwork, the print market is dying, and we are seeing the results.


Gary30, I agree. It's also time to have CEO, Shantanu Narayen, step down as well.


The print market is still a $70B a year industry in the U.S. Stop making excuses for Adobe.


@ Dualie

Are you talking to anyone in particular?



Apparently you haven't thoroughly read all the comments in this thread.


@ Dualie

Apparently you'd rather be sarcastic than answer a simple question. Kudos!


@Albabe And apparently you'd rather not do any reading before asking a sarcastic question of your own.


@ Dualie

And apparently you'd still rather not answer a question but would rather keep posting about your not answering a question. Fantastic circuitous thinking. More Kudos!!!


@ Dualie

I forgot to mention that you seem to have no problem posting that you are posting to me, but you had a problem posting who you were posting to originally. Awesome!!!

Awado Member IconComment+100

To be fair I don't want to rate here now, because I didn't by it and never will. I've been using Pixelmator and GIMP already, but I doubt they will fill the gap, it's not only about retouching, it's also color management and conversion etc.! I hope there will soon be a good competitor. "Perfect Photo Suite" seems promising. Has anyone tried this? Unfortunately MU doesn't list it, so I can't "suggest" it.


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Version 14.0


We actually have a few onOne Software titles listed, including Perfect Photo Suite – both the Standard Edition and Premium edition.


We have trial downloads available in the listings as well, so try them out, see how they work for you, and let us all know!

Spudfry Member IconReview+15

Tried trial for about 10 days - worse. Slower on my iMac (7,1) than CS6 was (binned in favour of CS5), laggy, some filters take longer (e.g. smart sharpen). Shake reduction filter not worth it for me (I don't work with Photographers who compromise). Will not purchase - paying a monthly subscription for a performance decrease? Come on.

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Version 14.0
SpiessensMark Member IconReview+35

I always used PhotoShop (ever since version 3) and it is still a really good image editor. In fact it is still the best imo
But Adobe changed the license policy big deal and for an amateur photographer like me, I just cannot pay for this anymore.
So I looked into several alternatives and I am now using Pixelmator.

I am confident Pixelmator Team Inc will improve Pixelmator in the near future and I bought it at the already low asking price.

Very cool and fast image editor !

Note: Gimp is a bit more powerful and free but it crashed so many times I gave up on that one.

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Version 14.0
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Version 2014
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Version 14.2.1
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Version 14.2.1
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Version 14.0
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Version 14.0
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Version 14.0
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Version 13.0.5
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Version 13.0.2
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Elmir mac
Version 13.0.0
> 3 76


Current Version (15.x)


Downloads 536,929
Version Downloads 3,117
License Demo
Date 18 Jun 2014
Platform Intel 64 / OS X
Price $19.99